5 Best Websites to Buy a Premade Minecraft Server

Minecraft is becoming more popular day after day. And to be precise, most of the players prefer to join a multiplayer server and start their adventuring with friends.

However, some players prefer to be on a LAN game and have their friends only. But in both cases, you will need a server.

Even if it’s just a Minecraft survival server, there are many plugins for servers, settings that need to be edited, permissions to be set, and buildings to be created from scratch.

It may not sound that hard, but the planning part is the worst. You need to carefully choose what content your Minecraft server will have. Along with that, you should check the version of the server, plugins, and world compatibility.

Most people are quitting when it comes to this planning stage, but to make things easier some people have opened marketplaces where you can buy a Minecraft server.

In this article, we will show you the best websites to buy a premade Minecraft server from, with a small budget, and high quality content.

What are Premade Minecraft Servers?

Since some players are looking for a quick setup of their Minecraft servers, others have decided to create Minecraft servers with all the settings, plugins, and worlds, which are required for a fun-to-play server.

Usually, these types of premade servers can kill the boring part where you have to set everything up, and just need to add the plugins you like.

It takes less time, and you also get support and updates all the time, which will eliminate the factor of paying for renewing your Minecraft server. And such people can usually be found on certain websites.


Premade Minecraft Servers are also safe for buying, as they include quality plugins downloaded from Spigot, or perhaps bought from a website. You can easily check the quality of the plugins, so you can make sure that there is no way to get hacked.

But to assure you, we have bought so many premade servers, even running ones, and have sold them to the community without being hacked, bot attacked, or even taken down.

So to be precise, premade Minecraft servers are created to help you with the process of establishing and setting up all the plugins, leaving you with the final touches, and no hard work involved.

Is buying a Minecraft server legal?

While you may be scared and concerned if buying a Minecraft server is legal, we can assure you that it is totally fine. Mojang’s EULA does not forbid players to create structures or plugins and make money out of them, as they do not make players more overpowered.

So it is totally fine to purchase a Minecraft server and set everything to your liking.

Each premade Minecraft server is safe to use and has different ratings from users, who had actually bought it. You can scroll around and see user reviews, before buying one, but everything on your server will be legal and protected.

But if you are still concerned, there are Minecraft server services, from which you can get a certified developer, who will check everything for you, and can easily fix issues for you.

Best websites to Buy a Premade Minecraft Server

When it comes to buying a premade Minecraft server, we need to make sure that it’s in the correct place. While it can be safe to purchase a Minecraft server, and it does not hurt the EULA, you can still get scammed online.

That’s why you should buy premade Minecraft servers only from trusted websites, even though they are hard to find. You can also get a premade Minecraft server for free, but you will need to develop it further.

So to minimize your searching, and concerns for such websites, we have reviewed 3 of them, which have no issues, offer premium support, and can be used to defend you in case you got scammed.

BuiltByBit (MCMarket)


BuiltByBit or formerly known as MCMarket is one of the most secure and best marketplaces to buy a premade Minecraft server. They have a large community, which includes professionals, who sell servers for a living.

They are dedicated people, who order a Minecraft custom map, get a few plugins, test it for weeks, and then upload this for sale. Even though they have not created the maps or the plugins, they acted as quality assistants, who try to make the best premade Minecraft server and deliver it to the end customers.

By end customers, we mean every person, who wishes to purchase a copy of the server.

It may sound bad that you will not be the only owner of the server, but that’s how they make money. People in BuiltByBit sell their Minecraft premade servers at relatively cheap prices, and also provide support, until you stop using their services.

You need to pay only once, and you are able to enjoy their prebuilt server, along with all the updates, that will be released over the years.

But if you wish to be the owner of the premade Minecraft server that someone is offering on BuiltByBit, you can speak with them, and see if they will be willing to sell their project’s rights to you. Just note that this will cost you more money.


MCTrades best place to buy a Minecraft server

MCTrades is the website for everything related to Minecraft. They have been for more than 5 years in the field of Minecraft servers, accounts, plugins, and mod sales.

You can find many professional developers or collectors who are ready to give you premium quality products. And if you are looking for a premade Minecraft server, you can find the best there.

There aren’t many people who are looking to sell Minecraft servers in MCTrades, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, you can use this list and make more searches.

After all the services in MCTrades are oriented in server management, servers related services, and mainly trading Minecraft accounts with capes, which cannot be acquired anymore.

MCTrades has quality support and can even be your middleman until the trade is completed. However, you can find some people, who do not wish to use the middleman services or ask for quick crypto trades. Such trades should be declined, otherwise, the support will not be responsible for your loss.


PlayerUP Best place to buy Minecraft servers

PlayerUP is one of the oldest websites for services, buying, selling, and even trading. They have a special page for every game, with sub-pages for each kind of service that a person could possibly think of.

And when it comes to premade Minecraft servers, the PlayerUP community has got you covered. You can find running Minecraft servers with players in them, premade Minecraft servers that are ready for running, or even rent out a Minecraft server from them.

It all depends on what you are looking for, and how much you are willing to pay for it. PlayerUP is not a bidding website, but since sellers cannot get the desired price all the time, they also accept custom buyer quotes. These quotes can be accepted at any time, and have a fee.

And before buying from anybody in PlayerUP, you should first check how many sales they have, and what is the person’s rating.

After that, you can safely go for the middleman service, and ask the seller to deal with you this way. The seller will be responsible for the middleman fees but will ensure a safe trade.



For the people who are looking to build massive Minecraft networks, Minecraft-Premade is the top spot for them.

It is a top-notch pre-built server selling website, which contains everything you could possibly need. And since Minecraft-premade is so huge in terms of servers, they have categorized everything for you.

However, each of the Minecraft-Premade files that you buy will contain only a premade world. Clients will need to setup the plugins on their own, but it shouldn’t be a big issue.

If more help is needed, Minecraft-Premade provide 24/7 support for each of the products purchased by the end client.

And for those who need a website for their newly bought premade Minecraft server, they offer custom CMS websites, premade with images, but will require some editing.

The websites they offer, are also supported and clients can receive help on how they can set everything up.


premade setups best website to buy a Minecraft server from

While many websites offer you to buy premade Minecraft servers and customize them on your own, things are different with Premade-Setups.

They have a wide variety of plug-and-play premade Minecraft servers, which could also be configured by developers for a small amount of money.

The cool thing about Premade-Steups is that they have been creating the ultimate servers in many categories.

You can see varieties of SkyBlock, Survival, and even RPG servers being sold on their website, or even in BuiltByBit.

Each of their servers is packed with custom features, and resource packs, and even has the plugins with permissions aligned.

However, their pricing may be a bit higher than other websites on the market, but the quality of their setups is unimaginable.

Also if you get worried about the server version, Premade-Setups has all of their servers updated to the latest server version. But if a server is not updated for newer Minecraft updates, the support would be happy to assist you with this process.

Each of their premade server setups has a price set with licenses included. Once the license on your product expires, you can renew it for a small price of around $2-$3, and continue to receive more features.

Those who wish not to update their license will continue to receive support from Premade-Setups as well.