The Best Minecraft Dropper Servers

Are you a Minecraft minigames fan, who is looking for casual minigames, to bring a lot of fun? Playing competitive games can be boring, and sometimes we need a bit of fresh air from them.

And Minecraft Dropper servers are one of the minigames, that aren’t that competitive, and can make us have fun without breaking the keyboards on our desks.

In this article, we will review the best Minecraft dropper servers, and put them in a ranking list, which can help you find the most suitable dropper server for yourself.

What are Minecraft Dropper Servers

The dropper is a non-competitive, minigame mode, which requires players to jump off from high places and land on the placed water spot, without dying.

While it may not be a very competitive game mode, it requires players to have some skill, and be prepared to race through obstacles that can kill them, due to the height and speed of falling.

So to win in a dropper server in Minecraft, you will need to precisely jump, try to avoid each obstacle on your way, and in the end fall in the water. Otherwise, you will die and be disqualified. But that’s only if you play on Minecraft dropper servers.

If you want to try out the dropper game mode on your own or with friends on a LAN server, you can check our list of the best dropper maps for Minecraft, learn the basics of the game, or be competitive (if that’s your goal).

What are the Best Dropper Minecraft Servers


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The Best Minecraft Dropper Servers - TallCraft Dropper

TallCraft is one of the oldest Minecraft servers, which started with some minigames, but is also known as the oldest Minecraft dropper server. Technically they were the first to include the dropper as a game mode, while other servers were still working on SkyWars or SkyBlock servers.

TallCraft originally started around 2011, with the beginning of Minecraft, and was featuring only 3 game modes.

With that said, TallCraft has more than 37 unique maps, which have been created by Minecraft fans, who had supported the dropper game. Each of their maps includes a different set of blocks with obstacles, and set difficulties.

Some players have reported that their hardest to-win maps, were actually the easiest ones, and vice versa. However, the only way to prove this information is for you to join TallCraft, and try their dropper maps out.

Advancius Network

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The Best Minecraft Dropper Servers - Advancius Dropper

Are you tired of paying to win Minecraft servers, where players will just put some money and be more overpowered than you? Getting boosted with cash totally destroys the idea of playing Minecraft.

However, Advancius Network defeats the purpose of paying cash for in-game boosts and gives all players an equal experience.

Advancius network is another popular and great server network, which offers many popular game modes, that you could go and try, but they have especially worked on their Minecraft dropper server.

With more than 30 dropper maps and set difficulties, a lot more players have migrated themselves to the popular dropping minigame and continued to race with each other.

Each dropper map in Advancius Network is custom designed, and has a set difficulty, which starts from easy, and ends with a professional level. From what we’ve seen, newbies prefer to try out the professional levels, as it seems a very cool way to enjoy Minecraft, or rage quit the server.


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The Best Minecraft Dropper Servers - Hypixel Dropper

Hypixel is a large Minecraft network and a leader for Java Edition Minecraft servers. They have been one of the oldest Minecraft networks that ever existed in Minecraft, and offer a wide variety of servers you can play on.

To be precise, Hypixel has different minigames, Skyblock, SkyWars, and much more servers, but in this article, we will take a look at their dropper server.

It has a few dropper maps, which are around 15 in total but receive a lot of players, due to the tournaments that are organized every season. Currently, Hypixel is organizing another tournament for their Minecraft players, which will end on the 19th of December.

The dropper tournament, that Hypixel organizes, will include many in-game rewards, along with some money rewards given in ranks for the top standing players.

There are no requirements for joining the Hypixel dropper tournament, however, you will need to be prepared to clash against professionals, and some lucky players who may manage to win as well.

Purple Dropper

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The Best Minecraft Dropper Servers - PurplePrison Dropper

Even though Purple Prison is often seen as a prison server, it also features various game modes, including everybody’s favorite dropper mode. The Purple Dropper is known as a very fun minigame, due to the wide variety of dropper maps, and difficulty levels.

In Purple Dropper every next level will be harder than the previous, but more rewarding in terms of points and rankings in the leaderboard.

Purple Prison’s dropper server in Minecraft, features competitive dropper mode, where players can join with other players and compete for the first place.