The 4 Best Minecraft Item Skin Plugins

Have you ever wanted to customize your Minecraft item skins on your server?

While Vanilla Minecraft does not include such features, and the only way is through a resource pack, and it requires in-depth knowledge.

However, we have found a way that you can include hundreds of item textures, by using one of the best Minecraft item skin plugins for servers.

What are Item Skin Plugins?

Item skin plugins are a very new concept for Minecraft servers, which lets owners create visually appealing skin variations for an item.

While this was only possible with skin changing mods, plugin developers have found a way to apply the same by creating plugins around NBT tags.

What are Item Skin Plugins

Each item skin changing plugin has been created to use default textures, and create a whole new resource pack, containing hundreds of variations for one item.

On top of that, item skin changing plugins can also be used for creating new items in the game and creating custom recipes for them.

Best Minecraft Item Skin Plugins


HyanseItem Skins Best Minecraft Item Skin Plugins for Servers

The HyanseItemSkins plugin is one of the easiest to use item skin-changing plugins in Minecraft. This particular plugin will give players the opportunity to implement various item textures, without having any resource pack knowledge.

Adding item skins is fairly easy, and requires dropping the texture of items into the resource pack folder inside the plugin, which will create an appliable to your item’s skin.

The best part of HyanseItemSkins is that each skin can be previewed before getting, it and can also be removed without losing your in-game items.

HyanseItemSkins is available for Minecraft servers starting from version 1.16, and scaling up to the latest versions.

Knokko’s Custom Items

KnokkosCustomItems Best Minecraft Item Skin Plugins for Servers

Knokko’s Custom Items is fairly identical to HyanseItemSkins but has a major difference. Using Knokko’s item cosmetics plugin gives server owners a chance to create their textures and items, by editing the NFTs of in-game items.

The plugin comes with a very simple editor, where you can insert the texture pack of any item, and edit its attributes. Upon finishing, the item created can be exported to the main texture pack of the server, and give players special in-game items, without overwriting the original.

Each item in Knokko’s Custom Items plugin can be enchanted from inside the Editor, and receive special in-game effects, without causing issues with your main items.

Using Knokko’s Custom Items plugin does not require any texture pack knowledge, but could be tricky when used in the beginning.

Installing the plugin will require Knokko’s Core, or the plugin will not work properly. Besides that, you can also install OptiFine for better armor textures.

Custom Items

Custom items Best Minecraft Item Skin Plugins for Servers

CustomItems is the most simplified custom item skins plugin for Minecraft servers. While managing such plugins can be hard for some people, CustomItems tries to solve this issue.

The base plugin is premium, however, its functions are no match against competitors. With CustomSkins, the server owner can create their own unique skin designs, and make them swappable through commands.

It also comes with a custom resource pack generator, which creates and updates the server resource pack, eliminating the need to re-upload your resource pack after a new item skin has been added.

The best feature of CustomItems is that you can create your very own wands and guns, which have effects and can be modified outside of the game’s logic.

Creating custom items with this plugin is also easy, as it features its own generators, usable for creating items, natural ores, chests, and keys that can unlock them.

CustomItems is packed with 50 different action features, loops, and placeholders, available for all Minecraft versions without exception.


ItemsAdder Best Minecraft Item Skin Plugins for Servers

ItemsAdder is the best custom skins plugin for Minecraft servers, achieving over 7000 downloads, and dedicated support.

While most plugins will let you edit Minecraft items and ores, ItemsAdder lets you edit every single feature in the game, making it look natural.

From armors and weapons to editing mobs and biomes, ItemsAdder has everything set to help you with in-game modifications. The best part of ItemsAdder is that there are no requirements in downloading any addons, extra plugins, or development skills needed.

If you aren’t comfortable making edits in the plugin, or simply wish to use a premade ItemsAdder skins list, check out the CorePack for ItemsAdder. It features over 145 different custom-textured item skins and over 15 different models for your world.

While the list will cost you more to upgrade, it is still the perfect addon for ItemsAdder.