Minecraft Net Worth – How much is Minecraft Worth in 2023

Minecraft has been deemed the world’s most popular video game ever created by generating more than 250 million sales.

While Minecraft is making huge sales and becoming a very wanted game by every person, have you ever wondered how much is Minecraft worth?

With many statistics and income streams involved, today we are going to review how much Minecraft is worth, and what’s the earning potential for this game.

What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game, created in November 2009, and fully released in November 2021. While the mentioned name was added after its creation, the previous name set for it was “Cave Game”.

While Mojang continued their game’s development, it was further decided to rename it and release it as Minecraft.

The main objective of Minecraft is to explore 3 different kinds of worlds and collect the required ingredients, so players can face the final boss “Ender Dragon”.

Minecraft Net Worth Minecraft End Boss Ender Dragon

As we know, finishing the final boss means the end of the game, but Mojang had a different idea set in mind. They implemented a unique feature, which allowed players to respawn the last boss infinite times, and continue to develop their worlds.

Aside from the usual survive, craft, and explore, Minecraft had been created with more game modes. It was created to have a difficulty set and a special creative mode.

The creative mode in Minecraft was added for players who simply wanted to unleash their imagination and implement it in the blocky type game.

How much does Minecraft make per year

Since the date of its official release, Minecraft has been generating huge revenues starting from a million dollars.

Along with its versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition, Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Education, and Minecraft China Edition, the overall income has tripled.

Before the other Minecraft editions joined Java Edition, the income stream for Java and Pocket Edition was:

YearIncome in USD
2012211 Million
2013326 Million
2014165 Million
2015350 Million
2016420 Million
Minecraft income before Bedrock and Education editions.

After releasing the Minecraft Bedrock, and Education editions the income streams increased, as Bedrock was released at the price of $30, and Minecraft Education was released for $5 per user on a yearly subscription.

If a user is not a part of an educational institution, the cost of Minecraft Education Edition changes to $12 per user on a yearly subscription.

Once the rest of the editions were released, Minecraft started generating:

YearIncome in USD
2017370 Million
2018500 Million
2019375 Million
2020415 Million
2021380 Million
2022365 Million
2023Currently 47 Million
Minecraft income after the release of Bedrock and Education editions.

How much is Minecraft worth in 2023

Since Minecraft has been bought by Microsoft in 2014 for 2.5 billion USD, its revenue increased tremendously, giving Minecraft a net worth of 3.2 billion USD for 2023.

Minecraft has been generating incredible amounts from both mobile and desktop transactions for its editions, which are estimated at 3.924  Billion USD generated so far from game copies and in-game perks.

By adding the income from Youtube, Minecraft generates an average of 2.72 million USD per year.

Minecraft YouTube channel and Income from it

On top of that, they have been earning huge income streams from their Minecraft Marketplace Creator fees, varying from 30% to 50% per sale, which sums it up to 1.29 million USD per year.


In total Minecraft has made more than 3.924 billion USD for all the years of its existence if we include their Social Media profiles, YouTube Channel, Marketplace, and Minecon events.


Since Microsoft officially bought Minecraft its net worth increased from roughly 700 million to more than 3.2 billion USD, making Minecraft one of the games with a high net worth.

Only for the first months of 2023, it has generated a higher income than most of its previous years, meaning that Minecraft’s net worth may increase to 3.5 billion at the end of 2023.

Our prediction for the future of Minecraft is that it will reach 5 billion USD by the end of 2026.