The Complete Guide on Pillagers in Minecraft

Minecraft is a calm and super peaceful game, where you can explore unlimited biomes and gather more than 400 materials.

Since Minecraft 1.14 Villagers and Pillagers, the game has changed to something more challenging and professional.

With the Pillagers being added in Minecraft, more skill is required, and a whole new to enjoy the game.

In this guide, we will explain to you everything about Pillagers in Minecraft and how to handle them.

What are Pillagers in Minecraft

Pillagers are hostile mobs and are a part of the illager family, along with the Evoker and Vindicator. They are the total opposite of villagers in Minecraft and are not friendly at all.

They will always spawn with a crossbow, which is unloaded and immediately start loading it. Every shot pillagers make will have a 3-second cooldown, until the next one is prepared to be shot.

With their crossbows, they can take from 3 to 4 damage in easy mode, which goes up to 5 in adventure or harder mode.

What are Pillagers in Minecraft 1

If you are seeking reasons for the existence of the pillagers in Minecraft, they serve only one purpose.

They seek out villages or areas they can raid, and start attacking. A fun fact about pillagers is that they start celebrating whenever they kill a villager in Minecraft.

Aside from that pillagers are not your typical enemy. They are not smart or competitive at all.

If you ever stumble upon pillagers in Minecraft, you will see that they do not try to avoid bow shots like skeletons. They just stand in one place and try to shoot you, which makes them an easy target.

Also the chance for a pillager to hit one of their own exists. When it comes to friendly fire, the shot pillager will look at the shooter for a split second and return back to shooting at you.

They don’t have the typical skeleton behavior where they shoot the one who attacked them but return to attacking players, villagers, Iron Golems, and others.

Where can I find Pillagers in Minecraft

Pillagers usually spawn in patrols, which have 2 to 5 pillagers including one raid captain. You can easily seek out the raid captain by his ominous banner (Bedrock Edition) or villager banner (Java Edition).

They can spawn anywhere in the overworld and have no particular biome, where they can be found exactly at. However, you can find villagers by exploring, finding a pillager outpost, or searching for villages.

Finding pillagers by Exploring

Pillagers in Minecraft can spawn anywhere on the map, without any detailed requirements. The only thing about their spawning is that it can only happen in the overworld.

Finding pillagers by Exploring

And even when they spawn, there is a slight chance that a raid captain may be amongst them.

Nonetheless, when you encounter them, you can kill all of them without encountering more raids with them.

Finding pillagers in a pillager outpost

While exploring Minecraft, chances are that you can stumble upon a pillager outpost. These outposts can be distinguished by the building and pillagers, who are on top of it.

Every outpost is different and depends on the world generation, and may contain different materials when created.

Engaging with pillagers in their outpost can be profitable, as they contain treasures with items. You can also lure them out of the pillager outpost.

Once you defeat the raid, you may find some chests with potential materials, such as wheat, carrots, potatoes, dark oak logs, crossbows, bottle o’ enchanting, and even enchanted books.

A great tactic for fighting with pillagers is by using potions of invisibility, as pillagers are not able to sense you and will be left hopeless in the fight.

Finding pillagers while raiding villages

While searching for a village, you may notice that pillagers have started raiding the place, as their mission is to search and destroy whatever lives. Including ice golems, rabbits, and other mobs.

Finding pillagers while raiding villages

The best way to understand if villagers are nearby is to look for a raid meter, which indicates that villagers have started raiding the place.

Note that if villagers detect you, there is no turning back. They chase players up to 64 blocks and in most cases, you will not be able to escape them.

Pillagers are upgraded with extra speed, so every time they start chasing after you, they continue unless killed.

Pillager Raids

If pillagers get angry, you should be preparing for a raid. They are going to attack the nearest village and you will get the idea by the indicator on top of your screen.

Once the pillagers enter the village, it becomes a bloodbath.

2 case scenarios can happen in a battle with the pillagers and it all depends on how you have prepared for it.

They will either be defeated or destroy the village and mark it as a graveyard.

Winning against Pillagers in Minecraft

If you want to win against the pillagers and protect the villagers in Minecraft, which is the right thing, you will need to prepare some defenses.

If you are a redstone expert, it is quite easy to set up some lava traps, or automatic dispensers, and shoot some arrows, and whatever comes to your mind.

However, if you aren’t good with redstone, you can simply place some TNTs and connect them with one lever.

Winning against Pillagers in Minecraft

Make sure to build some walls and surround the village, so it gets harder to pass, and try killing the pillagers before they can enter.

However, they will be able to enter after the 2nd for sure. There is no exact number of how many raid waves will occur, but the bare minimum is 7.

Each wave can have a raid captain. On the first wave, the chances are that you will be getting a pillager for a raid captain, but after that, it may be vindicators.

Losing against Pillagers in Minecraft

Sometimes raids can be continuous and tiring for the players in Minecraft. With that said we also start thinking about what can happen when pillagers win.

To put it simply, every time the pillagers have killed you and the villagers, they have successfully finished their raid.

Once they finish the raid, you can respawn and try to search for the destroyed village. But when you get to the village, things will look a bit different.

Except for the fact that all villagers will be missing, there will be a monument for all the fallen pillagers with 2 banners.

Fleeing from the raid against Pillagers in Minecraft

If you are not ready to fight against raiding Pillager in Minecraft, you can simply give up and try to escape from the raid.

Nothing bad will happen, except that villagers will die along with their Iron Golems.

Once you are geared up and feel ready to fight against pillagers, you can always start raiding them.

How do pillager raids happen in Minecraft?

Whenever you kill the raid captain, which can be a pillager or vindicator, you will be marked with Bad Omen.

This bad open takes 100 minutes to fade away, or 5 in-game days, which can be a lot.

Once you get near a village with your bad omen, pillagers will be able to track you down and start raiding the village.

If you don’t want the pillagers to be coming near the villagers and start attacking you will need a bucket with milk and drink the milk. It will directly remove the Bad Omen mark from you and keep your villages safe.

What drops can you get from Pillagers in Minecraft

While pillagers don’t have the greatest drops in the history of Minecraft, they are one of the few mobs that give you a souvenir whenever you kill their raid captain.

For Java players, the raid captain may drop the illager banner, and for Bedrock, the ominous banner.

Both of these banners can be used as a war trophy from the raid you have fought against and decorate your home with it. The pillagers will not start attacking when they see these banners, even though it would be really cool to have this feature.

Some other loots that you can expect from pillagers in Minecraft are:

  • 0-2 Arrows
  • Crossbow (8% chance)
  • 5XP upon every kill