How to Make a Minecraft RPG Server in 2023

Have you ever wanted to own the next popular RPG Minecraft server, but don’t know how to start it, or what are the requirements?

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to make a Minecraft RPG server, which will score a lot of players in a small amount of time.

What is a Minecraft RPG server?

Minecraft RPG servers are the ones, which let you choose a role, and create your storyline, or play by the server’s written storyline.

Just like most roleplaying games, Minecraft RPG servers follow the same set of rules, but with different graphics.

Without any restrictions, a server owner can create any type of RPG server in Minecraft.

How to make a Minecraft RPG server like Wynncraft

However, there are other types of roleplaying servers in Minecraft, and RPG is more like a general genre.

If we take a look at Potterworld, it’s another RPG server, where players can learn powerful magic spells, and level up their characters in the arts of Wizardry or Witchcraft.

However, we can also create a real-life-based roleplaying Minecraft server, which will represent daily activities, but with a story, which can go on the way we want. Such an example would be SchoolRP, which lets players attend classrooms and study their favorite subjects.

Players can become any type of student, and create any storyline they wish, which players would follow, and continue developing, without having an end.

Steps on making a Minecraft RPG server

Creating an RPG Minecraft server can be a serious and very hard thing, as most server owners will need to have knowledge in the field.

With our easy-to-follow steps, you can create the next appealing roleplaying server in Minecraft, as we explain things straightforwardly.

1. Choose a genre before creating your Minecraft RPG server

As we had previously explained there are many genres when it comes to roleplaying Minecraft servers. Picking your genre would be the first, and most crucial step, which will help you to follow the rest of the steps.

Most popular RPG servers are following the basic theme of an RPG game like Drakensang, or any other RPG, which includes monster hunting, questing, storylines, and more.

creating your Minecraft RPG server

When choosing the genre, you will need to be sure, that it fits your budget, because some server owners try to launch World of Warcraft like Minecraft servers, which never come into existence.

2. Create a unique storyline for your Minecraft RPG server

Each role-playing game and Minecraft RPG server has its unique storyline, which players can follow when they get bored, or just seek unlimited adventures, where dialogues can be skipped, and more items gathered.

The storyline is what makes the server more appealing, thus some servers just go ahead, and place their items, achievements, and bosses, thinking that’s everything someone needs.

However, if you don’t have a storyline in your server, it will just look like a monster-hunting server, with a bunch of mobs, and no chained quests or objectives that need to be followed.

unique storyline for your Minecraft RPG server

Starting a storyline can be quite easy. All you need to do is set up some NPCs and think of a way to make the player follow the path until they have learned what your server is about without having to guess.

Most storylines in RPG games and Minecraft servers start in small ruined towns, where players just need to explore, gather, and defeat low-level monsters.

It’s an easy and efficient way to make your players want to thrive for more adventures, but that’s not all to it.

One of the best parts of having a storyline on your server is that you can always add more to it, without making players bored, or risk losing them.

3. Use custom resource packs for your Minecraft RPG server

Resource packs are a great way to erase all thoughts of the vanilla textures in Minecraft, by completely transforming them into something more powerful.

It’s like creating your very own Minecraft game, but it’s all about roleplaying, and does not involve the basic way of playing Minecraft.

Use custom resource packs for your Minecraft RPG server

In a more beginner-friendly manner, resource packs can change the visual look of items in Minecraft, by replacing them with custom-made ones from a creator.

There are hundreds of RPG resource packs, that can be implemented in servers, which also leaves room for adding custom items, and better visuals in gears, weapons, quest items, etc.

4. Add custom items to your RPG server

When creating an RPG server, you will need to measure the weapons that players will be using and restrict them depending on the desired class.

It’s a unique feature that exists in most Minecraft RPG servers, where players can fight monsters for acquiring materials and crafting their very own special weaponry.

Such weapons can have their very own stats, such as damage, special effects, and conditions on them, which will be applied depending on the situation.

5. Classes in RPG Minecraft servers

Having classes in your roleplaying Minecraft server can further enhance gameplay by letting players choose a role, with special statistics and passive effects.

Being able to choose a class helps players to create their special way of enjoying the game, and create strategies while engaging in fights with others.

Classes could also have character points, which let players upgrade their skills, making them more powerful, and giving them more room to expand.

To enhance things a bit further, adding a special race to each class could further help expand the unique storyline of each race, making it a bit more interesting.

With the help of special races and classes Minecraft plugins, you can easily create in-game characters, with special skills, and racial passives, distinguishing them from one another.

6. Setup achievements

Achievements are a fun way to interact with an RPG Minecraft server and play for a bit longer. There are many types of achievements, and some of them could be given through updates, special in-game events, monster hunting, or even donations.

RPG players in Minecraft love grinding for achievements, as it allows them to showcase their hundreds of hours spent in-game.

Designing achievements different from the ones that exist in a vanilla Minecraft server can make things a bit more fun.

As a great idea given by RPG server owners, some achievements can also bring players certain effects, such as small stat boosts.

7. Create a unique map for your RPG server

The one unique thing about RPG servers in Minecraft is the RPG maps where players can explore, and dive in when it comes to adventuring.

Starter places or small villages could be a great way to start an RPG server, however, players always prefer to have an open world, which is clean for resource gathering, and fighting.

Create a unique map for your RPG server

Trading towns are also one of the easiest ways to make players gather around, for the sole purpose of exchanging items with each other, while using a Minecraft plugin for trading.

8. Dungeons and Bosses

Dungeons are one of the most unique features in a Minecraft RPG server because players will gather into groups, dominating bosses and mobs, just to acquire special in-game items.

The one thing that most prefer is to have a unique party system, where items can be split, and a wide variety of bosses, which can be met in dungeons.

While it may be hard to create a unique dungeon system, Dungeons XL is one of the RPG plugins that can meet the criteria, of making unique party systems, and special boss-fighting without interacting with outsiders.

9. Set multiple server currencies

Having multiple currencies is one of the features that players love in RPG Minecraft servers, due to the fact, that grinding would be unlimited, and players cannot get rich that easily.

Multiple currencies make item selling a bit harder, because some currencies may have very specific ways to be acquired, such as killing bosses, fighting players for special points, and more.

Server owners can further enhance their shops by using different currencies for in-game items, such as weapon upgrades, boosts, and other items, creating a unique environment for players to join.

10. Seasonal leaderboards

The most fun thing to have in any Minecraft RPG server is leaderboards. Seasonal or daily leaderboards make players stay a bit longer in your server, trying to dominate the rankings, by completing a wide variety of tasks.

Players love to compete against each other, fighting for the top spots, just to earn the rewards you have prepared for them.

It is also very helpful for donations if non-pay-to-win items are being introduced to players with the sole purpose of helping them to compete.

Introducing special in-game rewards for the season could potentially increase the sales revenue, or even make your server more popular amongst competitors without investing anything.