4 Best Minecraft Skin Editors and Creators Websites

Have you ever wanted to create your own Minecraft skin and use it in-game? In this article, we will be reviewing the best skin editors and skin creators websites for Minecraft.

With these skin editors or Minecraft skin creation websites, you can create and use any skin in Minecraft, without too much work or special skills.

What is a Skin Editor and Skin Creator Website in Minecraft

Skin editing and skin-creating websites are used to create or edit already created Minecraft skin for usage purposes.

These skins appear in the format of a PNG, which is uploaded to the official Minecraft site and becomes visible to other players on servers.


The skin creation websites help players to start from scratch and craft the best Minecraft skins they could ever think of.

The skin editing websites are mainly used for editing already created skins, even though you can delete the existing one and use only a few elements from the original one.

Both types of websites are merged into one nowadays and give players many handy options, so they can start creating their Minecraft skin.

However, some of these websites may include ads, as they do not generate income or ask you to pay for any of the Minecraft skins, which you have edited or created.

Can I use Minecraft skins for free?

Minecraft skins are indeed free and do not have requirements to be placed. While there are no requirements to use a Minecraft skin, you do need to have a premium copy of Minecraft.

This means that if you are playing on a cracked Minecraft launcher, you will not be able to input any skin as it is not supported.

Even if you change the basic Alex or Steve PNG file in your Minecraft folder, only you will be able to see the skin, but nobody else, as skins are loaded through the official Mojang API.

Can I use someones else’s Minecraft skin?

Using other people’s Minecraft skin is totally legit and it’s not illegal. The Minecraft and Microsoft guidelines do not prohibit you from using other players’ Minecraft skins.


In fact, they encourage you to do so due to the fact that not every Minecraft player has the imagination for a brand new Minecraft skin idea.

There are hundreds of Minecraft player skin websites, which let players download and apply every existing Minecraft skin to their accounts.

Best 5 Minecraft Skin Editors and Creators

The Skindex

TheSkindex Minecraft Skin Editors and Creators Websites

The Skindex is a fairly simple and beginner-friendly skin editor and creation website, filled up with basic but important tools for users.

One of their best tools is the layers option, as you can remove and add each layer and work on it part by part.

Not to mention that you can edit the body layer or the outer layer, which is very important for skin editing or creation.

The color palette in Skindex is fairly simple and can be used in many ways. You can either manually choose a specific color and set the transparency, or include the hex code of any color you like.

You can choose to edit an already existing skin, or start fresh with a brand new skeleton and paint it from scratch. If you have a large collection of skins, you can register in The Skindex and start saving your skins to your account.



We all know about PlanetMinecraft and remember its popularity in the early days. For those who don’t know PlanetMinecraft is more than a skin editor or skin creation website.

It’s more like a hub where players engage and share their projects. You can find almost everything, as the player community is more than helpful to newcomers.

The PlanetMinecraft skin editor is one of the newest projects but guarantees the best results with your Minecraft Skin projects.

They have the most advanced color pallete and settings for editing Minecraft skins. Each Minecraft skin is shown as a 3D object and can be edited in a real-time setting.

Editing the skins in 3D format, which can be achieved in the Advanced version, helps players get the idea of how their skin will look in-game.

Except for the color palette, users also have brush styles, brush strokes, and opacity sets for each brush.

Like most of the Minecraft skin editors, Planet Minecraft also features the mirror mode, but one of the differences that other sites don’t have are the visible parts, such as Jackets and Hats.

If you are looking to showcase your newly created Minecraft skin, PlanetMinecraft is your number one choice. They offer direct integration into your account and easy skin uploads, which can get rewarded with diamonds and downloads.

Minecraft Skin Editor


Minecraft Skin Editor is an advanced skin editing and skin creation website, which has all the tools you will ever need for your next epic project.

With Minecraft Skin Editor you can choose between the most popular skins and make all kinds of edits. They support all modes, such as zooming, mirroring, and not only.

With Minecraft Skin Editor you can copy proportions of different Minecraft skins and create your very own project without any issues.

The good part of Minecraft Skin Editor is that you can save and keep your Minecraft skins forever without paying anything.

You also get your skins showcased if players like them and will feature them in their Top Skins panel.



Tynker is a widely known and simple Minecraft skin editor, which lets even beginners create stunning projects.

The simplicity in Tynker is so well-made that you have absolutely no chances of messing up your skin, which is a helpful thing we all need.

If you are willing to create more than one Minecraft skin and wish to keep them safe on the internet, you can register in Tynker and keep all skin projects safe.

As a downfall of Tynker and a bit of a red flag, they don’t offer a wide variety of colors. Their color variations are limited, which leads people to other alternatives, such as Planet Minecraft or NovaSkins.

Another bad thing in Tynker is the zoom in and zoom out option, as it is yet not included, even though various users have reported it as a quite useful tool.

Despite the age of Tynker, the support is still not willing to add these useful updates but keeps the project maintained, so new Minecraft skin editors can join the Saga.