The 5 Best Minecraft RPG Inventory Plugins

Have you ever wanted to buff your Minecraft server with powerful inventory systems?

Inventory management plugins can potentially increase item collection and usage.

Luckily for you, we have gathered the best Minecraft RPG inventory plugins for RPG servers.

What are Minecraft RPG Inventory Plugins

Minecraft RPG inventory plugins are special addons, used for inventory management purposes. With RPG inventory plugins players can easily sort, smelt, or manage inventories.

Like the chest and ender-chest system, RPG inventory plugins give more functionality.

With inventory plugins, players can easily interact with others and collect faster. Especially, for RPG servers with hundreds of custom items.

Best Minecraft RPG Inventory Plugins

1. AutomaticInventory

AutomaticInventory Best Minecraft RPG Inventory Plugins

AutomaticInventory is an essential item-sorting plugin for Minecraft servers. With this plugin, players can easily unload and sort items in a chest.

Nonetheless, each chest near a player can be opened through a single command.

Once a chest is open and collected, items are automatically picked up and sorted. Similar to the gathering, players can unload inventories by sorting items.

The plugin works fine with both hot bars and inventories.  Automatic pickup and sorting can be toggled through a single command.

AutomaticInventory works with permissions and you can manage who can use the commands or not.

2. RPG Inventory

RPG Inventory Best Minecraft RPG Inventory Plugins

RPG Inventory is the perfect addon for RPG servers. It unleashes the best inventory management system for Minecraft servers.

By adding this plugin, your character’s screen becomes more adjustable. Players gain extra slots for backpacks, mounts, pets, trinkets, and gems.

RPG Inventory can be integrated with all popular Minecraft RPG plugins. There are no limits to integrations whatsoever.

The plugin is completely customizable and left as open-source for players.

The only downside is that RPGInventory has been left behind by its author. It is available from the author’s GitHub for free but requires updating.

3. Multiverse-Inventories

Multiverse Inventories Best Minecraft RPG Inventory Plugins

Have you ever struggled with inventory management per world?

Multiverse-Inventories aims to solve problems by providing players with unique inventory systems. With this plugin, you can help players keep items, hunger, and HP per world.

Especially for BungeeCord servers, Multiverse-Inventories can be very helpful.

The plugin helps players keep existing stats on certain worlds, and transfer them to others. Through simple permissions, certain groups can travel each world with their current arsenal.

It’s a very useful plugin for servers, solely relying on donations.

4. MinePacks

MinePacks Best Minecraft RPG Inventory Plugins

MinePacks is an inventory management plugin for RPG servers, which grants useful features. Players can earn or craft their small backpack, used for storing items.

Upon gathering experience or money, players can start leveling their backpack. Each level increases the storage of the backpack.

Players can access their backpacks from a single command, and store items inside it.

Admins can also blacklist certain items from being stored, or limit quantities. MinePacks integrates perfectly fine with custom items. It solely relies on NBT item data, and will not mix items.

MinePacks can also reserve inventories per UUID, meaning that players can never lose their inventories.

5. AdvancedChests

AdvancedChests Best Minecraft RPG Inventory Plugins

AdvancedChests is a chest management plugin for RPG servers. It contains hundreds of features for item storing, smelting, selling, and others.

With AdvancedChests players can increase inventory slots infinitely. Items also get sorted once placed and can be filtered with a single click.

Each chest can be renamed for easier inventory storage. On top of that, chests can automatically sell items to the server.

By toggling the auto sale command, chests will immediately sell items stored inside it.

Another great feature is the smelting and compressing. With AdvancedChests, you can smelt ores and compress them into blocks.


Using any of these RPG inventory plugins can increase your server’s popularity and keep players more attracted.

Inventory plugins can be used for upgrading your plain Vanilla server to an advanced RPG one.

Each of the plugins presented has different functionality and can be combined with others from this list.