15 Differences between Cracked and Premium Minecraft

You probably came here, because you were curious about the differences between a cracked and a premium Minecraft copy.

While both games seem similar and contain the absolute same updates, there are quite some differences between the pirated and premium Minecraft.

If you are thinking about whether you should or not buy Minecraft, we will help you to make the right decision.

15 differences Between Cracked and Premium Minecraft

The price of Minecraft

When you look for the price of Minecraft, you will be able to find out that the premium version costs around $30 per account.

Not everyone can enjoy the premium version, so most people search for ways to get Minecraft for free.


Legal Minecraft vs Illegal Minecraft

While some of you may think, there isn’t such a thing as a legal Minecraft and illegal Minecraft.

Even though pirating Minecraft is considered illegal, Notch and Mojang do encourage people to play on the cracked Minecraft, so they can see if the game is worth it.

However, pirating is still considered illegal, but nobody will come to your home and take you to court.

Premium Minecraft Launcher or Cracked is faster

As you may notice, the cracked Minecraft launcher is a bit faster than the premium. It’s not because it uses fewer resources or something.

The general idea is that the official Minecraft launcher must verify the person signing in, while the cracked Minecraft launcher will just check if you have provided a name to play with.

In terms of gameplay, both launchers are using the same amount of resources, if we don’t count plugins and mods. But even if we did count them, and used the same mods on both launchers, again the speed would be the same.

Minecraft Editions

While cracked players shouldn’t worry about this, premium players do know of the existence of the different Minecraft editions.

You have the Minecraft Java Edition and Microsoft edition, but that’s not the point, as there is more to it.

Those who wish to play the original Minecraft and pay its price, have to do this for each device. This means that you have to pay for the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even the mobile version of Minecraft.

Minecraft Editions for Devices

Cracked players can always bypass this. Even Xbox and PlayStation players can by hacking their consoles and abiding by the rules to play without the internet, otherwise they may get caught and locked out.

Premium and non-premium Minecraft servers

Minecraft players who had purchased the game are allowed to join servers, which are also known as Premium Minecraft servers.

The players who didn’t purchase the game and are playing the cracked Minecraft can only join non-premium servers or the so-called cracked servers.

The only difference between the cracked and premium Minecraft servers is the online mode status and dedication of each team, which has created the server.

Premium Minecraft users can both enjoy the premium and non-premium Minecraft servers, while the cracked players, can only play on non-premium.

Official and Cracked Minecraft Launcher

If you have bought the original Minecraft, you will be able to play on the official Minecraft launcher, which is easier to manage and protect.

However, if you want to play the cracked Minecraft, you will need to download a cracked Minecraft launcher, such as the TLauncher or any other.

Events outside of Minecraft

If you wish to attend Minecraft events, such as the Minecon, you get special rewards for this. It’s a generous gift, which can be registered in the Minecraft store.

Premium users can easily head over to their Microsoft accounts on the Minecraft website and redeem their codes.

Minecraft events minecon

Cracked Minecraft users can’t use such features as there is no supported place for them to redeem codes, so even if they attend an event and get a reward, it will be useless in their case.

Server dedication

The premium Minecraft servers are full of helpful communities and player support, which aims to deliver what you ask for.

If you go and check the most popular servers on the Minecraft voting sites, you will get the idea of why they are so loved.

Most premium servers are happy to spend a bit of money from their pocket on updating their servers, so more players can enjoy them.

For the cracked Minecraft servers, quite some of them are willing to spend money on the players and develop in the right direction.

There are a handful of cracked Minecraft servers, which perform better than the premium ones, and are packed with greater features.

Corrupt servers

Cracked Minecraft players will often see how the offline mode servers, are trying to sell them something or even upsell them.

That’s because they are using a pirated version of the game and don’t abide by the EULA. Most of the time you will see paying players, which are years ahead of you, just because they paid for it.

corrupt Minecraft servers asking for money

Not to mention that in most cases they try to upsell you, so they can make a quick buck out of it.

Premium Minecraft servers are different. The players have to abide by the rules and are not selling features that will make paying players better than the non-paying ones.

There are some premium servers who think they can bypass this, but they get taken down in the long run and have to close doors for their players.

Account Protection

Premium Minecraft accounts have special protection, which requires the players to both enter their username and password.

This legit login lets players protect themselves from scammers taking their accounts. Even if they get scammed, the option to recover the account takes place.

Microsoft had even rolled out a migration process, which advised players to migrate to Microsoft for better protection. As a reward, they will earn the Migrator’s cape.

Cracked Minecraft users don’t have any sort of protection, nor have password fields.

All they need is to add the username they wish to play with, and they can start joining servers or play on single-player, without being bothered.


The premium version of Minecraft lets players create their own skin and add it to their Microsoft accounts.

The free version doesn’t have such options for players, but they can always change their skin as a single player, or join servers, which have a dedicated skin-changing plugin.

Minecraft cape changer


Capes in Minecraft can be earned by purchasing packs on the Minecraft store or earning them by attending Mthe Minecons but applies only for premium accounts.

The cracked version of Minecraft doesn’t let players attach capes, without using a mod, such as MinecraftCapes Mod

Minecraft skin changing

Minecraft versions

Even though both premium and cracked Minecraft receive updates, the way to update them is kind of different.

In the premium Minecraft, you need to create a new installation and choose the version, while the cracked Minecraft has an easy bar to choose the version you want to play.


Microsoft had dropped a really cool feature in Minecraft, which is called Realms. It lets players create a server, which is open for a certain amount of people, and play on it.

Players have to pay a monthly subscription to keep their realm active and they can choose, who should join their realm.

Realms don’t need a setup like the normal Minecraft servers, which means you will not need to host it on your own or pay additional money for a Minecraft server host.

Unlike the premium Minecraft, the cracked one doesn’t have such a feature, as you need to have a legit Microsoft account with the game.

Minecraft Marketplace

The premium Minecraft users have access to a special marketplace, which sells them packs of skins, worlds, mods, and even more.


Players can buy any pack by using the special currency Minecoins. You can get Minecoins by paying real-world money or even earn Minecoins on your own.