How to Install CurseForge Modpacks for Minecraft in 2023

Are you constantly getting bored of the repetitive tasks in the vanilla Minecraft? While some players start big projects on their worlds, others prefer to acquire more content.

And while Mojang cannot provide unlimited content for its Minecraft community, developers have introduced downloadable content in the form of modpacks.

But how do we install these modpacks?

To give you the ultimate Minecraft experience, we will show you how to install CurseForge modpacks in Minecraft, and play them on any Minecraft version.

What is CurseForge

CurseForge is one of the most popular gaming applications, from which you can download game mods and addons for Minecraft, and other games.

To be precise, CurseForge is a library filled with mods, and mod packs content, created by developers.

Aside from downloading in-game addons and moderated files, you can also use templates to build new game content, and feature it on the app.

How to get CurseForge

To download CurseForge and start downloading modpacks for Minecraft, you will need to head over to the CurseForge official website.

Downloading CurseForge For Minecraft ModPacks

Choosing the correct OS version is one of the most important steps, to ensure compatibility when using the app.

After downloading CurseForge, you will need to install the application and choose the games you wish to sync it with.

To create the CurseForge mods folder for Minecraft, you will need to click on the anvil logo, and select Minecraft to be installed.

Installing CurseForge mods on Minecraft

How to Install CurseForge Modpacks

Installing CurseForge modpacks for Minecraft is very easy, and the only requirement is for mods to match the version of your Minecraft installation.

However, you can always install Minecraft modpacks for older versions, and downgrade your game version from the launcher.

To install CurseForge Modpacks for Minecraft you will need to head over to the CurseForge app, or simply search the official Forge website, to acquire your mods.

Installing Minecraft Modpacks from CurseForge

Installing Minecraft Modpacks from CurseForge will require the application downloaded and installed on your computer.

To access the modpacks library on CurseForge, you will need to choose Minecraft from the left-side panel.

After that, choose to browse modpacks, you will be shown available modpacks for Minecraft. Each modpack is created or updated to fit a certain Minecraft version.

Installing CurseForge modpacks for Minecraft from the CurseForge App

You can choose any of them by hitting the install button.

How to Install CurseForge ModPacks from the Forge app

Installed or currently installed modpacks can be viewed from the “My Modpacks” tab.

CurseForge downloaded Modpacks for Minecraft tab

Installing Minecraft ModPacks from CurseForge Web

Another way to install Minecraft ModPacks is from the CurseForge web version. Simply head over to CurseForge, and choose the “Browse” link.

Downloading CurseForge ModPacks from the Web

From there you will be taken to the games library, and choose Minecraft.

Minecraft ModPacks Library from CurseForge Web

Once the Minecraft category has been opened, you will be delivered all modpacks available for Minecraft.

Installing ModPacks for Minecraft from CurseForge Web

Clicking on the “Install” button next to a modpack will trigger the browser to send a notification if you want to open the CurseForge app and install the files inside it.

Downloading CurseForge Web ModPacks for Minecraft

When the installation process finishes, the modpack will become available for playing on the “My Modpacks” tab in CurseForge.

How to Change the Version of Minecraft ModPacks on CurseForge

Playing on the latest versions of ModPacks can be a fun activity, but what happens if you wish to downgrade to a previous one?

With CurseForge you can easily shift between modpack updates, by just choosing the “Change Version” option next to your installed modpacks.

How to change Minecraft Modpacks versions on CurseForge

Changing the version of your modpack will not delete previous saves, or cause corruption. Shifting between modpack versions is safe, but requires downgrading the Minecraft version, for availability to play without bugs.


Installing Minecraft modpacks had never been easier before CurseForge came out. The CurseForge app is not only a powerful library but also an assistant for updates.

Over time authors release new updates for their modpacks, which would require re-visiting the web, and downloading the newest files. However, with CurseForge you can just install the latest update in just one click.