The 5 Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers for 2023

Are you looking for a pure Minecraft Skyblock server, which has special plugins and fun in-game objectives?

There are many Skyblock servers available, but you can rarely find one, which is dedicated to only this model.

And to make things easier for you, we have broken down the best Minecraft Skyblock servers, which you should definitely play.

What is Skyblock in Minecraft?

A bit similar to the one-block survival, Skyblock also spawns players on a small island, which is in the sky.

If you are playing Skyblock on a single player, you will see a chest full of items and tasks you will need to perform.

In Skyblock people start with a tree and a chest with a few items. The most notable items in Skyblock worlds are lava buckets, water buckets, pumpkin, or melon seeds, along with wheat seeds.

Every Skyblock world is different, so yours may be a bit different. For example, some worlds have an animal or two generated, so they can get food out of it, but that’s not always the case.

The first main task is to make a cobblestone generator. Mining the cobblestone from it doesn’t only give you a better pickaxe, but will also help you proceed further.

You may be spawned only on one island, but there are many others, which are like levels. And once you build your bridge to the other island, you will find another chest with different items and tasks to perform.

What are Skyblock servers in Minecraft?

Skyblock is different in Minecraft servers. You simply don’t have the objectives, which you have in the single-player worlds. Your first objective is to build up your island and start multiplying seeds and producing food.

Along with Minecraft, Skyblock servers offer players a shop where they can sell their farmed items and purchase new ones, so they can expand their island and invest in it.

Players have the choice of what items to include in their Skyblock islands, which are made only for them. But don’t get this wrong. There may be another island a few thousand blocks away from yours. All islands are generated in the same world, but have distance, so players can expand.

Minecraft worlds can be infinite, but most players set a world border, depending on the size, and since it’s a Skyblock server, the border may be big.

Are Minecraft Skyblock servers popular?

There are thousands of players, which prefer the Skyblock Minecraft servers over others, and it’s for a simple reason. You will not need any plugins to set a residence or protect your home.

Even if you make the biggest island and come near another player’s island, they cannot jump to yours and loot you, or grief. Every island has a border set, so islands do not overlap. And the border is so big, that you can place thousands of blocks, and even build up or down.

Playing Skyblock can be always fun when it’s with friends. And in the Skyblock Minecraft servers, you can invite them to your island and give them permission to build on it. Friends can also invite you.

And while you and your friends share the same islands, you can have private ones where you can compete for the top rankings.

What are Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers

As everybody has a different taste for Skyblock Minecraft servers, we have narrowed down a list ranging from vanilla type to servers with more content outside of the base Skyblock idea.

The base of these servers is still Skyblock, but they offer more content while playing on your island and can bring more interesting tasks for you.


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Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers - SkyBlock

Skyblock is the oldest Minecraft server, which offers the Skyblock model including islands, and does not offer any extra content. In this server, you can invite your friends and start building up your island from the ground.

Once a player creates his island, they receive their tree and basic items, which will help them grow and help them expand their island.

You will be assigned a couple of tasks, which change after each level and have difficulty, which depends on your progress. Obtaining items on your island can happen by selling your cobblestone first, and then buying from other players or the server directly. has a great economy, which cannot be broken so easily and will require a lot of grinding to expand your island to a professional level.

Players can create chest shops and invite others to purchase from them, as the server shop offers the items at a very expensive price.

You can visit other people’s islands without a problem and interact with their shop chests, but cannot loot their chests or break anything. It is a well-protected and peaceful Minecraft Skyblock server with a decent player base and content for vanilla Skyblock lovers.


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Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers - CubeCraft SkyBlock

Cubecraft is a Minecraft dedicated Skyblock server, which looks like any other vanilla Skyblock, but with some differences.

Once you start your island, it will look like every single player Skyblock world, but with some differences.

You will naturally have all the needed items, but also an NPC, which will be giving you tasks so you can progress further. Completing any of these tasks will give you more coins and experience, which you can use to buy and sell items.

By following the NPC’s tasks you will get the hang of the Skyblock type servers and you will not need to read the basics of Skyblock, just enjoy your time on the server.

In Cubecraft you can play on your own and not be bothered by other players in the chat, as you will have a dedicated NPC for all of your needs, or you can simply invite your friends and have a wonderful experience with them.

One of the best ways to progress in the server is to start making automated Redstone farms, which are relatively easy to make for most crops and will not require a lot of time.

Selling items in Cubecraft can happen from the NPC, but you can also sell your items to other players. They have a great spawn where players can meet and an even better player community.

Jartex Network

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Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers - JartexNetwork SkyBlock

Jartex Network is a big network offering various types of Minecraft servers, including their special coded Skyblock. You can choose between many islands to start on, which will have a great design and a bit more items than traditional Skyblock servers offer.

On Jartex Network you have a huge island, on which you can build, and is easy to progress. If you are playing with friends there is so much content, that you will need days to explore it.

It is a bit of a non-traditional Skyblock type of server, as it offers PVP and PVE content, where you can explore different worlds and fight bosses. Once a boss is killed, you will be receiving special items, which can be further traded with the NPCs or sold in the auction house.

Once you start progressing on your island, you will notice that receiving spawners is relatively easy and they can be stacked. This way you will be receiving more loot, but also your spawners will receive additional levels.

The more you start playing, the faster you will understand the importance of spawners, as the mobs coming out from them give special tokens.

With the help of these tokens, you can buy custom enchantment books and make more powerful gears for yourself. This way fighting the bosses and looting from the dungeons will be easier.

In dungeons, also the overworld, you will find many ores or crops, which need to be farmed. After farming them, you can start placing down your minions and level them up. These minions will produce ores for you, which can be sold to make you richer and more powerful.

But that’s only if you wish to play by the book. If you wish to have a traditional way of playing Minecraft Skyblock, you can simply disregard all of this and build your way up to the top.

Islands receive rankings, and most of the players who disregard the special in-built features are ranked in the top 20.


Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers - OPBlocks SkyBlock

OPBlocks is a relatively new but very fun Skyblock Minecraft server, which holds a huge player base due to its custom plugins and special server setup.

Before you start your island in Skyblock, you can choose between 19 different biomes. Each biome has custom designs and a very nice structure, but overall the items you receive haven’t changed.

After picking your island’s biome, you will be transferred to it and will see that a stone generator has already been made for you. Even though it’s something so small, some players may not like it, but can definitely help the newbies.

The economy of the server is fair and except for the money you can make through mining, you also have special mob coins, which can be acquired by killing mobs. No matter where you are killing the mobs, you will receive a mob coin, but the chance for a coin to drop is relatively low.

Mob coins can be even acquired by using the server’s food farm, which gives you an easy start. It can be disregarded if you wish to create your own farm with the seeds you are given.

With their mob coins you can purchase special in-game items, such as enchantment books and other stuff, but they may not be available for long. The shop is limited and may be sold out before it hits the refresh counter.

OPBlocks also offers some minigames inside the Skyblock, such as Wave Defense. If you join them with your friends it can be easy to fight against the attacking mobs, but as you progress through waves, things get a bit hard.

The server offers a wide variety of ranks, which are currently more than 20. Some of them can be earned through progressing, but most of them are paid ranks, which help you progress. These ranks do not make the server a P2W as it only offers items, and some perks, which can be acquired from the auction house (except for the commands and permissions for islands).


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Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers - MineCadia Skyblock

Minecadia is a bit different from your favorite vanilla Skyblock Minecraft servers. It has a different way of playing, which could be a lot of fun for some people.

So once you start in Minecadia, you can make your own place, but you don’t actually spawn on an island. You are spawned in buildings, where you can start printing money.

By printing money I mean to start building massive farms and selling the items to the server. As the Minecadia Skyblock is different, you will notice that you have special chests to sell crops.

Investing money in crops will help you build up your farm, which will potentially generate more money. And this money can then be flipped for more powerful gears and enchantment books to help you progress towards your mission.

The Minecadia gameplay is more PVP oriented, which means you will need powerful gears to fight your opponents. And if you die in Minecadia, you will start losing your hearts. Its lifesteal Skyblock Minecraft server, which makes it more overpowered than any other server on this list.

The more you play in it, the more you will want to stay and develop your island. They offer great crate keys, which can be earned or bought. Once you place in your crate key, a great animation starts rolling out, and you may receive a good custom item.

Minecadia relies on custom items and gears, which completely rewrite Minecraft’s way of playing, and you will need to get the hang of it sooner, or else you might lose your heart.

Once you lose all of your hearts, just like in every other lifesteal Minecraft server, you will be banned for a certain amount of time and your hearts will be reset once again.