6 Best Minecraft Towny Servers

Are you searching for some nice and popular Minecraft Towny servers with friendly communities and various activities?

Well, towny servers do provide the players with the feeling that they are building their own world from scratch, or should we say “town”.

As Minecraft advances even further, the towny servers started getting more popular, as they are both comfortable for server owners and multiplayer lovers.

What is a Minecraft towny server?

Minecraft towny servers are hands down the easiest to maintain servers, which require less support and world protection.

While you need to protect your spawn and certain types of the world, you will start feeling less tired, once you understand that towny is also protecting the whole world, which is being generated.

This means that players can create and claim their own town plots and invite players over and form teams without the need for any additional server plugins or settings.

As for the non-server owners, towny gives you the opportunity to create and set up your own town.

Towny does require an additional Economy plugin, as you will be receiving money and can invest it in your town.

You may also invite players and give them different ranks, as the highest one is the “Mayor”. This is the highest rank, which can invite or kick players, take the town’s invested money and even delete the town.

Towny ranks

Except for the mayor, you have a wide variety of ranks, which we will explain to you in detail.

Co-Mayor is the next highest rank, which has all the flags as the mayor, but they cannot delete the towns or be voted for a mayor.

The councilor, on the other hand, is the next in charge but has a lot fewer options. A councilor can withdraw money from the town bank, claim and unclaim land, set lands, and even ban players.

While the Co-Mayor is one of the mightiest positions, the councilor is also a scary rank to give to newbies as it requires skills in Minecraft and also in economy.

Assistant is given to calmer players, who wish not to interfere with the money in a town. It is usually given to wise players, who will be on guard if something happens.

An Assistant can kick players from towns, reclaim plots from other players, has the option to build or destroy in friendly towns, and mainly can promote players to a more decent rank, except his own.

Helper is a rank given to players who can manage the town’s sales and money. He can’t withdraw, but he can put lands for sale and remove them from the sales list.

Builder is a role, which is given exactly to… builders! This rank gives players the opportunity to build and prepare towns or plots for sale, which the helper will then sell.

Recruiter is a player who searches and adds other players to towns.

VIP is nothing special than a player who doesn’t have to pay taxes to tax collectors.

What are the Best Minecraft Towny Servers for 2023

This list is not meant to rank Minecraft towny servers and advertise you something. The list is fully random, and all the servers included are fun to play!


  • IP: mc.advancius.net
Best Minecraft Towny Servers - Advancius Towny Survival

Whether or not you are looking for a large network with minigames and many playable options, Advancius is the right place to go.

Advancius not only offers various choices of minigames but they also feature everybody’s Towny plugin.

In Advancius you can begin as a small town and later expand, as you will get to meet with other newbies, who are excited as much as you are.

Even the stronger players would offer alliances and support until you develop yourself and your townsmen to be a worthy enemy!

Advancius also has fun Parkour maps and many events, which are being announced days, before they start, and even on the day of the event, a message will be broadcasted.


  • IP: epic.tulipsurvival.com

TulipSurvival is a chill Minecraft towny server, with the best textures, custom items, and much more fun content, that you will experience in-game.

While other Minecraft servers have a big player base, TulipSurvival is a calm server with a minimum amount of 150 active people, which lets players from any country connect and play lag-free.

Except for the Towny mode in Tulip, you will also experience a new type of playing Minecraft. TulipSurvival is a more advanced server as they have roleplaying.

You can choose any from their custom-created roles and gather the items, which drop from various places and adventures.

TulipSurvival is totally safe and protected from griefing and has many streamers, which would be happy to feature you in their videos, as you advance in the server.


  • IP: hub.lemoncloud.net
Best Minecraft Towny Servers - LemonCloud Towny Survival

LemonCloud is a mega-network, which provides players with various types of Minecraft servers. While they are known for their minigames, people also love to play their Towny mode.

LemonCloud features fun roleplay worlds with towns and various trading features. Their economy is pretty stable and beginner-friendly.

If you wish to explore more about LemonCloud, you can surely check their minigames and have fun with other community veterans.

LemonCloud is an old and stable server, which was streamed by many popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers.


  • IP: hub.craftyourtown.com
Best Minecraft Towny Servers - LemonCloud Towny Survival

CraftYourTown features exactly what you read in its title. It may be small, but really fun to play Minecraft towny server with many possibilities and unlimited resources.

CraftYourTown is a perfect fit for players who wish to create and grow their towns, without any unnecessary noise from the community.

Their staff is very friendly and is always available to help out when needed.

CraftYourTown also has a good donation system, which gives players glorious items but does not make them overpowered against the non-paying ones.


  • IP: top.fadecloud.com
Best Minecraft Towny Servers - FadeCloud Towny Survival

FadeCloud is a classic Towny server, perfect for players, who don’t want to be overwhelmed by various game modes, such as minigames and creative worlds.

It is a great server, which is designed for players who like the vanilla type Minecraft.

In FadeCloud you can discover new territories, trade with other players, attend various events and even fight for other territories.

If you wish to try something new on the server, you can always attend their parkour maps, or even switch to their skyblock world.

It is a peaceful world, where you can buy items or choose the classic way to survive. Building and using the things you have in a chest.