The 10 Best Economy Minecraft Servers

Are you tired of vanilla Minecraft servers, and wish you play on a server, where you can obtain, buy, trade, and even sell items to other players or the server?

Then you will need an economy server, where you can play to earn money, and buy yourself the goods you need for your in-game profession.

In this article, we will showcase the best economy Minecraft servers, where everything is stable, and the player community is friendly to newcomers.

What are economy Minecraft servers

Economy Minecraft servers are the ones who create a virtual economy system in Minecraft, that operates just like the real world. However, to create an economy in a server, you will need to use economy Minecraft plugins.

With such plugins server owners can create virtual currencies, such as money or tokens, and give them a name. The in-game currency will act just like a real world currency, and can be traded inside the game for goods.

What are economy Minecraft servers

Server owners can choose the price of the items if they are bought from the server, but players can also sell their items to others for a custom price. Depending on the item quantity and currency the economy keeps a level.

But if a player finds a leak and starts abusing it for item creation, the server economy gets broken, due to a massive flood of items. Such floods can be caused due to a leak in a plugin, duplicating items, or other issues.

However, economy servers can have more than one currency or item used as a currency. In most cases Minecraft economy servers are backed by another currency, which is tokens. It’s not a secret that both the money and tokens can give you valuable in-game items, but have their own shops, offering different things.

And today we will take a look at such servers, so you can find the best economy server for you and your friends.

What are the Best economy Minecraft servers


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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - BlossomCraft Economy

If you are looking for a small economy Minecraft server, BlossomCraft is a really great choice for beginners. It offers a few game modes, which you can try playing. And if you aren’t still used to the economy servers, you can play on their vanilla server.

BlossomCraft features vanilla Minecraft servers, Skyblock, Prison, and a special world designed for the PvE community. Their special PvE server is packed with dungeons who have lower level and higher level monsters, dropping gears, and multiple items, that can be used further.

The economy on their PvE server is not one of the easiest to learn, as each item has its purpose, and can be used for crafting recipes, or be traded for in-game currencies, such as money.

However, they have great PvE Skyblock, which doesn’t get reset, and is packed with awesome features, that every economy lover should see.

And the best part for the newbie players is that the server offers a grief prevention, also a keep inventory option. If you die in some areas, or get killed by another player, your items are bound to you, so you won’t lose anything.

BlossomCraft offers the daily voters very good reawards, and if you score the leaderboard, you can win some awesome free ranks, along with perks, such as extra homes, chest shops, prefixes and much more.

Blaze Gaming

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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - BlazeMC Economy

Blaze Gaming is a Minecraft network, offering a various type of game modes, which newcomers should definitely try. They have a dedicated development team, which has been working for over 4 years to make your basic game modes, a lot more fun.

Blaze gaming offers you one of the largest Skyblock maps, which has a Greek theme and custom Greek mobs, dropping tons of items, including some rare ones, that can be traded for strong gear.

For the survival server lovers, they have created a Jurassic World survival, where you can battle with dinosaurs, and get their bones as a loot. The map looks ancient, and can turn your boring experience into a fun one.


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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - NeoCubest Economy

NeoCubest is a fairly new economy Minecraft server, launched in the middle of 2022, but offering a lot of content, and more upcoming servers. Currently they have a custom Skyblock servers, with PvE content, with mobs and dungeons, from where you can gather gear and tradeable items.

Their Skyblock is so well made that it achieves roughly 600 to 800 players without having to advertise or make players comes. Once you start playing their Skyblock you will notice many custom features, which no other server has, along with affordable ranks, and small donations.

The donations made are the smallest thing, which helps the server to stay alive, because the development team have put their best effort to create one of the most interesting economy servers in Minecraft.

However, if you aren’t a fan of Skyblock, NeoCubest currently launched their new Survival SMP server, packed with economy features, and more custom content, which you can try out.


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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - FadeCloud Economy

FadeCloud is a completely customized Minecraft server, which doesn’t rely on the basic Minecraft plugins you will see on the market, or plugin listing websites. They have a dedicated team of developers, who have taken the greatest features of each plugin, and turned into a stand-alone working system.

FadeCloud has been around for 3 years, and every day they have been planning out new content, ready to be released for their servers network.

Currently FadeCloud offers you a very creative economy server, packed with tons of custom features and various ways to enjoy their content.

For the PvP lovers, they have created a custom PvP server, packed with custom features and mechanics to unleash the potential of player vs player fights in Minecraft.

Along with their PvP content they have a very fun Towny server, which has the greatest economy, representing the old medieval times. You can start your own small town, and assign various custom roles to your people, and also battle for the glory of your town.

Penguin GG

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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - Penguin GG Economy

Penguin GG is one of the most recent Minecraft economy servers, which have came in the late 2022. Their server got so popular, that every new player has a great experience on it.

They have a small minigames server, which features the popular games Oneblock, Skyblock, SkyWars, and other modes. Currently they are working on releasing more game modes for their community, but they will need some support and ideas, so they can please their players.

Penguin GG is widely known for their custom Towny economy server, packed with many custom features. And if you wish to play the good old Minecraft with custom player economy, you can join their Vanilla survival, and survive by trading or adventuring around the world.


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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - LoverFella Economy

Loverfella is a large Minecraft mega survival server, with the best economy features. The server has a complex economic system, that prevents item inflation.

Players in Loverfella can earn thousands of items in-game, usable for further crafts, or simply sell them to grow their income.

The server features unique item effects and an unrealistic amount of activities, to keep players active.

Loverferlla is also created and maintained by the popular Minecraft YouTuber Loverfella, who is active daily.


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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - ChickenCraft Economy

If you love hardcore PvP and LifeSteal servers, ChickenCraft has it all. It is featured as one of the most-played PvP servers in Minecraft, with a stable economy, and surrounding items.

While the main economy in most servers is currencies, ChickenCraft has players who overcome this and prefer trading their valuables for other items of the same sort or higher.

In fact, the server has dedicated traders who are very likely to encounter you, and offer you some great deals.

Fruity SMP

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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - FruitySMP Economy

Fruity SMP is an LGTBQ+ friendly Minecraft survival server, created by Monjii, who wanted to make a safe Minecraft server for himself and his community.

The Fruity SMP features an upgraded survival world with many perks, special effects, and various ways to get engaged in-game with others.

While their server is growing rapidly, Monjii continues to develop his project, and keep his server safe.


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Best Economy Minecraft Servers - PrimordialMC Economy

PrimordialMC is an RPG server, which features the greatest economy in Minecraft, due to adding RPG elements and items into their usual gameplay.

The server features trading custom items for in-game valuable, such as items or their variety of currencies, making the economy unshakeable.

On top of that, each of their custom-made bosses can drop large treasures, that players can use to get stronger and fight their way to becoming unbeatable warriors.