The 4 Best Minecraft Drug Servers in 2023

Have you ever wanted to taste the flavor of breaking bad, while going to enormous cooking labs, selling to junkies, or being a kingpin in Minecraft?

Now you can be the boss of your own cartel while playing on the best Minecraft drug servers.

And in this article, we will be showcasing the best Minecraft servers with drugs, which you can play.

What are Drug Servers in Minecraft

Just like in real life, but a bit more controlled and not referencing to start doing drugs in real life. So drug Minecraft servers are specially coded to have 2 sides of players in Minecraft.

One of the sides is the illegal players, which can go up in ranks. They usually start as a junkie but can open their own drug place and start selling to other junkies or even NPCs.

The other side is to be a police officer, which gives you the opportunity to climb up the ranks and become a chief.


Police officers are the ones, who will be patrolling around and watching for suspicious activity, such as dealers and others who are potentially holding illegal substances.

Once they find someone who has illegal items in his inventory, they have the full right to arrest and put him in jail.

The Minecraft drug servers are just a fun way to play Minecraft, which do not advertise any illegal drugs or give you recipes, on how you can start cooking.

Minecraft drug server drug dealer

Every recipe made on the Minecraft servers is just a made-up story, so you do not end up doing something bad.

What are the Best Minecraft Drug Servers

Each of these servers presented on the list is totally legal and does not promote the usage or distribution of illegal substances in the real world.

It is just a fun way to play Minecraft, which requires you to be 18 years or older. Otherwise, you may want permission from your parents, so you can play on the server.

And before starting your journey in any of these servers, you may want to download their resource packs, as they look pretty well, and can show you each drug in the game.


MCDrugs Best Minecraft Drug Servers

MCDrugs is one of the oldest Minecraft servers with drugs. It has been running stable over the years offering quality content to older and newer players.

For new joiners, the server offers them a path to choose. They can become junkies or police officers, and the longer you progress in the server, the better profession you will receive.

If you wish to be growing, cooking, and selling on the streets, you can easily choose to be a junkie, but if you are caught by a police officer, all of your illegal items will disappear. Immediately after being arrested, you will be transferred to the jail cells.

You can easily wait for your time to end, and be transferred back to the real world, or attempt to escape. However, every failed attempt results in more time added to your sentence.

Junkies and even higher ranks in the game have the option to use a mule, which will transfer their items with low risk. However, if the mule has been caught, you will lose the items, but will not go to jail.

And if you get tired of cooking and other activities, you can go and relax in the casino. The casino system they use is pretty fun and can earn you some quick bucks.

For police officers, things are a bit different. Their object in the server is to catch the sellers or holders of illegal items. The higher ranked player you catch, the better rewards you will get.

Every police officer has special items and a taser to stop the players from running, which can secure the target and arrest him without problems.

MCDrugs gets a seasonal reset on the worlds and players, but once a new season comes, you can always play for the season pass.

There are 2 types of the season pass. The non-premium DrugPass will give you 50 missions, which include rewards after completion, while the premium DrugPass is holding 150 missions with 3x more rewards and better items.

  • MCDrugs IP Address:

Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart Best Minecraft Drug Servers

If you are looking for a Minecraft drug server to be exactly like Grand Theft Auto (GTA), then Grand Theft Minecart is the only server you will need.

This is a specially made server, which has police officers, civilians, robbers, drug dealers, and much more. You can easily choose one of the many ranks and start leveling yourself in the streets.

But aside from the ranks that GTM offers, we would like to introduce you to a new style of playing. In Grand Theft Minecart you can hunt for players and start mugging them. Every time a player is killed or a house is robbed you gain additional rewards and the loot you took from them.

Every player can create or join gangs, which can sell weapons, cars, suits, and special wingsuits on the black market.

Once you start getting the hang of the server, you will understand that you need a weapon to protect yourself from being killed. But who wants a basic weapon? GTM offers great weapon skins, which can be found in chests or be bought from the markets.

One of the best ways to travel in GTM is by using a wingsuit. A very expensive item, which allows you to carry a pistol, melee, assault, or SMG gun to shoot from the sky. Players who use the wingsuit may be hard to kill, but if you have a net launcher you can easily take them down and mug them.

If you choose to be a police officer in the server, you can follow up on any abnormal activities in town and ensure that peace is maintained. Once a player with illegal items is in your perimeter you can shoot him down and arrest him.

Police officers have great cars, which are faster than normal ones, so they can easily chase after criminals and lock them up.

Criminal players also have access to all kinds of cars, which can be easily traded with others or be used to raid other gangs and kill them.

Another great thing in Grand Theft Minecraft is the option to do daily missions and receive great rewards. The players who wish to purchase a rank receive additional bonuses in the daily missions but are not considered more overpowered next to ordinary non-paying players.

If a player is injured, they can always go to the hospital and seek support from Dr.Dave, the hospital NPC, which will always heal you.

Voting for Grand Theft Minecart is the correct choice, as it is the best Minecraft server with drugs. And if you are one of the few top voters, you can win some in-game crowbars. Crowbars are used to open chests and receive additional rewards.

  • Grand Theft Minecart IP Address:


DrugRun Best Minecraft Drug Servers

Drug run is one of the oldest role-playing Minecraft servers with drugs in history. In this server, you have only 2 starter ranks, but takes a lot of time and effort to level them up.

The most special thing about DrugRun is that they offer a very special gaming experience with the use of plugins. If you join them for the first time, you will feel like it’s a Minecraft server with mods, but that’s not correct.

They have special coders, which have created awesome weapons and special drugs with effects, that every criminal can use and grow at his own risk.

If you choose to be on the criminal side of the server, you will need to follow a path and discover the multiple choices of drugs that you can obtain and sell to NPCs or other players.

Criminals can create gangs and collect people in them, or choose the solo path and become the most ruthless kingpin known in the Minecraft history of drugs. But once you get into a gang fight, be sure to prepare your strongest weapons and immediately open fire.

Criminals can also replenish their money by playing in the casino. They have great slots, which can easily double or even triple your money. But if you aren’t a fan of slots, you can go to the dog arena. That’s a special arena where 2 dogs fight and you can bet on them.

Every won bet will win you a huge stack of cash, which will help you to run a business, but you will need to look out for the police.

While you can be a criminal in DrugRun, there is always the chance to join the police forces and climb your way to the top of the ranks. Every police officer will get a stick, which can demolish the criminals, and let you arrest them.

Police officers can search for hidden drug labs, players possessing illegal items, or even gangs who are in the middle of a fight. Once you take down any of the gangs or catch criminals, you will receive additional rewards for your bravery.

And as every other Minecraft drug server, DrugRun offers you great monthly rewards in the form of daily missions, which can be done by any of the players and ranks. Depending on your rank, the rewards will be better and may help you grow your business.

  • DrugRun IP Address:



VindexCraft is one of the Minecraft drug servers that offer a large number of adventures through different professions. You can be whatever you like on the server, which can be good and bad.

If you are a good type of person and choose to be a normal citizen, you can choose between the many jobs the server offers. But with that aside, we can always be on the bad guys’ side.

Being a criminal in VindexCraft is indeed fun. You can shoot civilians, make drugs, raid policemen and demolish them, or simply go and rob a bank.

The good thing about VindexCraft is that it offers a multiple-choice solution. Every player can choose the profession he always wanted to try out in real life risk-free (only in-game), but comes with consequences on the server.

If you wish to be the bad guy and be a part of criminal activities you will always get hunted down by other gangs or even the police. Everybody will be watching you closely and wait for you to trip, so you can get busted. Just like in real life.

But if you are on the police side, things can be more complicated. Civilians will always try to call 911 and report their emergency cases. Police officers will need to attend to them, and patrol for suspicious activities in their free time.

Every time a criminal activity occurs, there will be a bounty for someone’s head. And that means that the police officer will need to disarm the criminal and handcuff him. If they fail to do this in time, criminals can easily kill them and run away with their crimes.

Civilians, criminals, and police officers can drive any kind of car their profession allows them, or have their normal cars to drive in their free time if they wish to take the day off.

VindexCraft offers a wide range of weapons for criminals and many costumes, so they can be hardly spotted when robbing a bank or going into a gang fight.

Doing your daily professional activities in VindexCraft will surely give you a boost in your profession and can help you grow your career path. With the money you gain, you can start your own business, or easily switch sides and be a part of the good, or bad guys.

  • VindexCraft IP Address: PLAY.VINDEXCRAFT.CO


Minecraft drug servers can be a fun way to enjoy the game if you are 18 or above the age. These types of servers are specially made with texture packs and plugins, so they can avoid adding mods and restrict players with low-range computers to be excluded.

So if you are a fan of criminal activity Minecraft servers, you should definitely try one of these out, as it is guaranteed that you will stay and play on it most of your time.