The 7 Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers

Are you tired of joining Minecraft servers with modifications, different sets of rules, and many plugins, which change the way you are used to playing Minecraft?

It’s totally normal to be frustrated or tired of the way Minecraft is played on some servers, so a change is definitely necessary.

In this article, we will review and give you our list of the best vanilla Minecraft servers, which have no modifications and are played in traditional ways.

What are Vanilla Minecraft Servers

There are 3 different types of Minecraft servers. Not technically, but we break it down into 3 different groups. The first group is custom Minecraft servers. These Minecraft servers have mods and server plugins, which have been made by a dedicated team, which totally change the way you play Minecraft.

The next set of the 3 types of Minecraft servers is a bit more basic, but still has modifications added to it. These are the servers that have added custom mobs, loot, different types of currencies, and much more. These servers are known as economy servers and have extended functionality.

The last type of server is the vanilla type. Vanilla servers are plain Minecraft servers and give an opportunity to players, to enjoy their game without any modifications.

Best Minecraft vanilla servers

Vanilla Plus

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Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers - VanillaPlus

Vanilla Plus is a basic Minecraft server, which has little to no plugins, but these plugins are meant to help players with their survivability and make the plain survival a bit more interesting. To be precise, the plugins Vanilla Plus is using, are meant only for server security and protection.

You don’t get protection on your homes, nor can protect your land, or claim it. The PvP in the server is enabled, and you can get attacked at any time. Not to mention that some players team up and start raiding other players and their places, which could be tough to defend if you don’t have your own team established.

However, in Vanilla Plus you are able to set homes and teleport to some of the server locations, which are PvP protected, and will let you trade with other players. The trading in the server works by dropping items. 2 players can drop the items they wish to trade, and complete their transaction. there is no server or system involvement in this.

Vanilla Plus is one of the best Minecraft vanilla servers, which don’t destroy the plain way of playing, but just enhance it, and make it special.


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Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers - MineWave Vanilla Server

MineWave is a small Minecraft network of servers, which are primarily survival. They are mostly oriented toward creating different types of survival servers, which have little to no plugins.

The main idea of MineWave is to create a new type of vanilla Minecraft survival, which aims to make surviving a bit more fun, but without involving too much content, or straying from the classic Minecraft gameplay.

The MineWave servers are perfect for people who love to play vanilla Minecraft but are also welcoming creative people, who would like to participate and further enhance the traditional ways of playing the game.

If you are a plugin developer and wish to re-create what we know as Minecraft, without going too far, you can always join, and help out the developer team of MineWave to create their next server.

Except for the MineWave survival servers, they also feature game modes, such as one block, SkyBlock, and others.


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Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers - CyborgMC Vanilla Server

CyborgMC is a small Minecraft network offering only 2 servers to be played. One of them is a Pixelmon server, while the other one is their Vanilla server, which originally started as a basic project, but became very popular.

The vanilla CyborgMC server will offer you tons of PvE and PvP content, as well as some Earth survival experience. It has no rules, however, you cannot join and start playing with hacks.

They do have some strict policies regarding hackers because the server prefers to have honest players, who don’t mind getting griefed, or gang attacked, which is the sole purpose of their vanilla server.

In CyborgMC players can form gangs and start raiding other players, or simply start looting mobs, and dominate the economy, which is measured by item quantity and trades.

Vanilla Europa

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Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers - VanillaEuropa Server

Vanilla Europa is the most popular vanilla Minecraft server in the whole Europe. To be correct it is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server, which has a few plugins to enhance the playability of the server.

For example, they are using grief preventions, because many of the players have been damaging the spawns and many of the builds created by popular players. Another great plugin that Vanilla Europe uses is ChestShop to help players sell their items in protected chests, rather than getting killed by other players. And the final plugin they use is MobHeads, which can also be used to give you heads, once you kill a player.

This way Vanilla Europa has changed the economy, by making some players’ heads more expensive and wanted. The only way to get a certain player’s head is by targeting the player and killing him. But still, there is a chance for his head to drop, which means that you may have to kill the same player more than once.

The dropped player heads can be traded or sold to others, which creates a whole new way to play vanilla Minecraft. But like we said – “Vanilla Europa is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server”. This means that not every player will like the server, however, you can have so much fun playing on it and build alongside popular builders.


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Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers - FireVanilla Vanilla Server

FireVanilla is a hardcore Vanilla survival server in Minecraft where players can find huge mines filled with resources, endless battling activity, and very cool custom projects done by the in-game builders.

As a fun fact about FireVanilla, their in-game team can be often seen making some cool content, which can be accessed by players who discovered their project while in the early stages of development.

Aside from the building in FireVanilla, crystal PVP is one of the most popular activities for veteran players, who are seeking endless battling adventures and trying to be more competitive.

You may also find out that FireVanilla doesn’t tolerate hacked clients or indicators with hitboxes and others.

But at the end of the day, FireVanilla is one of my preferred Minecraft Vanilla servers due to the fact, that they always find a way to entertain you with their content.


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Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers - SuperCraft Vanilla Server

SuperCraft is one of the funniest Minecraft servers because they have a very nice admin, who is a comedian. Some of you may not understand his humor, but for a Spanish Vanilla server, Supercraft is a top-recommended server for everybody.

The server has its own custom ranks, which players can earn while being active on the server, and grant small boosts, which don’t interfere with the game at all.

Not to mention, that their endless world is still unexplored after all these years and thousands of players who joined SuperCraft in its prime days.

While most of the Minecraft Vanilla servers disregard the respawn of the Ender Dragon after it has been defeated one time, SuperCraft encourages people to try their best and find ways to have multiple ender dragons on the server, which is possible through a glitch.


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Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers - ZedarMC Vanilla Server

ZedarMC is yet another very popular Vanilla Minecraft server, which features a few of the most popular ideas in Minecraft. While some people may argue about Zedar being semi-vanilla, the only difference causing this state would be the opportunity to create your own shop and buy items.

Players who engage in the adventures of ZedarMC can easily start their mining adventure until reaching the deepest parts of the mines, and rather than keeping a large inventory, they can easily sell it.

Purity Vanilla

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Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers - PurityVanilla Vanilla Server

Purity vanilla is an anarchy Vanilla Minecraft server, which started way back in 2019. It is one of the best Vanilla servers on Minecraft, as it rapidly increased after players had enough of 2b2t.

Just like the oldest anarchy server 2b2t, Purity Vanilla also follows the anarchy genre, but there is no way to cheat or use clients with hacks. As for the PvP in the server, players can enjoy massive fights with the closest to Vanilla Minecraft weapons and enchants.

The server has no economy created for the players, and it is up to the player to determine how a trade will be done.

Purity Vanilla also has a nice donation system, specially created for upkeeping the server and providing players with new updates. The best part of their donation system is that players cannot subscribe to monthly packages, and do not receive special in-game items, just perks.