Best 5 Minecraft Coordinates Mods for 2023

Getting lost in Minecraft is a tuff thing, which can make gameplay harder, and the worst part is that Minecraft will not point to your location, except if you enable coordinates.

However, to enable the coordinates screen, you will have to enter the debug screen and get overwhelmed with more information. This can seriously impact your gameplay and confuse newer players.

To make things easier for newer players or those who don’t want to see a large screen of unneeded information, we have listed the best Minecraft coordinates mods, which can reduce the confusion, and utilize the gameplay of every player.

What are coordinates mods

Similar to coordinates plugins, the coordination mods will display a small screen with the current location of the player, making it easier to travel, and pinpoint locations.

Players usually spawn on X 0 Y 0, or around these coordinates. However, players do not get notified about the location, except if they enter the debug screen, which is overfilled.

With coordination mods in Minecraft, players can easily place their coordinates on their screen, without the need for extra commands, and technical knowledge.

The coordination mods have their special abilities, which allow better placements, styling, and mainly using hotkeys for better usage.

Best coordinates mods for Minecraft

Betty’s Coordinates Plus! MOD

Bettys Coordinates Plus MOD Best Minecraft Coordinates Mods

Betty’s Coordinates Plus mod allows players to locate their positions through a single button. It has many different settings that can be applied, without the need of using F3 (for Windows) or Fn+F3 (for Mac) buttons, to enter the debug screen.

It has 6 different modes, which can be toggled through hotkeys, and special keys for styling the coordinates tabs.

While using the hotkeys, you can easily change the placement of your coordinates bar, and choose the width of the coordinates.

You can also use a timer, which is in the corner of your screen for doing challenges, such as speed running, and others.

The Betty’s Coordinates mod has implemented an FPS display, which will show how well the game is running, without blocking the view of your game. It is usually placed on the bottom-left corner of your screen, making it unnoticeable.

As for the 6 modes, each mode has its special settings applied, which can be easily toggled:

Mode 0 – Hides the coordinates by default.

Mode 1 – Shows the X, Y, and Z coordinates while indicating which direction is a player facing. The indications are the same as the compass directions in Minecraft.

Mode 2 – Adds an indication of your X and Z coordinates, which increase/decrease depending on player movement and direction faced.

Mode 3 – Shows the biome that a player is currently in, along with displaying the coordinates.

Mode 4 – Adds a day counter in Minecraft, which will detect when the day or night is starting.

Mode 5 – Replaces the XYZ coordinates, with chunk information (not recommended for beginners or non-technical players).

ASH – Another Simple HUD

Another Simple HUD Minecraft Best Minecraft Coordinates Mods

Another Simple HUD is an all-in-one Minecraft coordinates mod, packed up with many features. Each feature can be toggled on/off through a single click from the mod itself while playing the game.

All features are added inside the Ash config, including a special color palette, which allows you to use any color for your HUD.

While using the ASH Simple HUD mod, you can easily show/hide ASH, change the colors of the commands, display your FPS in-game, check the direction you are facing, or even show your coordinates while playing.

If you have mistakenly changed the settings, and the mod is not responding well, you can always reset all the settings, or reset a single setting, which will return it to its default.

For the players who don’t like using the Ash config, and wish to remain in-game while enabling or disabling the different HUD features, it can be done through simple commands.

Ash Simple HUD also allows players to easily change the placement of the HUD bar, by simply typing /alignash, it and choose if it should be placed on the left, center, or right side of your screen.

GUI Compass

GUI Compass Best Minecraft Coordinates Mods

GUI compass is a minimalistic and easy-to-configure client-side mod, which allows players to view their direction and coordinates, from inside the game.

By just placing a simple GUI with a compass in their inventory, the coordinates will appear on the top-left side of the client screen. The position of the GUI can be easily configured from the config file and saved without any expert knowledge. It uses a simplified GUI, with easy configurations.

GUI Compass uses a simple format, which follows the following – Direction, X, Y, Z.

The F in your coordinates will show the faced direction, while the rest of the symbols are basic Minecraft coordinates, included by default in the debug screen.

Those who wish to challenge themselves, can choose to enable the coordinates GUI only when they have a compass in their inventory, or toggle off the rules, and display their coordinates without exceptions.

To position the GUI Compass, you can go into the settings, and set the left, right, or center position to true, while leaving the rest to false. This way you will be choosing one spot for the compass, where it will be displayed.

However, if multiple spots are chosen, the compass will not display in the correct position. To make the GUI compass mod work without exceptions, only one spot can remain true, while the other 2 will need to be set to false.

Players can also adjust the height of the compass, by editing the height offset option, which will determine the height of the positioning of the GUI compass.

Xaero’s Minimap

Xaeros Minimap Mod Best Minecraft Coordinates Mods

Xaero’s Minimap is a bit different but highly modifiable Minecraft mod for coordinates. With this mod, you can easily enable a special minimap, which has 2 different designs and shows coordinates.

The 2 different minimap designs are square (Minecraft-like), and circle, which saves a bit of space, and will not be annoying while playing.

The features inside Xaero’s Minimap can give you a wonderful experience, due to the option to add waypoints and pin them. Each waypoint will be added to the map, and once you wish to travel, you will see all waypoints near.

If you wish to see the pinpointed areas of the minimap, zoom options are available. Zooming in will concentrate on the nearest points, and areas while zooming out will show far-distanced areas.

Below the minimap, the coordinates of the player’s location can also be found and hidden if needed.

Xaero’s Minimap also has special in-built features to share information on coordinates between other players, if the mod has been added to a Minecraft server.

It’s the perfect minimap plugin for servers and can be especially used for RPG Minecraft servers.

Each of the settings can be edited from the launcher itself, or with different commands set inside the server.

Coordinates Display

Coordinates Display Best Minecraft Coordinates Mods

Coordinates Display is a vanilla-like Minecraft coordinates mod, which is not packed with many features, and will give you only the needed coordinates display options.

The mod comes with a really nice packed HUD for displaying the coordinates in different lines, which makes it easier for understanding and use the coordinates system in Minecraft, which is XYZ.

Along with the display of coordinates, the Coordinates Display mod will also show Chunk Z and Chunk X coordinates, making it simpler for professional players.

The last and most perfect setting for applying this mod to any Minecraft launcher is the biome identification.

With Coordinates Display you can easily display, players can choose to display the biomes. Every time a player travels from one biome to another, the HUD will display the next biome.


With coordinates mods for Minecraft, players can easily travel to different locations, and easily find waypoints.

It’s also a massive help for RPG-like or Factions servers, as players always set pinpoints for their special bases, or entrances to special instances.

If understanding the XYZ coordinates in Minecraft seems hard, and confusing, you can read our guide on understanding coordinates in Minecraft.