How to Create the Best PVE Team in Minecraft

Are you a fan of PVE in Minecraft? Do you want to know how to create the best PVE team in Minecraft? We’ve got you covered with our PVE Minecraft guide.

PVE in Minecraft has started since the beginning of the game. Not to mention that aside from mining and building, your best shot will be to kill some monsters.

There are some fun things you can do while killing monsters and aside from the normal drops, some of the Minecraft servers do offer better mob drops, which can enhance your Minecraft experience.

Playing solo PVE can be fun, but what if you had a team to share the mob and boss rewards?

I can assure you that it is much more fun and you will have more time to grind for the items you are seeking and get rich in no time.


To start of PVE stands for Player VS Environment. In these situations, you fight versus non computer characters, which in Minecraft are known as mobs.

In most of the servers like Hypixel mobs are not dropping only the basic rewards, such as bones, flesh, arrows or in rare cases armor pieces and weapons.

If you are not into having your own PVP team in Minecraft, then why not create your own PVE team in Minecraft.

The pros of having a PVE team are many, while no cons exist. Except if you have problems between each other, like who will get the stronger gear or where to farm first.

Overall the experience to create your own Minecraft PVE team is much better and players all around the world team up, so they can fight stronger mobs.

If you have played RPG games, you can always find how a group of 15-20 people are going into a dungeon, so they can quickly kill all the minions and grab the rewards from the boss.

What is PVE in Minecraft?

PVE in Minecraft is perfect for players who are casually playing in online servers, which have plugins, to create custom mobs, dungeons and arenas.

Unlike the vanilla Minecraft, those buffed with plugins servers, also offer you a good set of Minecraft armor pieces, weapons or special drops, which you can exchange for better items.

If you are a fan of such servers, you can always check our list of the best Minecraft RPG servers.

minecraft pve

In the vanilla Minecraft, fighting versus the environment does not always need you to have strong gears and a team, as most of the mobs can be killed with bare hands. Except for skeletons, endermam and the ender dragon.

Once you go to a more advanced server, which has more custom mobs, in some cases you will find out that the mobs have levels assigned to them, which also determines their difficulty.

The higher the level of the mob, it means the stronger it will be. In the best case scenario if you have the perfect gears for fighting mobs and a PVE team on the server, you can easily ace those pesky higher levels mobs or bosses, which can earn you some gears and advance through the levels.

If I play on a basic Minecraft server, does it make sense to create a PVE Team?

Yes, it does. Having a PVE team on a server, which does not specialize in custom mobs, items or any advanced drops, does not mean that you don’t need a team.

minecraft vanilla

When you have a team for PVE you can always take down mobs faster and sell the items you acquire to other players.

Good places to farm in Minecraft were always the nether or end realm. Once you gather the resources that the mobs drop, you can summon bosses, which will require a PVE team to take down.

What is a PVE Team in Minecraft?

A PVE team in Minecraft has 2 or more players, who teamed and geared up to fight different mobs and bosses.

A good PVE team would consist 2 tanks, 2 damage dealers and 1 alchemist.

The idea of having a 5 man team, which is easy, is because you can easily kill any mobs or bosses, by using your tanks as lure to catch all the mobs and as a damage dealer, unleash all the strength you have.


The role of a tank in a PVE Minecraft team is simple. You only have to lure all the mobs and make them come and try to attack you.

Making mobs attack you can open many doors and help out your team to kill the mobs easily without the risk of dying.

Tanks are usually equipped with heavy gears, a sword and a shield. Being protective for you team is the main priority of a tank. Carrying golden apples to keep your health up can be a good thing. Taking potions for resistance is another great way to keep yourself protected from traps and mobs.

Damage Dealer

Damage dealers are more into heavy weapon fighting, such as axes. The main idea of the damage dealer is to attack the mobs, that were attracted to your tank and execute them as soon as possible.

Damage dealers carry heavy armors and an axe with themselves. Damage dealers can also use golden apples, as they can get hit and eventually die if fighting with stronger bosses.

A damage dealer should be always equipped with golden apples, potions of swiftness and potion of strength.

If something happens to the tank, a damage dealer should always protect the alchemist, because their role is to completely heal them and weaken the enemies, so it can be easier for damage dealers to execute mobs.


Alchemist is the supportive role in Minecraft, which should not go into fights or take any damage, unlike the tank or damage dealer.

The idea of an alchemist is to keep fast speeds and weaken or harm enemies with potions. Once the team starts losing their health, you can always throw a splash potion of healing and they will be good as new.

Another great thing about alchemists is that they can always use potions of poison or potion of harm, which can always remove health from mobs or bosses and help out with maintaining a good PVE team experience.


In most cases Archer isn’t the best role to be played in PVE, but why not. It can always be fun. Especially when you know that archers don’t need heavy or good armors, but need to have a well enchanted bow, so they can deal damage and help you out.

The Archer is usually a safe role, which strikes from distance with their long ranged bows and do not need many care from the other players in the team. This way they can fully focus on protecting the damage dealer and attacking the mobs in ways they can.

Archers use only a bow and in rare cases, they can use a potion of strength for dealing bigger damage, which could lessen up the time needed to kill each of the mobs or bosses.

Potion of swiftness is another great choice, if you have to be moving all the time and acting fast, as some of the mobs can sure require a fast acting ranger.

If you happen to fight with a ranged boss, such as the Wither, you will definitely need tanks with bows and archers, who are moving fast and attack the enemy without thinking.

In other cases when you have mobs or bosses on ground, you can just be keeping distance and watching out for what spawns and kill it before it tries to kill any of your teammates.

How to create the best PVE team in Minecraft?

Having a PVE team can be a hard and responsible task, which needs you to be strong and be ready to invest a lot time in this.

Your team should have the perfect skills and be fit for the role you will assign to them, so you need to be extra careful, when choosing the people.

Planning ahead of your time is another thing that we always mention, so you can be prepared and sure what to do in the hardest situations, like a critical boss fight, or if the plan goes wrong.

Knowing your team members’ skills is the other thing you need to be sure of, so you can wisly choose their role and be sure that you have backup once you enter the dungeon with your PVE team in Minecraft.

Create a plan for your PVE team in Minecraft

Planning ahead is a time saver and can make you feel prepared for the upcoming and thrilling adventure, known for years in the world of Minecraft. It is creating your own PVE team.

When planning out what team you need, as the idea of having a PVE team is changeable, you need to also think of – what roles does your team need?

minecraft pve plans

Asking yourself questions and having an answer to each of them may be the first part of success for you and your future PVE team in Minecraft.

Once you start out with your role plan and which dungeons you need to take, it is best to see what kind of players you need and to test their skills.

Test the skills of each PVE member in your team

When you find out a team member, the first thing you need to do is to test out their skills in normal and critical conditions.

When you see a person’s skills, you know how capable he is of protecting and thinking under critical conditions. The only way you can do this, is actually to start with people you don’t know and to take on an easy dungeon.

test each player

This way you can see how each person reacts and how he would feel when fighting alongside the others.

If there is a member keeping the team back, you can easily filter them out, or in some cases help them out to take on another role, which can fit them and their needs of adventure.

Assign the perfect role for each member of your team

Assigning each of your team members the role they are perfect fit for, is mandatory so you can start out and train each other.

Picking the right role for a team member can be a hard thing. Especially if you are searching for the same number of roles that we are using to raid dungeons on Minecraft.

Sometimes you can just use your imagination and create the number of needed roles as per your desires. Our way of playing is a recommended and basic way, but sometimes we also change the things.

assign a role

Having more people taking a certain role is also a good idea, so you can have a backup team, when something goes wrong. One of your members may have issues logging on and playing Minecraft, so you will need to have a backup plan to go and start your raid.

Keeping your team in big numbers can always be helpful for you and make your best friend happy, even if he is bad at PVE in Minecraft.

Start raiding easier dungeons

Once you have your team assembled, you need to start practicing and training yourselves, until you reach the level of success you have always dreamed about.

Raiding dungeons for the first times with your PVE team in Minecraft can be a hard thing, as you will be just starting to get the hang out of each member and how they are reacting to the conditions set on the dungeon.

pve fights

Once you start playing with your team, it may be a bit hard in the beginning, but everything will eventually go well after some training together.

Making tactics for each dungeon can be a fun way to battle your way through victory and game changer for the basic ways of playing Minecraft.


Now when you know how to create your own PVE team in Minecraft and have the basics to start out your adventure, you should definitely give it a try.

It may be time consuming and hard in the beginning, but hard work pays off all the time.

You may even advance in Minecraft as you will have a team next to you, ready to battle and claim some cool items on their way.

The only hard thing with having a PVE team in Minecraft is when the team is failing to ace a dungeon. This happens all the time, so you should just think of a way through this issue.

You shouldn’t give up and the role as a leader is to motivate your team to do better and have more chances in acing each dungeon you enter.

If you had just started your Minecraft PVE team, or you had one since long time, be sure to mention it in the comments, along with what tips work best for you.

We will be happy to include all of your tips in this guide, so we can help out the new guys, which will be coming here to read about the wonderful adventures of having a PVE team in Minecraft.