How to add a Death Counter in Minecraft

Have you always wanted to track the count of deaths on your Minecraft server, and see who has died the least?

Death counters can be a fun way to play Minecraft, as they show how strong you are, compared to your opponents.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to add a death counter in Minecraft.

What is a Death Counter in Minecraft

If you are new to the game, then you may be wondering what is a death counter in Minecraft and how does it work?

Since Minecraft is a blocky survival game, dying will make you respawn, and teleport you back to the world’s starting point. However, some players die more often than others, and it brings the question of how many times did a player die?

To find out how many times a player has died, server owners can use special commands, and make a counter to track deaths. Minecraft has its own death counter setting, which tracks the times someone died while playing on a server, or his own world.

Can Death Counters in Minecraft Collect Deaths from all Servers?

Death Counters in Minecraft cannot collect a player’s deaths from all servers. The reason for this is the lack of API between servers. Even the Mojang API cannot connect, and track the times a player has died in total.

However, players can view death counts in Minecraft. Since the game has a statistics page inside the menu, a player can see his total results, but that will still track the current world data only.

How to add a Death Counter in Minecraft

The ways to add a counter for deaths in Minecraft are:

Add a Death Counter in Minecraft Java

Creating a death counter in Minecraft requires you to have a server, or cheats enabled in your world. Since we are going to use commands, cheats or OP will be required.

To create the death counter, you will first need to set an objective, so the game can start its tracking.

The command for adding a death counter is:

/scoreboard objectives add MyDeathCounter deathCount

How to make a death counter in Minecraft java edition

With this simple command, Minecraft will start tracking the deaths of all players in the current world or server. But yet the death counter will not be shown, as we need to specify where it should be displayed.

For displaying the death counter, you will need to use the command:

/scoreboard objectives set display list MyDeathCounter.

how to display death counter in Minecraft

Immediately after the command has been registered, Minecraft will start displaying the number of deaths for a player in the tab. Every time you press and hold TAB on your keyboard, your name and amount of deaths will be shown.

If you want to see the death counter on the sidebar of your Minecraft screen, you can use the command: /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar MyDeathCounter

After the command is registered, you will see a sidebar with your name and amount of deaths.

How death counter works on the sidebar

Add a Death Counter in Minecraft Bedrock

Adding a Death Counter in Minecraft Bedrock edition follows a similar pattern, and you will need to be the owner of the world, or have the OP of your server, or Minecraft realm.

If you have the power to apply game settings, make sure that your world cheats are toggled on, and proceed with writing the following commands:

/scoreboard objectives add Death_Counter MyDeathCounter

With this simple command, you should be able to register the death counter in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

To display the scoreboard death counter, you will need to use any of the above-mentioned commands, or you can also display use another one to display a death counter under player names:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay belowname MyDeathCounter

With this command, players will have a death counter below their names, which will update upon every death.

How to Reset the Death Counter in Minecraft

Resetting the death counter is something very useful for players who simply want to start fresh. It’s also possible for both Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock editions.

All you need to do is write the command:

/scoreboard players set PlayerName MyDeathCounter 0

how to reset the death counter in Minecraft

Changing the PlayerName with an actual player’s name will make the death counter stats reset to 0, but will continue counting if a player dies once again.

How to Remove the Death Counter in Minecraft

Removing the player counter is another useful command, which can be performed on both Minecraft editions. However, this command cannot be used to affect a single player.

With that said, if you remove the death counter, it will disappear for all players, but can be brought out again by performing one of the above-mentioned commands. There is no need to register it, as it is already working on the server.

To remove the death counter in Minecraft, you will need to use this command:

/scoreboard objectives remove MyDeathCounter


Death counters are one of the easiest ways to enjoy a more RPG-like Minecraft experience from Vanilla Minecraft. If you have ever wondered what other things you can do with commands, check out our tutorial on objectives in Minecraft.