Best Minecraft Skyblock Plugins For 2023

Would you like to start your Skyblock server and add the best Skyblock plugins?

In this article, we will showcase the best Skyblock plugins for Minecraft that your server needs. With these plugins, you are guaranteed to have a popular Minecraft server.

However, these plugins do require an initial setup with permissions or how they will work.

The 15 Best Skyblock Plugins in Minecraft

To begin with there are many Skyblock plugins for Minecraft. Each of them offers Skyblock variations, such as islands with homes, custom biomes, mobs spawned, and others.

But when it comes to plugins for a good Skyblock server there are many that you can add. Each server has a different stack of plugins, which should be carefully picked. Otherwise, you are risking slowing your Minecraft server.

So before you start choosing the plugins for your Minecraft skyblock server, it would be better to optimize your Minecraft server and prepare to check out our recommendations.

MC Daily Rewards

MC Daily Rewards A daily rewarding plugin for Minecraft

When starting a Minecraft skyblock server, it would be really nice to offer your players daily rewards, so they can come back to the server and collect them. What’s special in MC Daily Rewards is that you can set all kinds of rewards, and give them to your players for free.

Or if you are a creative server owner, you can always give permission to monthly pass users to access the plugin and take their rewards.

MC Daily Rewards can give money, execute commands, or give players any item that you have in-game, keeping your player community active for a longer time.


AuctionHouse Best Minecraft Skyblock Plugins

AuctionHouse is one of the most desired and easiest set up Minecraft Skyblock plugins. It requires a vault and permissions plugin to work on your server, but this can be done in no more than 5 minutes.

With AuctionHouse, players can sell the items they have gotten from fighting or farming and wait for another player to purchase them. Just like in most MMORPG games, AuctionHouse is a plugin to help players to purchase things from one another and has no restrictions on item sell price.

The plugin works with any item in Minecraft, but can also work with customized items, which are created with the help of other Minecraft server plugins.

While it can prevent scams, the plugin is limited to selling offers only. Players can trade items with each other and once an item gets sold, a tax fee will apply. These tax fees are set by server owners and are always at a fixed rate.



Citizens are one of the most popular Minecraft plugins as it offers real NPCs to be created in Minecraft. You can choose a skin for your NPC and even assign a certain job for him.

Each NPC can have a name and a different style. They can also talk, walk at a set distance, or even start fighting with players if they are hit.

With Citizens and some addons for the plugin, you can also assign different commands to your NPCs, such as making them a teleporter, shop, or even a quest giver.

The plugin may seem complex and heavy for most server owners, but it is as optimized as it needs to be. There is no other plugin, which has such a big functionality and works well with every plugin in Minecraft.



Are you tired of giving the same cobblestone generator odds to your Minecraft community? With CustomOreGen, you can set your old stone generator to give out even better items, and choose their ods.

CustomOreGen is the best Skyblock plugin, which lets you set a wide variety of ores or other blocks, to be generated once water and lava touch the same block.

And instead of making cobblestones, you can produce lapis, Redstone, diamonds, and any other block in the game. To break and get the block generated you will not need a special type of pickaxe, which is meant for the block.

You can break them at the same speed and receive their drop even with a wooden pickaxe, which makes Skyblock servers a bit more creative.

Customizing the item that will generate and drop can happen only from the plugin’s config file, and the tweak does not require much time.



MineMarket is a WordPress donation plugin on a monthly subscription, which offers server owners to accept donations in all kinds of ways. It is an add-on to Woocommerce, which means that you can accept every possible payment method.

MineMarket is directly hooked to your Minecraft server through an API and once a player makes a purchase, WordPress will send a command, which your server will execute in a timely manner.

And while most of the Minecraft plugins are made to work with premium Minecraft accounts, MineMarket allows cracked players to offer paid ranks and enjoy donations.



Have you ever wanted a custom-coded Skyblock Minecraft server, but don’t know how to code in Java? With Skript you can make any customized type of Minecraft server in plain English, just like a professional programmer.

Skript has an in-built Java library and turned into a no-brainer code, which can follow any kind of command and permission as to where will it be executed.

It has many purposes for Minecraft servers with extended functionality and can even be a replacement for almost any Minecraft server plugin.

However, to learn Skript you will need to watch a few Minecraft videos or hire a developer as sometimes it may be tricky to use the plugin. It can run any command just like a command block, without taking many server resources, and runs stable.


Vault Best Minecraft Skyblock Plugins

If you are looking for an easy to setup Minecraft economy plugin, Vault would be a perfect choice. It’s a relatively easy plugin, which completely solves the problem of hooking Minecraft plugins together.

It comes with pre-built permissions and gives great chat and economy features to Minecraft players, without the need of installing the old permission plugins or setting up everything from scratch.

As the plugin developers say “Vault attempts to solve all Minecraft plugin setup issues and make it easier for server owners”.


WorldGuard is one of the oldest and best Minecraft protection plugins, which many server owners use. It lets you protect your spawn and builds. Along with you can set permissions as to what players can interact in protected worlds and buildings, give them flags, or even restrict them from accessing certain places.

WorldGuard also lets you set different zones in your world, set game rules, and restrict features, such as throwing items, blowing TNT, or even removing some of the items.

If you are wondering why some players have the option to fly in a SkyBlock server, well that’s because the owners are using WorldGuard and have set such permission.

WorldGuard works great with WorldEdit and does not take a lot of your server’s resources. It is open source and can be changed in various ways.


SimpleScore Best Minecraft Skyblock Plugins

Every Minecraft Skyblock server will require a scoreboard to show the player’s stats and even be able to show them as a custom solution.

SimpleScore is by far the best skyblock plugin, with the easiest setup. It’s a fully customizable skyblock plugin, which lets server owners integrate different currencies and statistics into one single scoreboard.

The SimpleScore plugin lets server owners, what scoreboard to show in each world, and can easily toggle it off if the world permits it. You can use animation effects and special symbols on your scoreboard.

And if you wish to maximize your Skyblock server, you can add MCMMO, which is working perfectly fine with SimpleScore. You can display player levels or any kind of skill, with additions to it.


AutoPlug Best Minecraft Skyblock Plugins

Updating Minecraft plugins can be a tiring task for every server owner. It takes quite some time to stop your Minecraft server, download each of the new updates, and implement it in your Minecraft plugins folder.

It can take a reasonable amount of time, which can kill a player’s mood, especially if you need to restart the whole server and not put your players in a hub world until everything is finished.

But AutoPlug is an all-in-one solution for all kinds of Minecraft servers, as it will take the heavy maintenance part and let you enjoy your time as a Minecraft server owner.

With AutoPlug you can set your Minecraft server on autopilot and watch how all plugins and mods update on their own. It can also be scheduled when to perform these updates, and make server backup files, so you are always protected from damages.



Minecraft Skyblock servers are doomed without a shop or any way of purchasing some items. And that’s because the multiplayer Skyblock worlds, don’t have multiple islands to travel to and get some items from the chests.

But with ShopGUI you can change how Skyblock servers work. It’s a relatively old and still maintained plugin, which gives a pretty nice shopping experience.

You can easily categorize all items in Minecraft and make it easier for your players to find what they need. Along with that, they can purchase items in bulk, rather than buying them 1 by 1.


VoteParty Best Minecraft Skyblock Plugins

Voting is a tough thing for Minecraft servers. There is almost no player who will vote of his free will for the sake of the server. It’s understandable. Players don’t join Minecraft servers to vote and make the popular. They join them to have fun.

That’s why VoteParty is a great solution for monetizing your Minecraft server and getting votes more efficiently.

The plugin allows you to set a custom vote count, which will give out certain rewards to all players once it gets triggered. For example, if we have set an amount of 50 players to vote, so the Vote Party can be triggered, after reaching the amount, each player will receive an item.

You can customize the rewards, which players will receive, and set any number of votes that need to be achieved before the vote party has even started.


superiorskyblockv2 best minecraft skyblock plugins

SuperiorSkyblock is the best Skyblock plugin for Minecraft, packed with many features, and easy-to-maintain options. It comes packed with 3 different islands and an option for creating more custom islands.

Each island has a settings GUI, which can be controlled by players, letting them set their own permissions, without writing a single command line. Not to mention that the permissions on the island are also packed with an easy-to-manage panel, as well as the rest of the options.

Each player can easily level up his island and use commands such as island top, to see the top islands, and search for the daily missions to bring themselves to the top lists.

Upgrades are also included in SuperiorSkyblock2, which makes it a wonderful plugin to use for your Skyblock server. Each player can get custom items used to upgrade their island space, players, spawners, generators, and much more.

Not to mention that Superior Skyblock is a close competitor to its alternatives Iridium Skyblock, ASkyblock, and FabledSkybBlock.



If you are looking for a fun-to-use Minecraft Skyblock plugin JetsMinions is one of the best on this list. It lets players get their own custom minion, which will mine a certain block or harvest crops.

JetsMinions are small Minecraft minions, which can start doing a job that is assigned to them. They will simply cover a 5×5 area and do their assigned job automatically. For example, if you have an iron minion, it will generate an area to mine iron and loot everything.

Each minion has its own job and can be upgraded to produce more materials for you.

JetsMinions also includes custom clothing, which will give you the option to change your clothes to whatever you like. The clothing can also be customized, and given as a donation reward.

The plugin also includes a database for information storage and can be used for backups at any time.

Note that JetsMinions is a premium plugin, and is currently priced at 10GBP, but gives you premium support from the plugin developers.


coins best minecraft skyblock plugins

Having one single currency in Minecraft is pretty boring. And also most of the Skyblock servers reward you with different currencies when defeating mobs.

Coins are one of the best skyblock plugins, which will reward you with different amounts of coins once you defeat a mob, mine blocks, or defeat other players.

Each coin you gather can act as a separate currency from the money you have created for your server, so you can use them with a different shop.

If you wish to make changes to the plugin, you can use the config file and set the percentages of dropped coins, or simply choose what, and when to reward players with coins.

Players can always trade or drop their collected coins on the floor via simple commands. However, coins will not be stacked and can be lost if an item-clearing plugin gets activated at the time of the drop.

Simple Skyblock

Simple Skyblock is a plugin, which includes only the most essential parts for a powerful Skyblock server. It is a very simple plugin with rewards, that can be earned after completing island levels.

A Simple Skyblock can be used for solo or co-op with other players to help advance islands.

The plugin includes protected island chat channels with hidden messages and can be toggled off whenever needed.

SimpleSkyblock also features a small trading system, which is used to exchange items between players. Once any of your server players have anything to trade, they can also use the “shout” command, to initiate a message in the whole server, and be seen by players on private islands as well.

Currently, a Simple Skyblock is available for Minecraft servers with versions starting from 1.8 and ending at 1.15.