5 Best Minecraft Death Counter Plugins

Counting deaths in Minecraft is a very nice feature, as it gives a competitive feeling. The number of player deaths can also mean how professional he is, or perhaps clumsy.

And while we can display deaths with commands in Minecraft, today we will review the best death counter plugins, which can be modified to track deaths even better.

What are Death Counter Plugins in Minecraft?

Minecraft death counter plugins follow the absolute same rule, as objectives in Minecraft. The only difference is that a plugin is customizable, and does not require any technical knowledge.

To work with objectives, you will need to understand how Minecraft works, but still, you cannot customize their color or add effects, without programming a mod for them.


In such cases, death counter plugins can prove really useful for Minecraft servers, as they are made by developers, and include a fully transparent report, on how they can be used.

Difference Between Death Counter Plugins and Mods in Minecraft

Many people have asked what is the difference between death-counting plugins and mods in Minecraft, and the answer is none. They practically do the same thing and do not require anything different than a setup.

If we have to be precise, the only difference would be that Minecraft plugins are created especially for servers, while mods can be used both for servers, and single-player worlds.

In short, death counter mods can be useful if you wish to play on both single-player or multiplayer worlds, while death counting plugins require a Minecraft server to be installed.

What are the Best Minecraft Death Counter Plugins

1. Death Counter (Version 1.2.0)

Death Counter Plugin Best Death Counter Plugins in Minecraft

Death Counter is the simplest and earliest plugin released for counting deaths in Minecraft. It has been created to support the older Minecraft versions, starting from Minecraft 1.7, and ending at 1.10.

While objectives existed in earlier versions of the game, Death Counter was simply used to save stats, and display them without the need for a sidebar.

It consists of 2 simple commands, that display the help menu and amounts of deaths on the server.

Even though Death Counter is a very early Minecraft plugin, it still relies on permissions and will require a permissions plugin to be installed.

2. Death Scoreboard

Death Scoreboard is yet another simple Minecraft death counting plugin, which can be used for newer versions of Minecraft. It was originally created to track the death stats of the players for a Vanilla server, but the owner decided to release it publicly.

The plugin is very easy to set up and can be customized in many ways. Just like the newer scoreboard plugins, you can easily choose the text of headers, death messages, and their respective colors.

To make things better for players, Death Scoreboard also features a coordinates display option, which is used to show players their current location. The command can also be used for broadcasting coordinates to all server members.

The most unique thing about Death Scoreboard is the clearConfig feature. If you wish to erase all the data, without deleting the plugin, this feature can do this.

3. Kill Counter

Kill Counter is a Skript code, which implements a very unique and lightweight system for Minecraft servers. It can be used for Minecraft servers with a version starting from 1.8 and going up to the latest versions available.

The small coded file relies on the plugin Skript, so you will need to keep a track of the updates to ensure that the plugin is working.

Kill Counter is a special KDR file, which tracks the kills and deaths ratio for Minecraft players. Players can use a wide variety of commands to check their own or other players’ statistics.

On top of that, a leaderboard feature has been added to track the players with the highest kills on the server.

4. Kills and Deaths Counter 1.0

Kills and Deaths Counter Plugin Best Death Counter Plugins in Minecraft

Kills and deaths counter is a very simple Minecraft plugin, created for the legacy version of Minecraft. With that said, you can use this plugin for versions, which are equal or below to Minecraft 1.13.

It’s a very small and lightweight plugin with little to no features and includes 2 commands.

Players can check their own statistics, or other player statistics, but require permissions to be set.

5. SimpleScore

SimpleScore Best Death Counter Minecraft Plugins

SimpleScore is one of the best death counter plugins in Minecraft, coming with premium features, and special API functionality.

The plugin comes with animated scoreboards, and per-region scoreboards, which can be used for different server types such as RPG servers, Towny, and others.

SimpleScore can be integrated with your favorite RPG plugins, such as Citizens, mcMMO, and pets plugins. SimpleScore fully supports PAPI integrations with other plugins and can be used to track the deaths, kills, ranks, and other statistics on Minecraft servers.


Death-counting plugins can be a very interesting way to enjoy Minecraft, especially, when you are looking for small plugins, and lightweight ones.

Depending on the case and integrations, newer plugins can slow down your Minecraft, so make sure to optimize your Minecraft server, before opening it to players.