Best Minecraft Servers Like The Hive

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while, perhaps you have heard of the most popular minigames server, called The Hive.

This was the largest Minecraft server offering the best minigames, scripted especially for them.

The Hive had 20 minigames, and even some LTM (Limited Time Modes), which players would anticipate to earn special in-game rewards.

But since The Hive closed its Java Edition in 2021, the player started searching for Minecraft servers like The Hive.

And to make things easier for you, in this article, we will showcase the best server, which is similar to The Hive.

Why did The Hive Minecraft server close?

Back in the day, The Hive had both Java Edition and Bedrock edition Minecraft servers hosted in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

It was a very profitable deal, which was earning them thousands of dollars per day but at a certain cost.

The Hive had to pay for dedicated machines, so they can upkeep their server costs, which were gradually increasing.

And as we all remember, 2020 was a dramatic year. The following 2021 was even worse.

But The Hive suffered its biggest damages from it. Since Microsoft is steadily promoting their Minecraft Bedrock edition at smaller prices, greater content, and their specialty Minecoins, most of the newbies decided to switch over.

The Hive’s Java Edition server was slowly suffocating and losing traffic and profits, while their Bedrock Edition server was gaining massive amounts of money.

And in 2021 they managed to peak with 54,000 players, which makes it the largest Minecraft Bedrock edition server of all time.

While profits were guaranteed for the Bedrock edition, Java Edition had its server costs, but the money was not decent at all. After all, The Hive was paying programmers to make custom plugins and work on their server 24/7.

So in April 2021, Java Edition was officially closed and The Hive did not accept Java players to their servers anymore.

But if you wish to play the Bedrock Edition of The Hive, you can easily change it without paying extra for the launcher. Since you are an owner of one of the Minecraft editions, you receive the other one for free.

What are the Best Minecraft Servers Like Hive

If you are a Minecraft minigames enjoyer, each of these servers is dedicated to them and will bring you the same feeling as The Hive.


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Best Minecraft Servers Like The Hive - Hypixel

Hypixel is nowadays known as the largest Minecraft server in the world. Since The Hive closed, Hypixel has been receiving high player amounts, which exceeded 200,000 and broke the world record. It currently holds 4 Guinness world records, which are kept safe by the server leader.

And since you are a Minecraft minigames fan, we would like to inform you that Hypixel has 22 minigames, which are regularly updated and receive massive player amounts.

They are widely known for the Hunger Games, Hide and Seek, and Bedwars minigames, which are the most popular and took the server to the highest levels possible.

You can play on Hypixel by using Minecraft 1.12 and go up to 1.19. And to please both worlds, if you wish to take a break from minigames, or don’t like them at all, you can always go for their Skyblock or Survival world.

The Hypixel community has been stable and friendly over the years, ensuring that no disruptions occur in their server, after bot attacks in their early days.

Minecraft Central

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Best Minecraft Servers Like The Hive - PikaNetwork

Minecraft Central is more like The Hive, as it contains more minigames. In fact, they have a total of 18 minigames and from time to time they are adding new ones, which can be played for a limited time.

Despite the fact that they don’t have most of the minigames that The Hive has, they are more oriented toward creating their own, or simply resurrecting minigames, which were massively played.

The main idea of MC Central is to help their player community and encourage them to stay on the server without having to pay anything, to enjoy the content offered to them.

One of the things that bring them to a top spot is the voting features. They have made a top 5 player leaderboard, which will track the players who had voted most on their server. And the ones who score in the top 5 will be awarded a $25 Buycraft voucher, which they can spend shopping for items.

One of their hardest and most competitive minigames are the Splegg and Ultra Hardcore, which are upgrades to default minigames, such as Spleef and the Hardcore Minecraft survival.

Other than that MC Central offers a special minigame called Infested, which spawns players and chooses an infested zombie amongst them. Once an infested player attacks another and manages to kill him, the dead player will become infested also.

If the players managed to survive the swarm of the invested, they were automatically winning the game.

Aside from their fun, competitive and casual minigames, MC Central is also known for their custom minigames called SkyFlag, One in the Chamber, and Murder Mayhem, which you should definitely check out right away.


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Best Minecraft Servers Like The Hive - PikaNetwork

PikaNetwork is one of the oldest Minecraft minigame servers, which start back in 2014 and still has a massive player amount of over 4000 players per day. When the peak times come, the player base can increase up to 6000, which makes it relatively easy to queue for their minigames.

They have a total number of 17 minigames, from which they are mostly thinking of new things to add to their Skyblock, SkyWars, Capture the Flag, and survival games.

They do usual resets on their servers and pick the top players after the season ends. Players who have paid for their ranks get to keep them, but lose all of their items and start fresh.

One of the main reasons PikaNetwork is such a loved server is due to the dedicated team of programmers, which always listens to their community and tries to please their requests for a better minigame experience.


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Best Minecraft Survival Servers - MineLand Survival

MineLand is a very popular Russian server and is considered one of the best Minecraft servers like The Hive. It has 2 different servers, which are hosted both in Russia and the USA, with a massive player amount of 2000 players per server.

They may not be as competitive to minigames as the other servers on the list but have something special, that others don’t. MineLand is a special MetaVerse server where players can build minigames and play on them.

Aside from needing coding experience, MineLand makes things easier for all of its players, giving them the opportunity to grow and create great minigames.

They have 8 different modes on their server, which include the basic survival and creativity, but scale up to a special coded Skyblock, Prison, BedWars, and Anarchy mode server.

And if you wish to go there to play their minigames, you will enjoy their arcade, which is one of a kind and deserves a few tries.