The 6 Best mcMMO Minecraft Servers

Are you a fan of Minecraft RPG servers, but you want the vanilla server experience to be enhanced?

We have checked more than a hundred Minecraft servers, which meet your criteria and wish to offer some good mcMMO servers, that may be of interest.

In this article will be showing you only the best MCMMO Minecraft servers, which have tons of RPG content, and can be played for hours, without getting overwhelmed.

What is MCMMO Minecraft Servers

While Minecraft has received a decent number of RPG plugins for servers, there is one single plugin, called mcMMO. It’s an open-source plugin, used for Minecraft multiplayer servers, that can add in-game content, without changing anything.

What mcMMO does is add skills to the ordinary Minecraft players, which can be used through leveling. Along with that, you can create custom items, which can be looted from other mobs, or acquired through special sellers.

And since mcMMO does add a special RPG-like feeling to the ordinary Minecraft, they have also added in-game mechanics, which make it more interesting.

What are MCMMO Minecraft Servers

These mechanics have but are not limited to brewing faster, dodging attacks, rolling when falling, and also receiving speed bosts.

The plugin is so unique, that there has been no close competitor to it. The main reason for this is that mcMMO has all the features you can think of.

In fact, if you wish to adjust the way this plugin works, you can easily do so, from the config file. Players can have different XP rates in different worlds, along with restrictions from leveling in someplace.

But since this article is about displaying the best mcMMO servers, we will proceed with them. If you are a server owner and wish to use this plugin, you can download mcMMO from spigot.

Best mcMMO Minecraft Servers


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Best mcMMO Minecraft Servers - HylexMC Minecraft

HylexMC is a small Minecraft network with cracked Minecraft servers. Both cracked and premium players can join the servers and enjoy the content, which means there is no way someone can stop you from joining them.

HylexMC is very well-known for its minigame servers, which have amazing non-pay 2 win minigames, which makes them even more amazing.

And if you wish to join their SkyBlock and survival servers, just know they have a wide variety of content, including mcMMO. The greatest thing about Hylex is that they have many custom bosses, loot, and even their dimensions look quite nice.

HylexMC can be played by Java edition players, but since they grew so much, the staff opened a special Bedrock edition server, with the same features, and can be accessed through the IP: port: 19132.


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Best mcMMO Minecraft Servers - ZedarMC Server

ZedarMC is a crossplay server network, supporting both Java Edition and Bedrock edition Minecraft servers. They have been in the game for quite a while, and have created a wide variety of survival game modes, which vary from peaceful to competitive.

The ZedarMC network is mostly managing survival servers with different setups and sets of plugins, which unleash more potential for their player base.

For example, they have been creating powerful mcMMO RPG servers, which include hardcore gears, and large sets of custom items, which can be traded for further upgrades.

Their XP rates are also slow, which means you will have to grind if you wish to receive special skills and use them on tools and weapons. For example, miners do get some special skills, as well as PvP players, but you will need to use the tool destined for a certain job.

But aside from that, players have been also looking for the quests ZedarMC offers them, as each quest rings a ton of rewards, helping you to progress while playing.


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Best mcMMO Minecraft Servers - RagnarokMC Server

RagnarokMC is a Minecraft Indian network, combined with a wide variety of servers. Some of them include a special minigames server with BedWars, KitPvP, TnT Run, and much more.

However, they have a special survival world, which has been created to meet the RPG genre. The buildings and spawn are looking just like a professionally built RPG game, giving players an unnatural feeling.

Each of the areas newbie players visit will have a different set of monsters with certain levels, and skill sets. The loot you can get from each monster will vary from common, and go all the way to epic loot. You can trade the loot with players or exchange it for special in-game items, which will make your character more powerful.

RagnarokMC is a cracked Minecraft server and will work both for cracked and premium Minecraft players, but can be played only on Java Edition.


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Provanas - Best mcMMO Minecraft Servers

If you are a Turkish person, searching for a Minecraft mcMMO server, and speaking your native language, Provanas is the greatest choice for you. It is one of the oldest Minecraft mcMMO Turkish servers, which was established back in 2014.

Since then the server has never stop to develop new adventures and including more content and maps for its players, which makes it a great place for Turk to join the server.

It is also open to others who do not know the Turkish language, and the community would be more than happy to help them experience the amazing adventures of Provanas.

Provanas is also known for opening doors to cracked Minecraft players, so you will not need to have a premium account, but you can just join the server and play with the rest.


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Best mcMMO Minecraft Servers MCS

MineSuperior is a part of the next generation networks, which includes massive content, and is constantly developing to become a larger project. MineSuperior can be seen as a small network, but they do have the best minigames, along with some RPG content.

Since mcMMO is an open-source plugin, MineSuperior has grasped the opportunity and added more modifications, making their server one of the greatest servers, that has ever had mcMMO in it.

Their maps and layouts of designs are looking much like the old Greek buildings, as this is the server’s main theme. Most of the builders are professionals, who had been playing on other servers for a long time. Since they became a part of MineSuperior, you can always find them online, making the next massive building for the server.

The Cavern

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Best mcMMO Minecraft Servers - TheCavern

The Cavern is one of the most outstanding servers with MCMMO included, due to this server is built. They have a very nice built spawn with many locations, with balanced mobs, and a whole map, which can be found on their website.

One of the sole reasons, this server gets so much traffic, is due to listening to each request made by their players. Built upon feedback from users, The Cavern became one of the most popular MCMMO servers.

They have a balanced combat system, which gives you +1 skill point for every few levels, and a good economy, which can never get broken.

For those who seeks adventures, they can easily join the saga of completing 300+ quests, and gain special rewards from each of them.

And if you wish to have more of an RPG-like experience, The Cavern offers you trades between players. Each player can offer an item in return of currency, or other items equivalent to theirs.