The 6 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Minecraft prison servers provide no wilderness, so the players have to earn money in for them to advance in the prison.

They provide two teams:

The Guards and the Prisoners, with the main objective being the prisoners to find the right time for a revolt and storm the weapons cache of the guards to kick off the game, with the winner being the team that is left standing.

Minecraft prison servers spawn

Some servers also allow you to get freedom as you advance in prison ranks, where you can earn or gain your freedom, while some servers allow you to escape to gain your freedom.

An op prison server is a unique type of server which has non vanilla Minecraft enchantments, and they tend to be the best prisons.

They however vary, as some Minecraft prison servers can contain a blend of op and non-op servers, which give it a unique twist.

Some Minecraft players invest actual money on prison servers, and they receive bonuses, and numerous benefits like better items access to a large number of unique experiences.

Best 9 Minecraft Prison Servers

For the player who is not able to choose which server to use, we have listed for you not just a couple but 10 of the best Minecraft prison servers that you will surely fall in love with.

Purple Prison

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Best Minecraft Prison Servers - PurplePrison

Purple Prison has acquired a consistent and assured popularity, which has put it as the gold standard for servers in Minecraft.

It has existed for over seven years now, and is currently top placed, and firmly so, in the number of players, and has not had a single day of downtime.

It receives thousands of players daily while holding joins from YouTube stars like PewDiePie and Skeppy.

Purple Prison has no competitor in gameplay, due to its vast number of unique features which suit all types of players.

These features include a deep prison rank progression system which as a well-balanced economy, PvP gangs, player-built plots and shops, and a prison mining experience that is rewarding and stays fresh.

It has heavily invested in PVP, unlike other servers, which has further set it aside.

The current trajectory indicates that Purple Vision will remain playable at high levels for a very long time.


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Minecraft JailsMC Top 10 Minecraft Prison Servers To Play Right Now

No server beats JailsMC when it comes to innovation. From the roots upwards, it has been developed to manifest uniqueness, which is one of a kind.

It provides novel experiences that the vast majority of players have never experienced, making the experience funky and fresh, true to the most hardened veterans of Minecraft prison server out there.

It offers custom item enchantments that are completely customized, which are not organic to vanilla Minecraft of any other servers.

Some of the most notable and interesting enchantments are lightning pickaxes, explosive pickaxes, and pickaxes which can spawn hostile mobs on the enemies.


Best Minecraft Prison Servers Pluteria
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Created in 2019, Pluteria is a space-themed prison server which has players joining in as astronauts who have been stuck in a space dungeon prison, and thus escape becomes their primary objective.

It is a well-made server that pays attention to detail which is very clear upon joining.

The players get to advance through ten distinct tiers to unlock planets along the way to freedom, while getting to fight space monsters, explore prison mines on other planets, and complete space-related challenges that are a lot of fun.

OP Blocks

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Best Minecraft Prison Servers OPBlocks

This is a Minecraft jail made out of candy. It is a top-quality Minecraft Prison, Skyblock and

Survival SMP server with unique content, friendly staff, an amazing community and awesome players.

The sweet treats that are custom made on the server are a wonder to behold, giving the player the unlocking of a colorful candy-themed mine to look forward to every time he ranks up.

Every mine has candy related blocks, custom made, which contain power that can only be accessed in a specific mine. As far as thinking out of the box goes, OP Blocks wins it all.


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Best Minecraft Prison Servers MineSuperior

MineSuperior is a server designed with the future generation in mind and in consideration with the players.

The main aim was making it as transparent as possible. It has a continuous addition of new concepts.

It has proven itself to be one of the popular servers when it comes to prison games. It has features like Factions, Survival, Skyblock, Prison, Towny, KitPVP and Creative.

It supports Minecraft game version: 1.18.1, 1.18, 1.12, 1.8 and 1.7. It also allows you to use other older or lower versions to connect and play.

It is an experience that is fun and interactive, with a diverse and rich community. It gives you the ability to make great friends and build a good life for yourself when you put in enough work. Each of its game modes offer new experiences.


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Best Minecraft Prison Servers - MineVille

MineVille (formerly InPVP) has a very active fan community as well as regular upgrades, which makes it a definite try.

It is a community-based server that highly values the feedback of the players. It has custom enchantments, crates and chests, player levels, races and weddings too.

It contains game modes like Survival, Skyblock, Prison, Anarchy and Minigames. When InPVP was the main branch, MineVille had the highest player count in history for Bedrock, standing at 27,123 as of 2019.