How to Install Resource Packs in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. To be precise, it is one of the most downloaded games, which achieved more than 100,000,000 downloads.

And as we know, Minecraft has great textures, which show the details of each item, mob, and even for day and night.

But as Minecraft gets older, and older Minecraft players continue to roam around their worlds or in multiplayer servers, the game’s graphics do get a bit rusty, and boring.

Many of the players give up on Minecraft for quite some time because of this issue but return later for the newer updates. And to prevent people from quitting for such silly reasons, graphics enhancements have been added since the beginning of Minecraft.

However, these graphics enhancements were actually meant for custom servers, or a better experience while in-game.

And in this tutorial, we will explain resource packs, how they can improve the in-game graphics, and how to install them on Minecraft.

What are resource packs in Minecraft

Resource packs or previously known as texture packs are bundles that hold new and awesome designs for the current textures in Minecraft. While some players like the default Minecraft graphics, others prefer to enhance them.

And since resource packs can totally change how Minecraft looks, a wide variety of projects has been released. Even the Minecraft Bedrock edition has released its own resource pack, which can turn your boring old graphics into high-definition ones.


However, to use such as resource pack, you will need to have an RTX video card and meet further requirements.

But aside from realistic resource packs, there are more categories, suitable for each Minecraft player, or even a server.

How to install resource packs in Minecraft

There are 2 ways to install resource packs in Minecraft. You can do that directly from your Minecraft launcher, by choosing the resource pack option, or uploading the resource pack to the resource folder.

Install resource packs from Minecraft

Installing resource packs from inside Minecraft will work on any Minecraft version, and on any device.

The first thing you will need to do is download the preferred resource pack and place you download it where you can access it fast. After that, you can open the Minecraft Launcher.

Once Minecraft is open and everything is loaded, go to your options and click on resource packs. You will immediately get the resource packs folder, where you can upload your resource pack.

Upload the resource pack you had previously downloaded and check if Minecraft is now displaying it. If the resource pack didn’t load, you can delete it and choose it one more time.

Minecraft resource packs folder

Exiting the game is not required, because the reloads everything on its own.

Install resource packs from the Minecraft folder

Installing resource packs from the Minecraft folder can happen only on Minecraft Java Edition.

Choose the resource pack that you wish to use, and save it on any place, which you can access fast. After this, you can press Win + R, and wait for a window called “Run” to appear. In the Run type %appdata% and press okay.

You will then get access to your AppData folder, where you need to locate the “.minecraft” folder. Open that folder and search for “resource packs” then open it.

In the resource packs folder you can place any resource packs you have downloaded, so go ahead and place your previously downloaded resource pack.

Install resource packs on Minecraft servers

Installing resource packs on Minecraft servers follows a bit different process, but is very easy and straightforward. The first thing you will need to do is sign up for DropBox.

Once you finish signing up and logging in, prepare your resource pack for uploading. After the upload has finished, copy the link of the download, and go to your “” file.

You will need to find where it says “resource-pack” and paste the URL you have copied. If you have used DropBox, give the URL a check.

If you notice that “?dl=0” exists, change it to “?dl=1”. This way once the player logs into your server, he will be prompted to download the resource pack.

After making sure that the URL is set, you can set the “require-resource-pack” to true, so players can download it at any cost.


Otherwise, you bear the risk of having players join in with the default resource pack.