The 5 Best PvP Players in Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game, which has brought attention to different types of players. Some of them prefer to build great houses, others speedrun Minecraft, while a proportion of the people prefer to play the multiplayer mode, and fight others.

It’s no secret that Minecraft was once a great game with PvP-oriented mechanics, and twice as many players, who would jump into seamless battles until only one is left standing.

There are many PvP modes in Minecraft, but professional players would always join the 1vs1 queues, and fight alone. Other players may prefer to play on minigames servers offering UHC, hunger games, and others.

What is a PvP Player in Minecraft

PvP stands for Player versus Player and is a regular thing in most Minecraft servers. To start PvP, all you need to do is join an arena, or search for zones, where fighting against other players is possible.

It may sound fun to defeat other players, but the best part of this is to obtain their gear if there is no game rule to prevent that.

What is PvP in Minecraft

One of the things that newbie players hate is to be stalked and killed when they join a new server. It’s common nowadays to find such players camping the spawn, as they benefit from each kill. Even if the server doesn’t reward such activity, some people would prefer killing, over a peaceful building.

Best PvP Players in Minecraft

The players added to this list are solely our choice, and the decision to award them with a certain position. This does not make them better than others, but just stand out from the crowd, which is our opinion.


Technoblade The best Pvp player in Minecraft

Technoblade was known as the god of PvP, who had dominated each server, and arena. There was a small number of players, who could actually defeat him, but he never gave up.

One of the most memorable battles in the world was Technoblade vs the speedrunner Dream. After all, their struggle to face each other, both of them agreed to split the prize, without carrying who is the winner in the tournament.

The tournament was settled, and the win was given to Technoblade, due to his unnatural skills to fight other players. Thus he won’t have the title of god or king of the PvP.

In 2022 Technoblade announced that he has been fighting cancer, and could not win against it. However, we still know him as the king, and the fact, that he was the best will never change.


ClownPierce The best Pvp player in Minecraft

ClownPierce is nothing like the traditional PvP players in Minecraft. He is a special YouTuber who plays in PvP servers with plugins, which have more overpowered enchants, and special items.

He makes YouTube videos on how he fights other players, by using special tactics, and a wide variety of potions. In most of his videos, you will see ClownPierce playing solo against a wide variety of enemies.

Except for his special combat skills, you can also find ClownPierce helping out other Minecraft servers to grow, by promoting them with his stories. Even the best PvP players need a story to tell, before engaging in another battle.


Dream The best Pvp player in Minecraft

While Dream is mostly known for his speed runs, he is also an old PvP player in Minecraft. Dream has had his days of glory in the PvP arena, and is known as one of the strongest after TechnoBlade.

But to be precise, Dream never had the idea to start a career as a PvP player, because he prefers to entertain players with specially made speedrun videos in Minecraft.

If you have never seen his videos, you can check them on YouTube, and you will find them quite amazing.

However, some of the famous YouTubers have taken footage of how Dream is fake speedrunning Minecraft, for the sake of getting his 15 minutes of fame. With that aside, he is still very fun to watch streamer.


xNestorio The best Pvp player in Minecraft

xNestorio is another great Minecraft PvP player, who can smack the life out of any player, no matter if he uses a controller, a mouse, and a keyboard. He is known as a great fighter, who could directly rush into you without a second thought.

He can defeat enemies from range and up close, which few other players can say. This PvP player is proficient with three different weapons such as bows, fishing rods, and swords.

Nonetheless, he also likes to use poison potions, and cobwebs, so his enemies can suffocate, leaving them no chance to survive in a tight battle with him.


Golfeh The best Pvp player in Minecraft

Golfeh is one of the best Minecraft PvP players due to the fact, he returned to obtain his title, and place it on the top, even though Minecraft PvP almost died. No matter what, he returned to slap some players in the arena.

He is also known for using the end crystals, as a fast-kill item. Even though the end crystals require special aim, and making players come near you, Golfeh always manages to land a hit on his opponents.

In most of his videos since his return, you can still see him trapping players, and destroying them with End Crystals, which is also known for being his favorite thing in-game.


From what we have read until now, PvP players in Minecraft are taking their roles seriously, and making content for their community. Even though some players have retired from PvP due to serious reasons, their videos are still available and can be seen on YouTube.