The Complete guide on Minecraft Classic

You may have heard of Minecraft Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, Minecraft for consoles, and such, but have you ever heard of Minecraft Classic?

It is the first version of Minecraft ever released, with the idea of development and further updates, which was shown to the players, but that’s not all.

In this article, we will explain to you what is Minecraft Classic and how it started.

What is Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic was the very first update of the game, which we know as Minecraft, but back in the years, it had a very different one.

Before the name Minecraft was introduced to us, the developers and even the creator of the game, Notch, we’re calling it “Cave Game”.

Minecraft Classic was introduced to the player community in 2019 as a footprint of how Minecraft looked in 2009 when it was first created.

It took the developers 9 days to code the game and create a small part of what we know, nowadays.

But back then, even what they had done was considered a major thing, because Minecraft didn’t have 60+ biomes, 30+ mobs, and more than 400 unique items.

It was very basic and all you had in Minecraft Classic was 9 bars, slotted with the materials, which existed in the game.

How to start playing classic Minecraft Classic

To play Minecraft Classic you will need to be on your computer and have a keyboard, and a mouse connected to it. This also works for laptops, but for consoles and mobile devices, it will not work.

All you have to do is access Minecraft Classic and you will be taken to a screen where your world is being generated.

Generating a world will not take much time, but depends on your internet connection. If your world does not get generated, you can try to restart the window and it should start working properly.

Once the world is fully generated, you will be able to choose a name for your character in Minecraft classic.


They let you choose a name for your Minecraft Classic world because you also get a URL, which can be shared with your friends. Once they access the URL, they will be taken to your world and can start playing with you.

How to break and build in Minecraft Classic

Once you are in the game, the first thing you will need to learn is how to break and build. Since it was the first release of the game, breaking was not hard.

You could just left-click and see every block disappear from your sight. Only the bedrock could not be destroyed, but also it could on be market, as you could do with other blocks.

But to start building the process is a bit different from what we know. Once you have chosen the block you wish to place, you will need to right-click one time, so you can enter building mode.

And right after that, you can place the block by left-clicking.

What can you do in Minecraft Classic

Classic Minecraft is a bit different from what you have seen in the newer Minecraft updates. There is only 1 biome, 9 items, and only 9 blocks in the world.

These 9 blocks can be found when generating your own world:

  • Wood
  • Leaves
  • Bedrock
  • Stone
  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Lava
  • Coal
  • Iron

You can’t explore in Minecraft Classic

When starting, you will find that you are on a small land, which has water, grown trees, and leaves on them.

Upon reaching one of the island’s ends, you will be able to find water, but it does not have the mechanics, which you may have seen.


Another thing to note is that you cannot swim when you are underwater. It follows the old concept, where you could just hold the space and go out of the water, but slower.

Another thing to mention is that when you see the water at the end of the land this means you have reached the border and cannot go further.

If you try, you will be blocked by an invisible force, which is not the barrier block, that we use in the Minecraft server to deny permissions.

The caves contain mostly stone and bedrock

If you ever try to dig the ground in classic Minecraft you will find out, that each cave is around 6-8 blocks deep, but does not have any of the valuables, which we refer to as ores.

That’s right. The ores are missing from the caves. But one unique thing about these old caves is that you can see holes in them.

This was one of the original ideas that Notch had for his development team to create.

Once you start digging, you should be able to see gaps (open spaces), which could lead you to potential goods, such as lapis, gold, or even diamonds.


The first ores that were introduced in the game were coal and iron ore. They are a bit hard to find, but if you dig around, I am sure you will see them.

The same goes for lava. You can easily find lava in Minecraft, however, it has some glitches, which we will leave here with relevant images.

Lava glitches in Minecraft Classic

The first thing is that when you go under the lava, it looks like you are underwater and it is really strange. You can freely swim and see what other blocks are hidden below.


The next one is that if you try to go near a lava pit, and look into the edge where the lava lies, you will see a small gap that shows what’s under the lava.


This small glitch has never existed when Minecraft was first released, as it was fixed by the developers and then introduced to players.

No game modes in Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic was introduced only with 1 game mode and it is the creative mode. But when you have creative applied, this does not mean that you can fly, as it wasn’t invented back then.

Player speed was also slow and the effects when walking were glitchy, which was normal for 2009.

You can run or duck in Minecraft Classic

Nowadays in Minecraft, you can always spring by pressing the W button 2 times or pressing control while walking, but even this feature did not exist.

Rather than that, speed was a bit more for the normal player, but it was risky when you were next to a lava pit.

No mobs in Minecraft Classic

Even though the first mob ever released in Minecraft was the creeper, Minecraft Classic did not contain it. You may be wondering how can this be and the answer is simple.

Notch wanted to create the pigs first as he had the first biome and items landed in-game. But as he was coding the pig, something stranger came out, which was looking really ugly.

The first appearance of the pig looked like a creepy animal, so Notch decided to name the mob “Creeper”.


Even though it was released in the early alpha Minecraft updates, Notch decided it was best to include only the first ever created things in Minecraft Classic, also known as “Cave Game”.


Now that you know how Minecraft was looking years ago, could you imagine how far the game went through various updates and tests?

There are so many new biomes, mobs, items and even ores, which are available for farming.

And the best of all is that Minecraft is going to be even better than what we know nowadays. Since Microsoft has taken over, the game slightly changes to a fantasy game, but will continue to work on updates, which represent the real world.