The 20 Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

Would you like to start your very own role-playing server?

With our list of the best Minecraft RPG plugins, you can create the best role-playing server out there.

RPG Servers became quite popular back in 2014, and until now they are receiving massive player-base counts.

Players from all around the world gather to experience a new way of playing Minecraft.

What are Minecraft RPG Plugins

Minecraft RPG plugins let players choose a certain role follow a unique storyline.

Aside from normal plugins, RPG plugins change how the game goes.

Using Minecraft RPG plugins can move the game beyond any level, and let your community play with their imagination on the table.

What are the best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

Our list of the best Minecraft RPG plugins isn’t for only a single server style, but for many. With our plugin list, you can create any type of RPG server.


ClanSystem best minecraft rpg plugins

Clans-System is a unique and simple RPG plugin, that allows players to create clans.

With this plugin, every member in your server, can create their own clan, and give it a name, they would like.

Clan creators can also set a password for their clan, which members will use when they want to join.

There are no approvals or declines in this plugin, so players can join a clan, even if the clans leader is not active on the server.

Players who are no longer interested in a clan, can simply leave the clan, or get kicked from it, if they don’t follow the rules.

Each clan also receives a clan chat, which gets toggled through a simple command “clans msg”. For switching back to world chat, we can use the same command.

Clans is also helpful for those who have land claims, as players can claim a land with the clans plugin and make it their own.

Clans-System works perfect with factions plugins, as well as other Minecraft RPG plugins.


customcrafting best minecraft rpg plugins

What is a Minecraft server without custom crafted items?

CustomCrafting is one of the few RPG items plugins, which gives players the chance to craft any kind of item possible.

You can create custom items with enchantments, lore, damages, protections, and others.

Recipes in CustomCrafting can be shaped or even shapeless.

Once you have created a recipe for a certain item, you can specify what needs to be done, so you can get the material.

The options you have are through a crafting table, smoker, furnace, and any other item used for crafting recipes. You can also created chained recipes, where players have to craft one item, to proceed with the next one.

MC Daily Rewards

MC Daily Rewards A daily rewarding plugin for Minecraft

Have you ever wanted an ESO (elder scrolls online) like plugin, which lets players get daily rewards on a real-time basis?

MC Daily Rewards lets players who log into the game receive these rewards every 24 hours and if they had missed a day, they can pay a certain price to get it.

MC Daily Rewards is a fully configurable Minecraft plugin with a setup of each month of the year, and each day is configurable.

You can set any kind of image on a daily reward, a certain reward, which is executed through the server, and much more.

MC Daily Rewards makes fantasy RPG servers come alive and bring a higher player base to Minecraft servers.


Mythic mobs Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

What is an RPG server without some custom mobs that you can kill and level up from them, or get loot?

MythicMobs is a freemium Minecraft RPG plugin, which lets server owners create their own styled mobs and apply effects on them.

Any mob created with MythicMobs can have a certain level, rate of hits, amount of damage, and much more.

What I like it MythicMobs is that you can set up skills on the mobs, which deal a certain amount of damage to players.

Once the mob is defeated, it can drop any kind of loot that you had assigned to it. These loots are later sold or traded to NPCs for certain rewards.


Mythic Drops Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

If you are looking for a plugin, that lets you create mob with custom drops, MythicDrops is the best choice.

With MythicDrops you can assign loot to mobs, icnluding custom items.

If you are an RPG fan, you will notice that you need a special PVP drop, which can be acquired from killing players.

MythicDrops can help you with that. You can assign special items that are dropped by chance once a player is killed.

The best part of MythicDrops is its integration with other plugins. For example, you can create custom items, as it works with executable server commands.

Custom Items

Custom Items Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

Custom Items is a lightweight Minecraft plugin, which lets server owners and admins create custom items for their players.

With Custom Items, you can create any kind of item and set damage indicators, effects, buffs, or even debuffs.

Custom Items work perfectly with any others and can be integrated with auction plugins or even lotteries.

Players cannot create their own custom items but can earn them by participating in events, doing quests, or purchasing them from a shop.

Action Bar Health


Action Bar Health is an RPG health plugin, which lets server owners implement heart indicators on players and mobs.

With Action Bar Health players can see other players’ health bars and know if they have full HP or not, which can open more PVP-ing.

The same goes for the mobs. With Action Bar Health mobs also receive their own health bars.

Mob health bars exist above their heads, giving players an idea how many hits it takes to kill it.

You can integrate it with any other custom mobs plugin, or advance it with custom RPG HUD plugins.


AuctionHouse Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

Have you ever wanted a cool auction house on your Minecraft server?

AuctionHouse is one of the most popular plugins, which lets players list items on the auction house and receive money or tokens for them.

It is up to your imagination what the in-game currency will be and AuctionHouse will use it directly.

With AuctionHouse you can set up how many auctions can be done per player and even limit their auctions as per their rank.

AuctionHouse needs a vault plugin to be connected with an SQL database.



Questing in Minecraft is an essential and fun way to kill time in-game.

It’s a unique experience, which leads players to slay more mobs, play PVP, or gather resources.

With Quests, you can set any kind of quest type and even let NPCs give quests to players.

It’s a unique RPG quests plugin, which lets you set up daily, scenario, or even side-quests.

Once a player has completed his quest, the server will execute a certain command and award the player with the command you have set for rewarding.



What is an RPG server without dungeons and custom mobs?

Dungeons XL is a Minecraft dungeons plugin, designed for private group raiding.

Each party can enter the dungeon together, but cannot be overlapped with another one.

When entering dungeons, players will have to fight a certain amount of monsters in waves, until they reach the final boss.

Each wave can be set with different mobs, mob levels, and their unique drops, which can be later traded for items.

If you wish to use a custom mob plugin, such as MythicMobs, DungeonsXL is programmed to work with it, so you can effortlessly create any custom mobs with Mythic Mobs and include them in your Dungeons.

MC Pro Rewards


For those who wish to unleash their servers’ RPG plugin arsenal, and give players a more suitable choice of rewards, MC Pro Rewards is the best choice.

With MC Pro Rewards, you can set any type of reward, and choose visuals for your rewards from a simple GUI.

The only thing you will need to do is choose your custom items, and leave the rest to the server. You can also setup commands that will be executed, or delete them in just a single click.

But the best part of MC Pro Rewards is the simplicity that the plugin gives to all RPG plugin lovers. It is by far the easiest to use RPG Minecraft plugin, giving you the opportunity to monetize servers.

Did I say monetize? Yes, you can. You can set monthly or season passes for the players, and enjoy getting money while players are getting rewards.



RPG servers require player leveling, and one of the best plugins for that is MCMMO.

It is packed with a wide variety of skills that can be used for any kind of tool or weapon. Players can gain more damage, increase mining efficient, and much more.

It has a huge list filled up with different skills that players can use while leveling. and also receive different sets of rules on how leveling works. The rates of XP are also changeable, so you can edit every single detail such as mob XP, player XP, and even the ore XP gain rates.

The levels can be set in a custom matter, and you can cap the player level at any time, while releasing new content. Players can have all skill sets, or be assigned a single skill set per their class.



Dynmap is a dynamic map Minecraft plugin, which will show how big and built your Minecraft server is. The plugin will require a database and a bit of port-forwarding, so you can set the map, but it is a beneficial Minecraft plugin.

You can showcase players and their builds in a website map, which will be updated in real-time setting. You can choose to hide the different entities, such as players, houses, and others through a simple config file, which gets the website updated instantly.

Dynmap is perfect for both small and big Minecraft servers, and will not show the unexplored areas.

It works only with explored lands, and can be very useful to Minecraft players to find a dungeon, or a route while playing on your server.


advancedcrates best minecraft rpg plugins

AdvancedCrates is a huge Minecraft project for RPG server owners. With this plugin you can set the best donation systems, by offering your players crates with great animations, and keys, while in return they give you a small amount of money.

AdvancedCrates has 17 different effects that can be applied to each crate, and will also be applied to blocks. Each crate animation will work with any of the resource packs, as the plugin uses Minecraft objects to respond.

And if you are worried about the lag that this plugin can cause, you can be calm. AdvancedCrates is set to work on a different processor core, which means that it will not take any of your server’s resources. But if you are working with a single-core processor, the plugin will just run a-sync, which means it will not be synced with your server, and add bloat to it.

AdvancedCrates has an easy to setup config file, which can be changed at any time, but it is recommended to use the GUI, as it is beginner-friendly and takes less than a minute to set your first crate.


LevelledMobs Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

LevelledMobs is an RPG mobs plugin, which gives the opportunity for stronger mobs to appear in Minecraft. With Levelled mobs, you can create different variations of mobs by tweaking their levels, and setting different damage indicators.

It’s the perfect role plugin for Minecraft, as it can drastically change the way role playing in Minecraft works.

With LevelledMobs players can to battle different sets of mobs. Each with a different level and characteristics, but as a reward, they will receive custom loot.

For Minecraft RP servers, this plugin can do wonders, because mobs can have custom RPG skills, different speed limits, along with their own abilities.

Each mob will have a level indicator above their heads, along with it’s custom role playing name, making it a unique enemy for the player.


CrazyEnchantments Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

Looking for a Minecraft enchantments plugin, suitable for your RPG server? CrazyEnchantments is one of the best free enchanting plugins, packed with 80 enchantments, and its own level system.

With CrazyEnchantments players can trade XP or money gathered from the server, and obtain a custom rarity set book, which can be opened to receive enchantments.

The plugin has its own economy, and supports multiple currencies, meaning you can use tokens, XP, and items, to sell enchantment books to players.

On top of that, the allowed enchantments per item can always be changed, meaning that items can have unlimited or very few enchantments.

Each book acquired can be placed without the need for an enchantment table, and will have success, and destroy rates applied. To protect items, and place enchantments protection scrolls and dust can be used by players.


AdvancedPets Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

AdvancedPets is the ultimate pet plugin for every RPG Minecraft server. The plugin includes more than 20 pets pre-created with skills, which can be leveled by paying with XP, and various skins to apply on them.

The skills in AdvancedPets are similar to enchantments in Minecraft or potion effects and can be customized per liking.

Pets can also attack other players or mobs, and their attack chance is based on a percentage calculator.

The greatest feature in AdvancedPets is the ability to create your very own pets through a unique GUI, allowing players to browse hundreds of items and a special in-game editor for styling the pet.


MinePacks Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

MinePacks is a special inventory plugin for RPG servers, that allows players to store their items while traveling. While Minecraft has always struggled with inventory, and ender chests can hold up to 3 rows of items, MinePacks solves this problem.

The plugin has 6 different backpack tiers, meaning that players will start with a small row of items, and can upgrade it at any time. Upon reaching the max tier, players will be receiving a huge backpack with inventory slots just like a big chest.

MinePacks also allows players to have a backpack in the inventory slot, or they can simply access it by typing commands.


Parties Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

Parties is an all-in-one solution for Minecraft RPG and Faction servers, where players can create and run their own never-ending parties.

With Parties, you will never again need a leader or any players active, so there is no way it can get disbanded. Party creators can send their own invites, MOTDs, roles, and requirements, meaning there is no need for administrators to help.

The plugin also comes with a unique feature called XP leveling, which grants XP boosts to players who have been leveling up their party.

When a party gets created, a unique party tag will be displayed behind a player’s name, allowing them to grow their party or get noticed.

Parties also have their own chat system, which can be used for party members to communicate without anybody outside of the party seeing their messages. The party chat can be toggled at any time, keeping chats hidden.


MarriageMaster Best Minecraft RPG Plugins for Servers

Have you ever wanted to get to the next level with RPG in Minecraft? With MarriageMaster players can find new ways to enjoy the game, and fill in the missing roleplaying gaps by marrying others.

The way MarriageMaster works is very simple. One player can propose to another, making them enter the engagement status. After everything has gone fine, and players wish to get married, the plugin will set their status to married.

With that said MarriageMaster is a universal plugin, which allows players to get married in-game, and share a lot of bonuses.

When 2 players get married, they receive a special tag, share an XP boost, and heal much faster. Married players cannot engage in PvP together, and have their private chat in place, allowing them to communicate without anyone seeing this.

Another great thing about MarriageMaster is kissing, which is done through particles and is exclusively available for servers above Minecraft 1.7.