5 Best Minecraft The Bridge Servers

Have you ever wanted to play a fun minigame, which includes duels just like in the PvP Minecraft servers, with awesome kits, and amazing enchantments?

Such a minigame exists in a few Minecraft servers and is called The Bridge. In this game mode, you can clash against other teams while protecting your goal, which makes it a bit more complicated than normal dueling.

In this article, we will be showing you the best bridge Minecraft servers, which you should definitely start playing today.

What are Minecraft Bridge Servers

The Bridge is a popular minigame for Minecraft servers, which players attend, split into 2 teams with one goal. The mission of this minigame is to protect themselves while scoring goals on a 1 block-wide bridge.

These 2 teams will be set in 2 separate buildings, given some PvP weapons, and both teams have to be prepared until the bridge has been set and they can start attacking the enemies.

In some Minecraft servers, such as Hypixel The Bridge minigame can be played between 2 and 4 teams, which will have 2 or 3 players per team.

Best Minecraft The Bridge Servers

Along with popular choices of The Bridge Minecraft servers, we are also going to include a practice server, where players can get the hang of the minigame, and be prepared for what’s coming.

Bridge Practice

  • IP Address: bridgepractice.net
Best Minecraft The Bridge Servers - BridgePractice The Bridge

Bridge Practice is a small Minecraft server with only 1 purpose, but many additions to the popular game mode we call The Bridge. It has been invented to exist as a bridging practice server.

Bridge Practice is a very nice choice, as it includes 4 different playable modes, which makes their Bridge tutorials even more amazing.

Players can start off by playing in Prebow Practice, where they will be thought how to use their bows in long-distance battles, and how to shoot moving targets.

As this may be easier than said, The Bridge can be quite a hard game mode, and players will need to be prepared for enemies that move too often and try to come into close-range battle.

The next game modes are Wing Practice, Bypass Practice, and Bot 1v1 Practice, which is a great choice for beginners, who wish to try playing against a bot enemy.


  • IP Address: play.mognetwork.in
Best Minecraft The Bridge Servers - MogNetwork Bridge Server

MoG network is a new and rapid growing Minecraft network, offering your favorite server types, such as minigames, modded survival, vanilla survival, and parkour. Even though a few players like their The Bridge minigame, the developers thrive to improve the experience.

It is an official Indian server, hosted with decent hardware, and offering one of the lowest pings amongst competitors.

Playing MoGNetwork’s minigames awards players with special coins, that can be used for in-game cosmetics or powerful boosts.

Rumor has it that MoG have been working on new updates for their minigames, which include custom made content.

For the moment they have launched new events and tournaments, awarding players with in-game currencies and many other rewards for the top players.


Best Minecraft The Bridge Servers AndriyCraft The Bridge
  • IP Address: play.andriycraft.page

AndriyCraft is a fairly small, but one of the best cracked bridge servers on Minecraft. The project started at the end of 2022 and has received hundreds of players, who wanted to play cracked bridge servers.

Along with their fairly new The Bridge Server, AndriyCraft has also launched a few more minigames, which feature SkyWards, BedWars, and Murder Mystery games.

AndriyCraft is a Minecraft network created in Ukraine by an indie team, with the sole purpose of delivering quality minigames, such as their Bridge minigame and much more.

CraftMC PL

  • IP Address: craftmc.pl

CraftMC is one of the best polish bridging servers in Minecraft with more than a thousand daily active players.

It features various game modes and has the exception of The Bridge minigame for both premium and cracked players.

Their Bridging minigame allows players to join different teams, and survive in a wide variety of maps, which are also known to be their creations.

CraftMC takes pride in its minigames and has opened gates for players around the world to start playing on their server, especially when it comes to The Bridge server.