The 5 Best Minecraft Servers for PlayStation Players

Are you one of the players who enjoy playing Minecraft on a console, rather than a personal computer? That’s pretty normal, considering the money you would need to invest in a computer.

There are millions of players who prefer playing Minecraft on Xbox or PlayStation, and to help them, we have created a special list of servers for them.

In this article, we will be showcasing the best Minecraft Servers for PS players.

How to join PS Minecraft Servers

Playing Minecraft on a PlayStation can be really fun. However, you will need to have the game purchased in your PlayStation store, a WiFi connection, and a PlayStation Plus subscription active.

Playing Minecraft on PlayStation

The PlayStation Plus Subscription can be found in gaming stores or purchased online.

A PlayStation Plus Subscription will give you to play multiplayer games with your friends, or join other players’ servers. Unfortunately, Minecraft is also one of those games, which requires a subscription active.

What are the Best PlayStation Minecraft Servers

The version offered for Minecraft PlayStation players is the Bedrock version. Minecraft Bedrock edition is available for cross-play between Xbox, Android, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.



MineVille or formerly known as InPvP is known as the most popular PvP Minecraft server, featuring its custom-made plugins and special fighting mechanics.

MineVille is a huge network, offering you many game modes, including SkyWars, Egg Wars, TNT Run, Tower Wars, Money Wars, Block Hunt, and much more.

You can also choose to play on their RPG server by going into the InPVP hub, also known as a small branch for choosing servers, and immediately start your roleplaying adventure.

Their roleplaying server is mainly for PvP purposes, where you can choose between classes, packed with different skills and fighting mechanics.

  • IP Address:

The Hive


The Hive was once the most popular server for Minecraft Java Edition but had to close doors and continue to work on their Bedrock Edition aspects.

The Hive is the most popular minigames Minecraft server, which includes more than 30 mini-game modes, featuring building battles, death run, Treasure Wars, Murder Mystery, The Bridge, and much more.

Every single game mode that has been offered in The Hive has been custom-made by a skilled team of developers and takes them months to turn their thoughts into real work.

However, the existing game modes on the server can be permanent, or be released for a limited time. The Hive often offers temporary game modes, with additional in-game rewards. So you should immediately join and not wait until they are closed forever.

  • The Hive IP Address:



MinePlex is one of the great Minecraft Bedrock edition servers ever created, with a wide variety of game modes available. Back in 2019, they were known as the most popular server, receiving millions of players on a daily basis.

MinePlex has won many real-life awards, and received tons of donations, which helped the server grow to a higher level, and become a close competitor to The Hive.

The MinePlex Bedrock Edition servers are officially partnered with Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) and help with releasing new marketplace content for the Bedrock Edition.

Currently, MinePlex is offering 13 different game modes, which cannot be found on any other server. They have the MineStrike mini-game, which looks like Counter-Strike in Minecraft. there are 2 teams, from which one is the SWAT and the other is called the Bombers. Bombers need to plant the bomb, while SWAT needs to defuse it.

Another of their famous game modes is Speed Builders. In this game mode, you will need to memorize buildings fast, and build them even faster. The one who has created an exact copy of the building, before the timer runs out, will be considered a winner in this game mode.

Mineplex is a Minecraft minigame server. It is one of seven Minecraft: Bedrock Edition servers officially partnered with Mojang Studios, the developers of Minecraft. As of mid-2016, Mineplex had millions of unique players monthly.

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ManaCube Best Minecraft Servers for PS Players

ManaCube is one of the oldest and most popular Minecraft servers in the world. It offers a wide variety of choices for its players and features the popular Skyblock, MMO worlds, Parkour, Prison, Towny, Kit PvP, and other servers.

ManaCube is a popular server network, which has many custom features and game modes, with tons of plugins and content, you can start playing. Their most popular servers are their Survival and Skyblock for a single reason.

They include popular RPG plugins unleashing the potential of enhancing your survival and giving you more customizable gears, which include sets and enchantments in the form of books, that can be placed on your gear.

  • ManaCube IP Address:


PixelmonCraft Best Minecraft Servers for PS Players

Are you a fan of Pokemon and Minecraft? PixelmonCraft is a Pokemon-themed Pixelmon server offered for multiplayer with hundreds of Pokemons available to be caught.

You can roam around the map and catch all the living creatures and evolve them on your journey to become the best Pokemon trainer. Joining battles with your caught animals can earn you some glory, and once they are too tired, you can visit any Hospital to get them healed and ready for adventuring.

The server offers great voting rewards, including some master Pokeballs, which will help you further in your adventures of catching Pokemon even faster.

  • PixelmonCraft IP Address:


CubeCraft Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers

CubeCraft is the largest Minecraft Network in the world, available for both Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition. For the Bedrock edition players, you can cross-play on any of the devices, including PlayStation.

CubeCraft has been constructed to be playable on any of the Minecraft versions, starting from 1.12.2, and going up to 1.19.

The main purpose of CubeCraft is mini-games, and they are a leader in this industry. Most of their mini-games have been born from community ideas, which were later turned into real projects.

You can choose between 30 different mini-games, such as MinerWare, EggWars, SkyWars, or even limited-time mini-games, which the community wishes to be permanent.

Just like The Hive, they offer tons of limited-time mini-games, so you shouldn’t waste time, but go and play on them. Each mini-game offered in CubeCraft will give you tons of permanent rewards, such as particle effects, or in-game coins, which are later used for further purchases.

  • CubeCraft IP Address: