The Complete Guide on Villagers in Minecraft

Have you ever wondered how villagers in Minecraft work and how can you utilize them to have a better gaming experience?

With our complete guide on the villagers in Minecraft, you will get a full grasp of how everything works and how you can become a better Minecrafter.

What are villagers in Minecraft

Villagers in Minecraft are basic NPCs that can function just like normal players do. Almost like players.

For example, a Minecraft villager is an NPC living the village life in its own house and sleeping in its own bed.

And since the Minecraft 1.14 update Villagers and Pillagers came out, the basic villager turned into a worker who has a certain profession and offers you items.

A lot has changed since the update was released. Villagers have different clothes on them, and also live in different houses, which are biome specific.

Now you can find a village in Minecraft in every biome, which will be very specific in detail, and look just like the biome.

They are peaceful and hard-working people, but since mobs can attack them all the time, Mojang has put an Iron Golem to protect them from unwanted attacks.

Iron Golem Protecting Villagers in Minecraft

Minecraft villager jobs

Since villagers in Minecraft have jobs, you will need to learn every job and its specifications, because learning them can give you a head start in Minecraft.

There are 13 different villager jobs, which a villager in Minecraft can take and will start offering you items.

1. Armorer

The armorer job gives the villagers a great opportunity to start crafting their first gears. To be more specific, with this starter villager job, you can start getting your first iron gears.

When you start increasing the reputation of your armorer, you will start receiving better gear at discounted prices.

You can start getting basic diamond gears and end up receiving enchanted ones at very low prices.

One of the best things for the armorer villager is that you do not need emeralds to start trading. He will be willing to give you some emeralds for coal in return.

Starting to dig the mines for coal isn’t a hard job and will not require you much time to gather a stack and buy your first gears.

2. Butcher

Villagers in Minecraft - Butcher Villager

The butcher is a special cooking job assigned to villagers that will always provide you with food for surviving. As we know getting food at the beginning of our journey can be pretty hard.

One of the good things about the butcher job is that you can easily start getting emeralds from him, by just trading the raw food you get from dead animals.

By just starting out in Minecraft you should be able to find and kill a few dozens of animals, before you reach your first village, so you will have plenty of resources to trade with the butcher.

Once you start leveling up your butcher, you can start getting very good soups and cooked foods at discounted prices.

3. Cartographer

The cartographer villager job may not be the perfect one when starting Minecraft as it can be really expensive and the items you receive may not be worth it.

The cartographer villager is willing to trade some treasure maps with players or even give them ocean explorer maps, which can help the find ocean monuments, but due to the difficulty players will not survive much underwater.

However, once you start making good gear, the cartographer can prove to be a great job for villagers, because you will be getting blank maps and item frames, which you can use to create maps in Minecraft.

4. Cleric

Villagers in Minecraft Cleric Villager

The Cleric plays an important role and is one of the most profitable villager jobs in Minecraft.

This is a magic-based profession, which at the early stages may not look very good, but when you start trading with him, he may start offering ender eyes, enchanting materials, such as lapis and XP bottles.

In the early stages, you can fight some zombies and gather rotten flesh as it will earn you plenty of nether warts, which can be regrown and traded further with the cleric villager.

5. Farmer

Villagers in Minecraft Farmer Villager

The farmer is known as the most popular and preferred job for villagers. Minecraft players often choose the farmer for their villagers first, because it helps them progress faster.

Farmers can do one of the best food trades and provide you with so many kinds of food, that you will never stay hungry.

And on top of that, if you are a redstone expert, you can do a good automated redstone farm for food and do unlimited trades with your farmer.

6. Fisherman

The fisherman is not one of the community’s favorite choices, as they mostly get bored when trying to go fishing.

However, the fisherman is an easy job, which offers you tons of easy trades and will always provide you with good fish, so you can tame a cat in Minecraft.

More than that, a higher-level fisherman would be more than happy to offer you an enchanted fishing rod for a few emeralds, which can be used to acquire some enchanted books or gears (even though the chances are a bit low).

7. Fletcher

Villagers in Minecraft Fletcher Villager

The Fletcher is one of the least preferred villager jobs in Minecraft because the players rarely need their trading services at the beginning of their journey.

While being a fletcher is a great job for a villager, it offers twice as better deals.

A fletcher in its low levels can offer you crossbows and bows with some arrows in hand. If you upgrade his levels, you will start receiving the in an enchanted state, along with some tipped arrows that have various effects.

8. Leatherworker

Villagers in Minecraft Leatherworker Villager

The Leatherworker is one of the most absurd jobs that you could give to a villager, even though you can snatch some emeralds from it.

However, the leatherworker job at a low level offers you some leather clothing and horse leather armor, which can be used to equip yourself and your horse.

At the moment there are no better trades that a leatherworking villager can offer, therefore it is least preferred by the Minecraft community.

9. Librarian

Villagers in Minecraft Librarian

The Librarian is one of the best jobs for villagers in Minecraft if you love to enchant your gears with powerful enchanting books.

At an early stage, the librarian offers some trades, which are not much worth it, but if you take the bookshelves from him, you might start with an enchanting table.

Once you start leveling up your librarian, you will start seeing much better trade offers, which give powerful enchantment books for your gears.

10. Mason

The Mason is a pretty decent job for villagers in Minecraft if you like building materials. You can make a few trades with him and acquire bricks, dripstone, or polished stone for your next building.

He offers very easy trades for emeralds and all you need to have is some clay, which you always get when mining.

11. Shepherd

Villagers in Minecraft Shepherd Villager

The Shepherd is your non-standard way of achieving better builds in Minecraft. While most of the villager jobs you saw until now, the shepherd differs from them a lot.

A shepherd is more of a sheep watcher and worker. He will always have good wools, dyes, banners, and carpets waiting to trade with you.

But if you think you can outsmart the shepherd and earn quick emeralds, well you are wrong. A shepherd will be waiting for 18 wool to make a trade and this requires shears and many sheep.

12. Toolsmith

The toolsmith is one of the most helpful jobs for villagers, as it doesn’t only provide you with good trades at a higher level, but it also gives you mining tools.

At an early stage, you may find the toolsmith as a waste of time and resources, but once you level him up a bit, you start getting some pretty decent enchanted pickaxes, axes, and more.

To trade with him you will need to give coal for an emerald, but doesn’t accept charcoal, as this would be a pretty neat cheat.

13. Weaponsmith

The weaponsmith is the most desired job for villagers if you wish to speedrun Minecraft, as their chests contain a bunch of helpful items. But let us talk about their trades for a moment.

At an early stage, you can get your first enchanted iron sword and start destroying the mobs that stand your way and as you level him up, you will start getting enchanted diamond swords, which can be converted into netherite diamond swords.

14. Unemployed

Villagers in Minecraft Unemployed Villager

The unemployed villager is an opportunity villager if you understand me. These villagers don’t have a job assigned to them, so they are ready to take on anything you wish them to do.

Unemployed villagers will directly start working on the job once you assign the correct block.

How to give jobs to villagers in Minecraft

Assigning jobs to villagers is done when you put the job block on the ground but will need to wait for the villager to react to it.

Before we start explaining how this happens, you will need to know that some villagers are not feeling happy with their job block and may choose another one.

You will not need to kill the villager in such cases. You can just break their block and they will become unemployed once again.

So to assign a profession to a villager, you will need to have one of these profession blocks:

Armorer – Requires a blast furnace to start working on this job.

Butcher – Requires a smoker to start working on this job.

Cartographer – Requires a cartography table to start working on this job.

Cleric – Requires a brewing stand to start working on this job.

Farmer – Requires a composter to start working on this job.

Fisherman – Requires a barrel to start working on this job.

Fletcher – Requires a fletching table to start working on this job.

Leather Worker – Requires a cauldron to start working on this job.

Librarian – Requires a lectern to start working this job.

Mason – Requires a stonecutter to start working on this job.

Shepherd – Requires a loom to start working on this job.

Toolsmith – Requires a smithing table to start working on this job.

Weaponsmith – Requires a grindstone to start working on this job.

How to breed villagers in Minecraft

Breeding villagers in Minecraft is an essential way to start multiplying your profits, but to start making baby villagers, who will grow you need these things:

  • 2 villagers per breeding
  • Popularity (Option)
  • At least 3 beds
  • Food

Now comes the hardest part.

The first step to start breeding villagers in Minecraft is by closing them in a wide house. The house will need to have the 3 beds placed, so villagers can lay down.

Villagers Entering Love Mode

Once they are feeling comfortable you will see them entering love mode. This mode lets villagers start breeding and create a baby villager.

Once the breeding has finished, you will need to throw the food to them. Carrots, wheat, and potatoes can do the job.

If you want to make things more simple, you can just make a small farming area in the house and put the farmables in it.

How to unlock more villager trades in Minecraft

To unlock more trades with villagers you have only 2 options, which will require patience and skill. The first option you have is to start grinding for the materials needed to get emeralds.

Once you gather enough emeralds you can start trading with the villager until he is satisfied and starts giving you better trades.

If you are not willing to trade with the villagers for hours, your next option is to gain more popularity. We will explain how popularity works and can be gained or lost below.

How to increase popularity with Villagers

To gain popularity among villagers, you will need to do a set of tasks. One of these tasks is to trade with them, but as mentioned before it may take quite some time.

Trading with villagers is a hard task and requires you to have a lot of materials, which can be gained from mining, killing mobs, or even harvesting.

However, there is one more way that you can start gaining popularity fast but requires you to have a good set of gears.

If you go to a pillager mansion, you will start seeing all the pesky pillagers and perhaps some villagers trapped there.

If you start killing those pillagers, you will immediately start gaining popularity, because you are freeing the villagers from the wrath of the pillagers.

But keep in mind that the pillagers are scary and have good gears, such as axes and crossbows, which can kill you at any time if you do not have suitable equipment.

And since there is a popularity system in Minecraft, we would like to mention that there also is a negative score, which can be achieved by killing a villager or robbing their loot.

How to cure zombified villagers in Minecraft

While playing Minecraft you may have seen some zombies, but have you ever wondered what are these different clothed zombies, which look like villagers?

Zombie villagers have a 5% spawn rate when the spawn cycle starts, and these mobs are hostile just like the normal zombie.

Villagers in Minecraft Zombie Villager

They can still pick loot and attack you with it, which doesn’t change the fact that they are just like normal zombies.

However, there is a small difference between the zombie and the zombie villager.

Zombie villagers can be cured and turned into normal villagers, but they will lose their job once they are cured.

To cure a zombie villager, you will need a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple. Throw the potion of weakness at the villager and while it’s under the effects of weakening, you will need to give him the golden apple.

Once the villager is cured he will be able to take on any job and start offering you trades.

How to zombify a villager in Minecraft

If you don’t like the trades that a villager with a job is offering you, there is a certain way that you can reset everything and get better trades.

Getting trades is like gambling. In most cases you may not find good use of the materials you are being offered, so you can easily zombify the villager and cure him back to get new trades.

To zombify a villager in Minecraft, you will need to wait until it’s night and lure the zombies that have spawned inside the house.

They will directly start attacking the villager, which will infect him and turn him into a zombified villager.

You can kill the zombified villager without losing any popularity points, but if you are looking for some good trades it will be better to be patient and cure him of his disease.


With this complete guide, you should have all the knowledge needed to play the game and even a bit more knowledge on top of it.

Everything mentioned in the article has been tested out before writing, so you can have a carefree gaming experience in Minecraft.