The 6 Best Minecraft Launchers with Mods

Do you like Minecraft when it’s filled with mods? Using a Minecraft launcher with mods can help you forget about the installation of Minecraft.

Sometimes it may be too much to download all of the mods you like and wait for them to be integrated to play them on Minecraft.

Using a premade Minecraft launcher with mods is a faster and easier way, so you can skip the boring installation part.

6 Best Minecraft Launcher with Mods


Atlauncher Best Minecraft Launchers with Mods

ATLauncher is one of the best Minecraft Launchers with mods, which has a whole auditory of 148 mod packs. Each of the mod packs is installed with 1 click and is instantly playable.

The seamless mod integration with ATLauncher can ensure your game experience, with no interruptions or issues.

ATLauncher is free to download and requires a Microsoft login, as per the new updates from


Technic Launcher Best Minecraft Launchers with Mods

TechnicLauncher is another popular Minecraft launcher packed with mods, which is used by more than a million players.

The popularity of the launcher gets higher due to its list of the most popular mods and the easy one-click installer, which lets the player enjoy any mod in a matter of seconds.

TechniClauncher is a cracked Minecraft launcher for mods, which does not require players to have purchased Minecraft in order to play their favorite mods.

The TehnicLauncher can be downloaded from their official website. Any other source is considered a virus and may potentially harm your computer.


MultiMC Launcher is another premium Minecraft launcher for mods, which will need you to have a premium Minecraft username. The MultiMC launcher lets players download and keep the mods on their Minecraft mods folder.

The mods can be activated/deactivated at any time, without the need to be deleted and they do not even take up too much space on the computer.

MultiMC is a premium Minecraft launcher for mods, but there exists a pirated or the so-called cracked version, which is not related to the original MultiMC support.


GDLauncher is a custom cracked Minecraft launcher, which is built for a good user experience. The launcher is built by WesterosCraft and recommended by thousands of other players.

It can be used to play on any modded Minecraft server with a click of a button, or install any of the Minecraft mods you would like to use in your singleplayer world.

GDLauncher offers full support for Fabric and Vanilla Minecraft, without any high-end requirements for PCs and ensures a good user experience until the end.

For users who have issues with the launcher, they can submit a support ticket, and receive helpful and friendly tips to fix their issue.

GDLauncher is frequently updated, which ensures the stability of the newest Minecraft versions and allows players to install snapshots without any requirements.

SKCraft Launcher

The SKCraft Launcher is another custom Minecraft launcher for Minecraft mods but operates in a different way.

The launcher can be downloaded on GitHub and doesn’t require players to have an official Minecraft account to play or use it.

On SKCraft mods had to be downloaded directly from GitHub, but now SKCraft admins have integrated a helpful way to directly give you mods through a single click.

With SKCraft Launcher you can join any modded server or play on classic Vanilla-type Minecraft servers.

Along with Vanilla, SKCraft also futures Fabric and provides full support for it. Even though SKCraft is held in GitHub and maintained there, you can still submit support tickets and receive additional support regarding your issues.


TLauncher is by far the greatest Minecraft launcher with mods, which has its own server called Team Extreme.

With TLauncher you can join any of the cracked Minecraft servers by using any custom name you came up with, and have no requirement of having a premium Minecraft account.

The TLauncher offers full support for Vanilla and Fabric and has seamless mod download options. It’s a very lightweight launcher, which does not slow down your PC, even if you have mods installed and they are currently running.

TLauncher supports every Minecraft mod, which is taken out and adds mod support for all of the upcoming mods that creators submit.

TLauncher doesn’t have a dedicated support team, but they do have forums, on which you can ask various questions and receive support from other TLauncher users