How to Limit The Height of a Tree in Minecraft

Are you tired of cutting long trees in Minecraft, which cost additional blocks to be placed, for extra height reach?

While a tree can grow tall, we will show you how to limit the height of trees, making resource gathering more efficient.

What is the height of trees in Minecraft

The maximum height of a tree in Minecraft is 32 blocks for jungle trees, follow by the big spruce trees with a total height of 30.

Aside from the big jungle, and big spruce, the other trees in Minecraft have the following height.

TreeTree height
Big Jungle32 blocks high
Regular Jungle13 blocks high
Big Spruce 30 blocks high
Regular Spruce10 blocks high
Big Oak19 blocks high
Regular Oak7 blocks high
Dark Oak11 blocks high
Birch8 blocks high
Acacia10 blocks high
Chorus22 blocks high

Each tree has its own set height, and cannot go above it, and while the tree height can be limited, it cannot be higher than its maximum.

How to limit the height of trees in Minecraft

If you want to limit the height of trees in Minecraft, all you need to do is place a block 6-7 blocks higher than from the surface.

To limit the height of a tree, start by placing a sapling on the ground. Then climb 6 blocks higher than the sapling and place your limiting block.

Limit the Height of a Tree in Minecraft

Once the limiting block has been placed, you will need to feed your tree with bone meal, or it will grow slowly due to blocking the sunlight.

Upon growing your tree, it will be below the block, causing an overwrite in the height limit of your tree.

Limited Tree Height in Minecraft

Trees always tend to grow 2 blocks below the limiting blocks, allowing maximizing wood cutting and gathering resources faster.

How to limit the width of trees in Minecraft

A very usual thing in Minecraft is players getting big chunks of wood when growing their saplings.

Usually, it’s a very good thing, as it can help with building projects. But some people prefer to have their trees grow separately because they believe that growing trees separately gives more materials.

In any case, trees have their own sets of materials, which are based on calculations. The only possible way to limit the materials is by limiting the tree height.

To limit the width of trees, you will need to carefully place each tree 4 blocks away from the other. In some cases, trees may grow into big variants, and leaving space between them, could prevent their collision.


Limiting the tree height and width can be a very nice way to create custom trees in Minecraft, or even cut wood faster.

However, a player would be sacrificing some wood material, as limiting the height of a tree in Minecraft causes losses in wood material.

Even though the material lost could be replenished through re-growing trees, the process could be time-consuming and cost more than leaving your trees at their own limits.

To make wood-cutting efficient, a player can use tree plugins, which enhance resource gathering, the breakability of wood, and growing it faster.