Best Minecraft Resource Packs With X-Ray

Have you ever felt like checking out your Redstone projects is harder than ever due to the complicated systems you are doing? Or perhaps you have lost the entrance to your secret room, and need to find it without destroying your painting?

In this article, we will be reviewing all of the best Minecraft resource packs with X-ray, which include seeing through some blocks, and especially for those who wish to cheat Minecraft, finding ores faster.

What is X-Ray in Minecraft

X-Ray is a functional mod added to Minecraft, helping players to see through certain blocks, which will assist them with mining.

Technically X-Ray is used for assistance with mining because not every player is a veteran, who has been playing for years. Some players are just starting out and still have no idea what each block is.

An X-Ray can be used to help them mine, by isolating all the blocks, such as dirt, stone, gravel, and others. Once the blocks have been turned into transparent ones, newbie players and others will see the ores that are below the ground.

But except from the fact that X-Ray can be used for mining efficiently, it can also help Redstone guys to see their wiring and powering, by isolating blocks and leaving only the Redstone crafts they have used.

But how is that possible?

Since X-Ray is mainly showing the ores, it will also show the things built with those ores. However, in most X-Ray resource packs you cannot see iron blocks, diamond blocks, and emerald blocks, because the resource pack you are using does not have such functions.

Requirements to use X-Ray in Minecraft

Every Minecraft resource pack with an X-Ray has certain requirements. One of the is to have OptiFine installed, which can optimize your Minecraft launcher, and increase your FPS. It doesn’t matter if you are playing on a low-end or high-end PC. The result will always be incredible because OptiFine can optimize any Minecraft client.

So before installing your resource pack, make sure that you have installed your mod (OptiFine), and have turned the “lightning” settings off.

The reason for keeping your lightning off is that your X-Ray may have incompatibility, and our idea is to isolate all issues, before choosing the resource pack. You can always turn them back on and activate your lightning at any time.

Best Minecraft resource packs with X-Ray

Depending on your Minecraft version, you can choose the best resource pack with an X-ray, and install it by following the standard process of installing resource packs on Minecraft.

X-Ray Ultimate Resource Pack

Best Minecraft Resource Packs With X-Ray - Xray Ultimate

The X-Ray Ultimate Resource Pack is a 16×16 pack, which is made to be lightweight and not harm your computer. The X-Ray Ultimate pack requires you to have OptiFine installed, and the smooth lighting turned off.

The X-Ray in this resource pack works for many of the blocks, especially for Redstone crafted items. However, you cannot see through some of the blocks, such as emerald, iron, diamond, and gold blocks. For some reason, the resource pack has blocked them from being transparent, but you can use that to your advantage against other players (if playing on a server).

With the X-Ray Ultimate Resource Pack, you can also try mining, and discovering different ores, by seeing through obstacles. Each obstacle will have thick lines, which will indicate if a block is blocking your way, or your path is empty.

The resource pack is available to be downloaded on any Minecraft version starting from 1.8 and going up to 1.19. It is also available for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Visible Ores Resource Pack

Best Minecraft Resource Packs With X-Ray - VisibleOres

If you wish to use a resource pack, which won’t make you feel like a hacker, then you should definitely try Visible Ores. It’s a special resource pack, which will highlight the ores in their specific color.

The Visible Ores Resource Pack doesn’t make you a hacker but helps you find valuable ores, without missing them. If you stumble upon a diamond ore, you will see its lines in a thick light-blue color, which can help you also distinguish them from one another.

While other resource packs in this list aim to give you an exact X-Ray, this is just a helpful addon, that you can use on any Minecraft server, without getting banned.

And to use the Visible Ores Resource Pack, you will need to have OptiFine installed on your Minecraft client. However, the Visible Ores resource pack is only available for Minecraft versions starting from 1.16 and goes up to the latest Minecraft version. Also to note, it is only available for Minecraft Java Edition and does not provide support for other editions.

Better X-Ray Resource Pack

Best Minecraft Resource Packs With X-Ray - Better XRay

The Better X-Ray resource pack helps newbie players to find ores more efficiently, without blocking the visibility of blocks and their surroundings. While the X-Ray from the resource pack is turned on, you will see that all blocks are transparent, but have outlined on them.

The outlines have been specially created to show what block you are standing or mining, for the sole reason not to feel completely blind.

Along with that, you will be able to see the falling lava, so when you start mining, you do not fall in it and lose all of your items. You can completely see lava, without it being transparent, so you can be aware of the dangers.

The rest of the blocks are completely outlined and have their respectful colors, however, blocks like diamonds and special ores will be completely visible, so you can mine them more efficiently.

The Better X-Ray resource pack can be downloaded only on Minecraft Java Edition, supports the versions starting from 1.13, and goes up to the latest updates.

The team that has configured Better X-Ray announced that they will not be including support for older versions that have not been mentioned on the list.