How to Earn Money While Playing Minecraft

Minecraft is a paid-to-play sandbox game, where players can follow the game’s main objective, of killing the ender dragon. On the other side, creating your own objectives is another fun way to enjoy your favorite blocky game.

A nice way to enjoy Minecraft would be by earning money while playing the game, and doing whatever you like.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to earn money while playing Minecraft, and overview the requirements.

How to earn money playing Minecraft

Making money by playing Minecraft can sound pretty serious, and time-consuming. However, with our solutions, you will be able to enjoy your favorite game, without thinking about the time it takes.

The best thing of all is that earning money while playing Minecraft can be suitable for all ages, and requires only a small dedication.

Start a Minecraft server and collect donations

The most popular way to earn money while playing Minecraft is by starting your own server and collecting donations.

If you have a unique server idea, which is sure to attract players, then your server can make you money while you enjoy the game.

You can get cheap Minecraft hosting, or locally host your server, and use a Minecraft webstore. There are many solutions when it comes to donation plugins for Minecraft, but our top picks are Tebex and MineMarket.

While Tebex will give you the chance to apply a template and host your webstore, it can be quite expensive at the start.

As a cheaper solution, we offer MineMarket, which requires WordPress and can be customized to your liking.

Make Minecraft based YouTube channel

People love watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. In fact, millions of people are watching just 1 YouTube video every minute. So why not start a YouTube channel?

If you are good at redstone contraptions, love exploration, or speedrunning, starting a YouTube channel is the perfect way to earn money playing Minecraft.

You can record all of your tips, builds, or suggestions to other players, make a compelling video, and attract people.

Make Minecraft based YouTube channel

Once your channel reaches the minimum requirements for joining the YouTube ad program, you can start monetizing your audience and earn by just receiving views.

On top of that, YouTube has been promoting shorts. These are short videos, which take 30 seconds on average to watch and can be the perfect way to get popular faster.

Another thing you can start doing right away is streaming on YouTube, which enables your viewers to donate money while watching your stream. This way you can get passive income by playing Minecraft and engaging with others.

Stream Minecraft on Twitch

Twitch is the most popular streaming platform known by gamers. Especially for those who love playing Minecraft, and want to share their experience with the world.

It’s also one of the platforms where even small channels get rewarded for their efforts and can start receiving donations or subscriptions.

Make Minecraft based YouTube channel

Nonetheless, reaching a small audience can be great for monetization, which requires streamers to have a few average viewers per month, and the rewards are high.

Signing up for twitch can also be a perfect combination with YouTube. You can capture your streams and create fun-to-watch compilations of your recent gaming experience.

Advertise Minecraft servers

Another popular way to earn money while playing Minecraft is by advertising servers in-game. This is an advanced method, which known players use, as they can easily influence others to join a certain server.

However, even a small-time player can advertise Minecraft servers, by just communicating throughout groups, and creating special friendships.

Server owners are always willing to pay huge sums per player, or per few, but the money is worth the effort.

Influencing others to join a Minecraft server through advertisements can also lead to getting yourself discovered, and having more chances to become a popular streamer.

Build things in Minecraft

Builders are one is one of the most loved professions in Minecraft, especially when you know how to make breath-taking projects.

If you are a builder, almost every Minecraft server owner would be happy to take you for making a spawn, dungeon, or different architectures.

Earning money in Minecraft NFT Worlds

Builders are also one of the few professions, which can earn a high income, and bring joy. Since you will be working on an actual server, it doesn’t hurt to leave work for a bit and play.

The biggest thing in being a builder in Minecraft is owning the right to re-sell your projects. Except if the server owner agrees to pay a bigger amount for ownership, you can easily make more money while playing Minecraft.

Earning money in Minecraft NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is one of the leading projects in the web3 world, which brings players a new way of earning money while playing Minecraft.

The project features an easy-to-earn way by starting your own Minecraft server, buying a server-exclusive NFT, or earning money while playing NFT Worlds’ official server.

Advertise Minecraft servers

Buying your server may be quite expensive, as it will require hundreds of dollars minimum, but then you can release your NFTs and start monetizing your players.

The same would go if you wanted to buy an exclusive NFT from the advertised servers that NFT Worlds offers. Some NFTs may be cheap, but it all depends on the set bid prices.

NFT Worlds has its own official server, which is called NFT Worlds SMP and lets you play it for free. While being active on their server, you can easily earn money while playing Minecraft


Earning money while Minecraft can be a very fun activity when it comes to doing what you love, and what you need.

While most of the time earning money by playing Minecraft can be hard, developing your perfect strategy can easily win you some quick bucks.