The 5 Best Minecraft Plugins to Reduce Lag in 2023

Have you ever had issues with lag on your Minecraft server, causing players to disconnect?

Server lag in Minecraft is oftentimes produced by enormous entities and maps that are not fully generated.

To prevent server lag and leaving clients, we will be showcasing the best Minecraft plugins to reduce lag and optimize your Minecraft server.

What is lag in Minecraft?

Minecraft players experience lag once in a while when playing Minecraft. This can happen from the server, internet connection, or even the hardware used to play the game.

To make things a bit simpler for you, we will explain everything you need to know about the types of lag in Minecraft.

Server lag

Server lag can be only caused by the Minecraft server you are playing on. This type of lag happens because of poor server management, not enough resources on the server, or simply a flood attack.

While many people think that plugins or attacks can be the cause for a server to start breaking, that is not entirely true. Many times servers start lagging because of huge player amounts and bad optimizations.

How to fix Minecraft server lag

Client lag

The client lag indicates that there is a problem with the Minecraft launcher, or simply the hardware isn’t strong enough to hold the game. The biggest reason for client lag experience is poor hardware, as newer versions of Minecraft have a high resource usage.

It is also very easy to fix client lag, and it only requires tweaking the settings from your launcher. Lowering all graphics settings can enhance the FPS, and prevent client lags.

Connection lag

The connection lag can be seen both from the server and client side. Since Minecraft servers require a persistent connection to play on them, every single drop in this connection can destroy the experience.

Sometimes these types of lag can even happen from DDoS attacks, poor internet connection, or simply issues with the internet service provider (ISP).

Connection lag is almost impossible to improve or fix, as it doesn’t always depend on your status, and how much internet you are using.

How can Plugins Help Reduce the Lag on my Minecraft Server?

Optimizing a Minecraft server can be very useful, but that’s only from the server side. To prevent lag in a Minecraft server, world optimizations are also required.

For example, the loaded chunks and terrains are one of the few things that cannot be optimized by hand, without having expert knowledge in coding.

That’s where Minecraft lag-prevention plugins can prove useful to server owners. These plugins have been created by developers who understand coding, and know the way to prevent issues from happening on a server.

Not to mention, that some of the Minecraft plugins are created to fix bugs, which came with the newest updates, and could result in a bad user experience.

Minecraft Plugins to Reduce Lag on Servers

1. Chunky

Chunky Minecraft Plugins to Reduce Lag on Servers

Chunky is one of the most popular Minecraft lag-reducing plugins, for all kinds of maps, and servers. It doesn’t matter how small or big your map is, you can simply download this plugin, and see the magic yourself.

Chunky is a map pre-generation plugin, which will explore your map and pre-generate all chunks, so players cannot get stuck in unloaded chunks.

By pre-generating your map with chunky, your server will never have to load any chunks, and on top of that, they will not be active, except, when players are near them.

2. ClearLagg

clearlagg Minecraft Plugins to Reduce Lag on Servers

Dropped items are a big lag cause and can be very harmful to every Minecraft server. Especially when hundreds of items are dropped every second. This was a very traditional way of causing server lag by griefers.

With ClearLagg you can prevent dropped item ticks, and massive lag. The plugin will let you set a timer, and once it reaches the specific time, all dropped items will be cleared from the server, improving the TPS, and reducing lag.

ClearLagg uses a custom script, which cleans items from the ground, and displays warning messages, so players can wait until the script has finished, and drop items to each other once again.

ClearLagg also has the function to bypass cooldown time, and immediately remove dropped items if requested by server admins.

3. StackMob

StackMob Minecraft Plugins to Reduce Lag on Servers

For Minecraft servers who often have issues with mob spawn rates, or too many mobs being bred, StackMob can be the perfect issue solver.

The idea of StackMob is to collect all mobs, which are in the same chunk, and leave only 1 mob on the surface but stacked.

StackMob can stack mobs infinitely without causing server lag, and every time a mob gets killed, the stacks will lower, but the mob will continue to live.

The best part of this plugin is that the drop rates are saved, and will not cause any problems to your players, who wish to stack mobs in their homes.

4. EntityClearer

EntityClearer is another lag-clearing plugin, which can despawn items dropped on the ground, but under certain conditions. While ClearLagg can perfectly handle item despawn rates and leaves warning messages, EntityClearer does a lot more.

Choosing EntityClearer as your main lag clearing plugin can sometimes be the right choice for your server.

Once the plugin has been set, it will always play warning sounds, along with warning messages, telling players that entities will be cleared from the ground.

Another great thing about this plugin is that only massively dropped, or laggy items will be despawned from the ground, leaving the less-laggy items active.

However, if you don’t like the idea of leaving any items on the ground, you can just edit the list, and make all items despawn at your own conditions, and the plugin will follow them.

5. FarmControl

FarmControl Minecraft Plugins to Reduce Lag on Servers

StackMob is a very useful and great plugin in most cases, but since some server owners require mobs around the world, and are non-stackable, FarmControl can be the perfect alternative.

With FarmControl you can completely set your own rules of how many mobs can exist per farm, how they will act, and what is going to happen once many mobs have been spawned in one area.

Not to mention, that mobs in a farm don’t need to walk around or do something important, except, if used for breeding purposes, so you can remove the basic AI from mobs.

The other great option in FarmControl is the collisions, which often cause server lag, and can be removed from inside the plugin, causing more speed for your server, and happy players.


Optimizing your server with one of these Minecraft lag-reducing plugins can prevent players from leaving your server, and ensure a pleasant experience.

You can even download most of these plugins and still maintain a healthy server with no issues, and whatsoever.