The Best 14 Minecraft RPG Mods

Do you want to buff the experience in your Minecraft server, allowing players to experience unearthly creatures and fantasy weapons with effects?

We have conducted a small research to find the best RPG mods for Minecraft servers, with the most content, and minimum resource requirements.

What are Minecraft RPG Mods

Minecraft already has some RPG elements embedded into its gameplay, allowing players to participate in various activities, such as mob hunting, gear crafting, and exploring areas with rewards included.

However, adding RPG mods can tremendously increase the in-game content by changing the core gameplay.

RPG mods in Minecraft exist to add more game content, such as better mobs, powerful weapons with effects, and much more. Some RPG mod packs can include smaller content, while others can change the way Minecraft works.

Most popular RPG Minecraft mods include more activities like boss raiding, NPC with quests, gear hunting, and more.

Best Minecraft RPG Mods for Servers

Villager Names (Fabric)

Villager Names Mod Best Minecraft mods for servers

Villagers in Minecraft always get the smallest updates, making players feel like they are forgotten, or an unneeded part of the game.

With the Villager Names mod, now each villager can have his profession, and name displayed above his head.

It’s a simple mod, allowing the use of color codes, customizable texts, and special panels for single-player or multiplayer RPG servers.

Villagers who had been turned into zombies will get their name and profession replaced with a special zombie tag, meaning they have been zombified.

Along with villager options, wandering traders can also have their names changed, also formatted as per your liking.

Explorify – Dungeons and Structures

explorify dungeons and structures Best Minecraft mods for servers

Explorify is an RPG data pack packaged as a mod, which means players can join your server without installing mods, or using modded launchers.

With Explorify on your side, cliffs, mountains, and other Minecraft structures get completely replaced with better ones, improving the exploration side of the game.

The Explorify mod pack adds special dungeons, and houses filled with treasure loot, while adding proper buildings to stale Minecraft structures.

Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry

Mariums Soulslike Weaponry Best Minecraft mods for servers

With Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry in hand, any Minecraft server can become a huge RPG project, with hundreds of custom items, mobs, and recipes.

The Marium RPG mod started as a small project, including a few swords from movies, but became a large mod, which has powerful weapons from Dark Souls, firearms, and unique bosses.

Just like hack & slash RPG games, players can try solo bosses, whose exquisite gears drop. Boss drops can be used for progressing toward levels, and crafting legendary weaponry, by following custom recipes.

Marium’s RPG mod also includes special weapon textures, which do not require any RPG resource packs, to view them.

Mythic Metals

Mythic Metals Best Minecraft mods for servers

Mythic Metals is the best Minecraft RPG mod, which enhances resource gathering. The mod consists of finding new ores available in all worlds, and the deepest parts of caves, smelting them into ingots and crafting powerful gear with buffs.

Each mineral can be found in different parts of caves, or worlds, depending on their rarity, replacing the need for classical diamond, and netherite farming.

The specially crafted gears from Alloy can improve resource gains, through buffed mining effects, such as blasts, allowing players to collect efficiently.

Armors and swords can be improved for higher damages, status effects, and conditions, making players stronger against mobs, and bosses.


MineColonies Best Minecraft mods for servers

When it comes to improving villager jobs, and interactions, MineColonies covers it all. It enhances the way villagers work, by providing them with more jobs (classes), and abilities to defend. It also includes a special reputation system, which helps build a relationship.

In MineColonies villagers and their homes get buffed for a more efficient in-game experience, allowing players to perform better trades and trust relations.

Depending on the class, a villager can trade different kinds of weaponry, food supplies, or even special decorative blocks, for improving the village.


PlayerEx Best Minecraft mods for servers

Leveling in Minecraft is very simple but gets boring over time since players have a few enchantments and the same weapons.

PlayerEX is one of the best Minecraft RPG mods, which enhances gear crafting and combat, granting players with attributes, and further character development.

These attributes consist of basic stat boosts, such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution, and Luckiness.

Upon leveling your character through mob hunting, players receive skill points, which can be used for increasing the attribute’s stats.

To make things even better, fighting against mobs, and gathering special materials, grant the option to craft special weapons, which give more attributes, such as Melee Damage, Ranged Attacks, Defense, and Life Steal.

With the weaponry provided by PlayerEX, class mixtures can become very efficient, and strong against mobs and player opponents.


RPG HUD Best Minecraft mods for servers

As the name says, RPG-HUD is a special Minecraft HUD mod, with the single aim of improving the HUD in Minecraft.

By completely repurposing, and styling all elements, RPG-HUD achieves an extremely RPG-like view. The exp bar is completely put in the bottom while leaving the health and hunger indicators next to the character portrait.

Players are also granted durability indicators for each piece of armor they have equipped, helping them to track and repair damaged gear before it gets destroyed.

When Dungeons Arise

When Dungeons Arise Best Minecraft mods for servers

Feeling tired of the plain vanilla dungeons presented in Minecraft? When Dungeons Arise is a total game changer, which combines all boring dungeons, recreating a better player experience.

When Dungeons Arise is an RPG progression mod, which adds various dungeons around maps. Dungeons can be found in the sky, or on the ground, filled with fantasy mobs, and sets of items, ready to be gathered after a successful hunt.

Each biome has its special dungeons assigned, giving a variety of choices when it comes to slaying bosses and their underlings.

Not to mention that Ocean Monuments can look outdated once Dungeons Arise gets installed. Entering the sea will result in finding cursed ships with crews, and hidden treasures, or sky ships above skies, with bloody travelers, ready to kill everything standing in their way.


Aquamirae Best Minecraft mods for servers

Feeling empty, because you have explored all biomes, and fought against every possible pet?

Aquamirae can easily change the way biomes work, by adding a special ice age biome, called the Ice Maze. Mysterious creatures wander around the waters, or icy ruins, searching for food or traveling villagers.

Aquamirae Minecraft RPG fantasy mod mod pack adds 6 unique mobs, such as Maw, Mother of the Maze, Tortured Soul, Golden Moth, Anglerfish, and the special boss called Ghost of Captain Cornelia.

Packed with activities, and unnatural skills, each mob can be unique in its own way and award players with mythic equipment.

The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest Best Minecraft mods for servers

Bored with the present Minecraft dimensions? Dreamed of receiving a new special RPG dimension with new mobs inside it?

The Twilight Forest is a perfect fit for adventure-thirsty RPG players, who wish to proceed with their world development and enter new worlds, filled with achievements and unexplored areas.

With The Twilight Forest, players can create a special dungeon portal, leading them to another dimension called “Twilight Forest”, hidden in an ungodly world, with sinister bosses, and dungeons.

All bosses inside the dimension have their own mechanics, and sets of skills, with cooldown timers, and combo attacks.

Finishing a dungeon rewards players with treasure chests, traits, and gears included in advanced sets.

Electroblob’s Wizardry

Electrobobs Wizardry Best Minecraft mods for servers

Electroblob’s Wizardry is a special mod data pack, that allows players to enter a magical world, just like Wizard101.

Once players enter their fantasy worlds, they will have special mana bars, magical mobs, and 172 different wizardry spells, ready to be learned.

Acquiring new spells can easily happen by exploring wizard towers, or ancient runes. Each spell has its own cooldown timer, requirements to be used, and special damage indicators.

Along with some specially crafted spells, Electroblob’s Wizardry mod introduces special wands, scrolls, and very neat player cosmetics, such as hats and robes, making you look like a fully-fledged wizard.


While Minecraft is totally missing the point of having classes, with abilities and various gears to be collected, ClassesMC solves the problem.

It adds 4 different classes to Minecraft, turning it into a wild RPG.

Players can choose between the “Knight”, “Wizard”, “Ranger”, and “Healer” classes, which are packed with their own skill sets, special class armors, and unique class traits.

On each level earned, players will receive their special skill points, which can get donated for acquiring and leveling their skills.

DarkRPG – RPG Quest Magic & Origins

DarkRPG RPG Quest Magic Origins Best Minecraft mods for servers

DarkRPG is an all-in-one RPG mod pack, with the ability to fully transform any ordinary server into a role-playing one.

It adds a wide variety of custom dungeons, filled with dangerous mobs, and difficulty levels, varying from very easy solo-player adventures and ending with expert two-man parties.

While players are on their exploration journey, they can always stumble upon villages, filled with auction houses, and shops. Purchasing items or earning money through selling is done by the mod, as it adds a commerce currency, earnable from mobs as well.

DarkRPG comes with custom backgrounds, player maps, including biomes, each of them revealing more than 100 custom recipes, and cosmetics, and gear.

Exploration in DarkRPG is also utilized by adding waystones, marking your way, and helping you travel amongst them by using flying mounts.

The most unique point of DarkRPG is its classes, which bring different weapons, spells, and enchantments, earnable, or craftable through various adventures.

Each class has a special skill tree, with the option to reset and combine for higher damage.

Mowzie’s Mobs

Mowzies mobs Best Minecraft mods for servers

While most RPG mods for Minecraft servers try to overdeliver content with classes, weaponry, and magical abilities, Mowzie’s Mobs brings a ton of mobs, with unimaginable skill sets.

Packed with 10 different mobs, and color varieties, Mowzie’s mobs bring a hard grind on discovering and acquiring precious loot from each of them.

Each mob in this Minecraft RPG mod pack has its own animations, damage sets, and natural habitat, where it can be seen spawning.

The mobs introduced are treated as bosses, having more HP, and abilities to crawl underground, swim underwater or fly.


With special RPG mods for servers, every place can become magical, and filled with content. Especially for making a Minecraft RPG server, this list can totally meet any demand, or requirements.