Best Minecraft Coordinates Plugins for Servers

Have you ever wanted to install fancy coordinates displays on your Minecraft server, and get rid of the basic ways to view them?

In this article, we will give you our top selections for Minecraft coordinates plugins, which you can install on your server, and make better than ever.

What are Minecraft coordinates plugins

When it comes to tracking your coordinates in Minecraft, things can be sometimes complicated due to the debug screen that Minecraft has to offer.

A great way to make things way easier for all Minecraft players is by using plugins that show coordinates.

Minecraft Coordinates Plugins for Servers

These types of plugins usually include better visuals and a cleaner HUD, which can display players’ coordinates inside a small tab bar, or simply add it on the player screen, where it will not bother them.

Usually, when using such plugins, the speed of the Minecraft server doesn’t get affected, and can also help if you wish to start an RPG Minecraft server.

Best coordinates plugins for Minecraft servers


InfoHUD Best Coordinates Plugins for Minecraft servers

If you have a Minecraft server using the oldest version updates and wish to use a great coordinates plugin for your Minecraft server, InfoHUD is the best one there is.

The plugins have been made with lightweight code and can do wonders for Minecraft servers.

InfoHUD has been made to work with 2 different modes. It includes a light, and a dark mode, which can be toggled through a single command, whenever players enter dark or light places.

When it comes to the speed of the server, InfoHUD inserts a single coordinates view on the top of the player’s Hotbar, which means that it will not slow things down, or prevent players from having their usual experience on the server.


Coordinates is another fairly simple-to-use plugin, which requires you to only drag and drop it into your plugins folder.

It comes only with a few permissions for players and does not require any settings to be tweaked, or player commands to be issued for the plugin to work from a player’s side.

After the plugin has been installed, it can be placed above the player’s Hotbar, or simply above the boss bar. If players had to join a boss fight, the plugin will not interact with the boss bar, but simply stay a bit above it, which keeps things simple.

Coordinates are also available for almost all Minecraft versions and constantly receive updates, so it’s a wonderful choice that can be added to any Minecraft server.

Tab Location

minecraft coordinates plugins TabLocation

Tab Location is a bit more different plugin, but a very nice idea for most servers, which do not encourage PvP wars.

While other Minecraft coordination plugins will show a player’s own coordinates only, Tab Location overcomes this by showing all players’ coordinates in a single Tab.

Along with showing the coordinates of players, the location of players can still be seen. The metrics of each player are shown with a color, that can be changed at any time from the server’s config files.

Locations of players can be disabled at any time, depending on the world as well. This means that if players enter a restricted area, their location and coordinates will not be visible to others.


CoordsDB Best Minecraft Coordinates Plugins for Servers

CoordsDB is a bit different from any other Minecraft coordinates plugin, as it does not display player coordinates without commands.

However, the plugin proved to be very interesting, as it can be used in many ways by server owners.

CoordsDB lets players save coordinates, and save a home’s coordinates through a single command, which opens doors to more mechanics.

Players can also save their coordinates and share them, or simply check a player’s coordinates through a single command.

CoordsDB is a very new plugin and it may lack commands, but it has been made as lightweight as possible, especially for Spigot and Paper 1.19 servers.


coordsmanager Best Minecraft Coordinates Plugins for Servers

CoordsManager acts like a GPS plugin and can help Minecraft players by letting them save multiple locations, such as homes, caves, or special places.

Once a player wishes to find that place again, a GPS will navigate the correct way, just from a simple command.

Along with traveling to locations, teleporting directly to a saved location is also possible. For those who like to make, CoordsManager can help locate the nearest ones.

If a player dies from a mob or another player, CoordsManager can save the location of the death, and help players locate their items faster.

Server owners can also save global locations just like warps, and let players visit them at any time, or directly teleport. Each location created does not protect it, so if 2 players meet on a saved location, their safety is not ensured, as PvP may be enabled by the server.


Coordinates plugins can help Minecraft server owners to rewrite the rules of their servers, by adding even more helpful features.

Players having coordinates can make traveling, and teleporting even better, but is applicable only to a few servers.

If you have an RPG, Towny, or a Factions Minecraft server, it may be a great idea to include such a plugin, or coordinates mod to enhance the gameplay.