Best Minecraft Shield Enchantments for 2023

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the small protection stats you get in Minecraft? Starting out with your leather or iron gear can be really a tough task, compared to playing with netherite gears.

However, you can always craft a shield, and protect yourself even better from mob attacks, projectiles, and even creeper explosions.

Even if you jump into Minecraft PvP servers, a shield can definitely protect you from the sharpness, knockback, or even smite from players’ weapons. But along with your shield protections, you will also need to make some potions and give yourself some buffs.

And in today’s article, we will be checking out the best Minecraft shield enchantments, and tell you how, and which you should enchant first.

What enchantments can you put on a shield in Minecraft

As you may have heard or seen, there are only 3 enchantments that you can apply on a shield in Minecraft. And only one of these enchantments has levels and will require a higher amount of XP when enchanting.

The first enchantment is Mending. When you use your shield to protect yourself from attacks, it will start losing durability. Once this durability reaches 0, your shield will break. That will automatically mean that you will need to repair your shield with another shield.


However, the Mending enchantment will automatically repair your shield, while receiving damage. But you will lose part of your XP as it is the price to repair broken items.

The second enchantment we have is Unbreaking. It can be seen in 3 different levels, and the higher level of enchantment you have, the more durability your shield will have while fighting with monsters. To receive this enchantment you will either need an enchanted book with Unbreaking or try and enchant your shield to receive this enchantment.

The last enchantment we have, which is not a good one is the Curse of Vanishing. If you ever enchant your should and receive this enchantment, you should not add any other enchantments. The Curse of Vanishing enchantment will make your shield disappear once you die in Minecraft.

This means that you will lose your shield, and all enchantments added to it if you die.

How can I enchant my shield in Minecraft

To enchant your shield in Minecraft you will need to have at least 30 levels of XP, so you can get the highest enchantments for your shield.

The next thing is to either have an anvil, or an enchantment table.


However, the best course to enchanting items in Minecraft would be by having both of them and using the enchantment table for enchanting books. After that, you can use the enchanted books with your shield on the anvil.

This way you can add multiple enchantments and choose which enchantments should be added to your anvil.

Which enchantment should I add first to my shield

Since we have only 3 enchantments available for a shield, we will need to be really careful when adding them. The Curse of Vanishing enchantment should never be added to your shield. Otherwise, you are bearing the risk of losing it upon death (as mentioned earlier).


The Mending enchantment does not require 30 XP levels and can be gotten really fast if you try to enchant your books. It would be the perfect enchantment to add first to your shield, as it will always repair your shield, and prevent you from wasting resources on another shield.

The 3rd and last enchantment are Unbreaking. To get the level 3 Unbreaking enchantment, you will need to be lucky, and have at least 30 XP levels, otherwise, you will not have the chance to get it.


Starting your enchanting adventure with your shield can be the best strategy. Since there is no better shield variant, you are not bearing the risk of changing gear and having to enchant it once again.

And if you get the Mending enchantment, you can safely use all of your resources on better items, while your shield will consume XP to repair itself.