How to Grow a Tree in Minecraft (5 Simple Steps)

Trees in Minecraft are the most useful resource, which has managed and continues to help players with crafting. While some players don’t like making a house around forests, their biggest problem would be resource gathering.

In such cases, learning how to grow a tree in Minecraft can be helpful for both resource gathering, and creating aesthetically beautiful gardens.

The importance of trees in Minecraft

Trees are the most important in Minecraft due to their huge role in the game’s ecosystem. A tree in Minecraft is the primary source for tool crafting, and further resource gathering, making Minecraft impossible without its existence.

In some cases, Minecraft can also be playable without trees but will require professional in-game knowledge, and giving up on crafting.

With that said, trees is the most important item in Minecraft, as without them, breaking items, or slaying monsters would be near impossible.

How to Grow a Tree in Minecraft

1. Prepare the ground for your tree

To plant a tree in Minecraft first we need to find the perfect ground for it. Depending on what tree you wish to plant, there is a certain dimension.

For example, players can plant an oak, acacia, spruce, dark oak, birch, and jungle sapling in the overworld.

Prepare the ground for your tree in Minecraft

However, crimson and warp fungus trees can be planted only in the nether.

And remember that for a tree to grow in the overworld, the light level needs to be above 4, or preferably 8.

2. Gather saplings

For planting a tree we will be required to get a few saplings from cutting trees in the forest. Start by punching your first trees and craft your axe.

Gather Sapling in Minecraft

Then start destroying all the wood from a tree, and its leaves will start converting into sticks and saplings, which will be dropped on the ground. Try to acquire as many saplings as possible.

3. Get bone meal

The next important thing for growing a tree is bone meal. Getting bone meal is fairly easy and will require slaying skeletons.

Drop rates for bones are high, and skeletons always spawn in a radius of forty blocks. In normal worlds, a very high percentage of mobs can be skeletons, while in servers the chances may be changed.

Get bone meal for growing trees in Minecraft

Once you acquire your first few bones, place them on the 2 by 2 crafting grids, and convert them into bone meal. Each bone will give 3 bone meals, making it plenty for growing a tree.

4. Place the sapling

Now that we have all the materials needed for growing our tree, we will need to place the tree o the ground. If placing it with right-click does not work, turn the ground into farmland.

Trees can be placed on farmland but don’t help them grow faster. Farmland is only required for planting farmable food, such as carrots, potatoes, and others.

5. Feed the tree with bone meal

When the tree gets planted, highlight the bone meal, and start feeding the sapling until you see it fully grown. Each time you feed a tree with bone meal, green particles will be shown.

For a tree to grow, players need to use 2-6 bone meals, converting it into a fully grown tree, ready for resource gathering.

Placing Sapling in Minecraft


While cutting trees in Minecraft can be a helpful activity for resource gathering, tree-cutting plugins can further enhance the gameplay for players.

Mods to cut trees are also available for single-player worlds, as plugins require players to host a server.