How to cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription

Did you get tired from hosting your realms and play with only 10 people or just had enough paying for your server subscription?

Then you can cancel your Minecraft Realms subscriptions and never pay again unless you would like to re-open your Minecraft realm.

In this guide, we will explain to your all the needed steps to cancel your Minecraft realm subscription and who is eligible for canceling his Minecraft realms.

What are Minecraft Realms Subscriptions

Minecraft Realms is a cloud server subscription, which lets players create their own Minecraft servers and host them on the official Mojang Servers.

Servers hosted on a Minecraft Realms Plus or basic subscription are more secure than traditional hosts, which require no technical knowledge but come with some drawbacks.

For example, if you have a Bedrock Realms subscription, you are limited to content that comes from the Marketplace and have to pay for it or use it for free until the next month.

Can Java Bedrock players join Minecraft Realms

You get 150+ Marketplace packs, which will be available for only 1 month. After they expire, you can purchase these packs with Minecoins and have them forever.

If you don’t purchase the Minecraft Bedrock packs, they will not be deleted from your realm but will be unavailable for playing.

When can I cancel my Minecraft Realm Subscription?

There are 4 different subscription types for Minecraft Realms Java Edition and only 1 type of subscription, while Minecraft Realms has 2 different subscription types and 1 plan.

If we look into the Java Edition Realms Subscription, we will see that we can pay monthly, or pay a single time for 30/90/180 days.

Depending on the subscription you choose for the Minecraft Realms Java Edition, you will save a decent amount of money.


If you choose to pay a monthly subscription, you will be automatically charged for the realm you have chosen. Java Realms can hold up to 10 players and will be charged the full amount even if fewer players are playing.

Minecraft Realms for Bedrock edition has only 2 subscriptions and they are for 2 and 10 players.

The basic Minecraft Realms subscription offers you 2 players with no monthly content, while the Realms Plus can hold up to 10 people and includes 150 marketplace packs.

If you have been paying for Minecraft Java Edition realms monthly payments, you will need to cancel your automatic billing from the official Minecraft website.

However, if you have been giving a one-time payment, you will not be further charged, as you have prepaid for your Minecraft Java Realm.

With Minecraft Bedrock Realms things are a bit different. The 2 subscription types are automatic and require to stop your recurring payments, otherwise, you will be paying monthly for the services.


There are no requirements to cancel your Minecraft Realms subscription if you no longer want to use your play on the realm.

After 180 days of an inactive subscription, your realm will be deleted along with its content.

You can choose to backup your Minecraft Realm world or re-activate your Minecraft Realms subscription before the 180 days and keep your realm safe.

Can I refund Minecraft Realms Subscriptions?

Minecraft subscriptions are services and not downloadable content, so they cannot be refunded under normal circumstances.

If you have played on Minecraft Realms and no longer wish to proceed, your realm is non-refundable.

Refunding Minecraft Realms

Sometimes issues may occur during the setup or gameplay in your Minecraft Realm. In these cases, you can always speak to Minecraft support and they will be happy to help you out.

When the issue cannot be fixed by Minecraft support you will be entitled to a full refund and can re-purchase your Minecraft Realm once again.

Another case where you can ask for a refund is when you have canceled your Minecraft Realms subscription and you have been charged for it.

How to cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription

Canceling Minecraft Realms subscriptions is different for each device and requires an active monthly subscription.

If you have prepaid for a certain time, you will not be charged after the period has ended.

Cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription on Windows 10

If you have been paying for your Minecraft Realms subscription from your computer, you can simply access your Microsoft account.

Once you have logged into your Microsoft account, you can go to Manage Subscription and hit the Cancel Subscription button.

Your realm will no longer be paid on a monthly basis and you can resubscribe to it if needed.

Cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription on Xbox

Canceling Minecraft Realms on Xbox will require your computer or Xbox console with the correct account signed in.

Once you are logged in to your account, go to Services & Subscriptions and find your Minecraft Realms subscription.

Hit the Cancel Subscription button and follow the instructions to cancel your Minecraft Realms subscription for Xbox.

Cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription on Amazon

If you wish to cancel your Minecraft Realms subscription on Amazon, you can sign in on their official website and go to Your Account.

Go to the digital content and devices and select Your Subscriptions.

Once you are on the subscriptions page, you can change the status of your Minecraft Realms subscription to canceled.

Cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch started providing Minecraft Realms subscriptions at the end of 2021. Every player can sign up for realms, which will be taxed monthly, however, refunds can be done only through the Nintendo Switch support.

Cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription on Playstation

To cancel your Minecraft Realms subscription on your Playstation all you need to do is sign in to your account and go to Account Management.

You can select Subscriptions and choose to cancel your subscription.

PlayStation also offers the ability to select subscription dates and times, but before doing so, you can read the PlayStation’s guide.

Cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription on iOS

Canceling Minecraft Realms Subscriptions on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads requires a valid Apple ID with a subscription.

Once you have logged in to your Apple ID, you can open the Settings app on your device and click on your account name.

From there click on the Subscriptions and choose the Minecraft Realms subscription.

Cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription on Android

For Android devices, you can cancel your Minecraft Subscription from the Google Play app.

All you have to do is to open up Google Play and select My Subscriptions. A list of active subscriptions will, from which you will need to choose your Minecraft Realms subscription and click on the cancel subscription option.