11 Best Minecraft Houses That Every Builder Should Know

Have you ever wondered, which are the best Minecraft Houses? We’ve got you covered with the 20 best Minecraft houses that every builder should know.

People nowadays are searching for creative ideas on building their next project. Over the years we have seen some amazing Minecraft houses from our builder, but which are the best ones, that every builder should know?


Minecraft has been the most educative and fun game since its release on 2011. Over millions of players have been surviving and building in the fun world of Minecraft.

Aside from playing Minecraft with cool mods or fun plugins, most of the Minecraft builders have dedicated their times and lives to build the best Minecraft houses ever known in this world.

Destroying blocks, enchanting tools and surviving every day, has become a popular way to build nowadays. In fact, most of the players prefer building amazing houses on survival mode.

Building the best house you could ever imagine sure can be a fun way, but why not challenge yourself and try to go for more adventure? Some of the players have even dedicated hundreds of hours on polishing their skills so they can build the best houses on hardcore mode.

It is not an easy job to sit all day and build. Even if you have a team, it can be tiresome, but luckily for you, we have some inspirational ideas, for you and your team.

Best Minecraft Houses

When you start your search for cool and inspirational well designed house projects, do you ever consider the hardness as we do?

We have dedicated years and years of researches to find the best house projects for you and your team, so you can learn and polish your building skills.

Now you may be a complete Minecraft starter and have little to no skills on building, but don’t bother, as we have included are guide on how to become a professional Minecraft builder.

So what houses would you consider as best in Minecraft? You can let us know in the comments, below.

1. The Mechanical Piston House

Best Minecraft Houses Mechanical house

The Mechanical Piston house is the most viewed and best Minecraft house that every builder should know and try to build.

It may look as a simple building that may be done by any 12 year old, but the hidden secret if this house is that it is fully automated.

The house includes 30 mechanisms, which are done with pistons and repeaters. Once you check out the design of the house from the inside, you will get the idea that this had been built back in 2015.

The house includes a lot of rooms, automated item droppers.

This house can be pushed even further, if you have the right building team in Minecraft.

2. The Hillside Manor World

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If you are looking for a nice world design for adventures in Minecraft, Minecraft Maps have done their best project ever, which was and will continue to be the most exciting map ever.

Hillside Manor World is a big project with many different buildings, which are located in each of the biomes in Minecraft.

The idea of Hillside Manor is to catch each biome and recreate the vanilla type of Minecraft.

Hillside Manor includes custom villages and recreation of the Minecraft biomes.

The creator of Hillside Manor World has used Minecraft version 1.3, so a better and cleaner seed can be used, but the map can be loaded on any version of the game.

The map includes many clean areas, which can be used for building and adding more structures.

3. The Stark Tower

Best Minecraft Houses Stark Company

We have all watched Marvel’s Avengers. Haven’t we?

That’s why the third place in the series of the best Minecraft houses we had to include The Start Tower.

The project may be old, but even nowadays this marvelous building is receiving thousands of downloads and is being used for many fun Minecraft videos.

 The Stark Tower in Minecraft is a pure recreation of the original Iron Man comic books and has all the aesthetics.

One of the best things in this project is that you can set and use any kind of Minecraft RPG md and recreate the Marvel adventures.

4. Steve Holding a House

Best Minecraft Houses Steve Holds a House

We all know Steve from Minecraft. He was the hero that introduced the game to us and showed us how fun it is.

If you miss Steve and want to appreciate him, then you can add Steve to your own Minecraft server.

The project Steve Holding a house is one of the oldest and most memorable projects that had been done for appreciating Steve in Minecraft.

Steve Holding a House is not designed with the newest materials that exist nowadays, but can be always recreated, but never replace the original.

5. Waterfront home

Best Minecraft Houses Waterfront Home

If you are constructing a server with a Jail plugin in Minecraft, perhaps you would like to put a bit of excitement.

Jails shouldn’t be so boring and without any kind of fun activities, right?

The Waterfront home is the perfect home built in water and is a perfect fit for Minecraft servers who jail their players for breaking the rules.

The players can look throughout the whole home and go up to each floor until they reach the top and throw some snowballs, until their time in jail expires.

This way you can keep people on your server and not have any kind of problem with leaving players.

6. Vikdal – Realm of The Skylords

Best Minecraft Houses Realm of The Skylords

Realm of the Skylords is an epic RPG map, which is non copyright free to use map for Minecraft RPG Servers.

Vikdal is a 10 year old Minecraft RPG project, which had been used in many servers, but apparently all of them were closed due to personal reasons.

Realm of The Skylords has a steampunk type of design with many travelling balloons (not working without a mod) and perfect areas for placing NPC’s and doing questing.

You can find many houses, which can be recreated and be used as Inn’s in the game along with many areas suited for custom mobs.

7. GTA V – Franklin’s house

Best Minecraft Houses GTA V Franklins house

Perhaps you have played GTA V and you know all the main characters’ houses. What if they were recreated in Minecraft?

Well, welcome to GTA V in Minecraft. BoveyBrawlers have made a recreation of the famous GTA V house owned by Franklin, but in Minecraft.

The house is a total copy of the original house that Franklin from GTA V owns and can look even better once you had installed a realistic Minecraft texture pack.

8. Ultra Dirt House

Best Minecraft houses ultra dirt house

Perhaps you will think that this is a joke and why is such a stupid thing included in our list of the best Minecraft houses?

Well, if you ever dare to download and try the map out you will see that this is just the beginning of a wonderful project.

The Ultra Dirt House project can be used for any kind of instance in the game, such as a spawn for your server, casino games, tutorial related or any kind of activity in the world of Minecraft.

Ultra Dirt House has been created really long time ago, but is still being active on most of the fun to play servers, as they do not require custom and professional building for the sake of the players.

9. Mega Redstone House

Best Minecraft Houses Mega Redstone House

The Mega Redstone House is a truly unique project, which holds a top spot in the best Minecraft Houses list.

The Mega Redstone House map can be imported in any kind of server, which has mods and be used for shooting activities.

Minigame mods, such as volleyball and others can also be used to create a fun minigame server, which would start attracting most of the players.

10. All in One Room

Best Minecraft Houses All in One Room

The All in One Room Minecraft house includes a heavy and hard to do redstone system, which requires months to finish, but the results are worth.

The All in One Room house includes many rooms with automatic shulkers, furnaces, armor stands and many more, which come out in just a click of a button.

 The house is fully compact and working fine, which can be an awesome project for space Minecraft servers and not take up too much space.

11. Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator is a great Minecraft project, which includes the story of a girl, who wanted the heart of a senpai. She was a psychopathic girl, who was jealous and could not stand any girl talking to the one she loved so much.

The Yandere Simulator is a Minecraft map, which does not include any kind of mods and is suited for playing role games with murdering.

If you have played Yandere Simulator, then you are aware of the story and you know how fun this map can be for a futuristic Minecraft minigame map.


Now once you have a grasp on the best Minecraft houses that you should definitely know, you can start building your first one (if you haven’t).

Sometimes it may be hard to become an expert builder and get noticed, but working hard and investing your time building in Minecraft can always be in your favor.

Most of the professional Minecraft builders have dedicated years of their life in building.

Having a good building team in Minecraft can always be a great way to get noticed. In, fact most of the YouTubers specializing in Minecraft building can always help you out with their one of a kind tutorials, which had been noticed by millions of viewers.