Best Minecraft Bedwars Servers in 2023

Are you a fan of minigames in Minecraft, but have a bit more love for bedwars?

It’s one of the best modes, which gained popularity and became the most preferred game mode in Minecraft.

And in this article, we will showcase the best Minecraft bedwars servers, which you can play right now.

What are Minecraft Bedwars Servers

If you are wondering what are Minecraft bedwars servers, they are servers dedicated to a special game mode, which has the following rules.

In bedwars, each team spawns on an island and will have starter gear, some wool, and an objective.

Each island consists of material drops, which can be collected to craft better gears, and a bed as an objective to be destroyed.

The idea of bedwars is to get to the enemy’s bed and destroy it before they destroy yours.


If you die in bedwars, you can respawn, as long as you have your team’s bed active. Once it gets destroyed, you will have 1 life left, and if you die, the game is over.

When the whole team gets killed, they will be eliminated, which could mean victory for the others.

Bedwars can be played in teams of 2, 4, 8, or 16 players, but will depend on the map. There are custom-made bedwars servers, which have larger maps, more gears, and special items to be used while fighting.

What are the Best Minecraft Bedwars Servers

MC BlockDrop IP Address:


BlockDrop is one of the best Minecraft Servers with bedwars, which have multiple customizations and a high player base. It is a server where you can chill, or go competitive with their minigames.

The BlockDrop bedwards game mode is almost the same as the original game mode, but MC BlockDrop has some additions to it.

They have customized and continue to work on a bedwars game mode, which can become more popular and preferred than the classical one.

And if you wish to give MC BlockDrop’s bedwars server a try, just remember that you can play on any Minecraft version. They support from 1.8 to the latest update available on your Minecraft launcher.

  • MC BlockDrop IP Address:



Gamster is an old and very popular Minecraft bedwars server, which is active for more than 5 years. It has a relatively large payer base of over 1500 players, which increases in peak hours.

It is also one of the most fun servers to play. They have custom bedwars maps and very fun options to play on the game mode.

You can choose to play in large teams with a maximum of 4 players, or fight in a deadly sky world, consisting of 2 teams with 16 players each time. You will find out that there is nothing harder than battling 16 players at once, but what is far worse is the building option.

As their maps are custom, you will always find it hard to make a good tactic and win. There is always a way to counter-attack the enemy.

Overall Gamster is a really unique Minecraft bedwars server, and if you don’t believe our words, check their rankings. They are currently ranked in the top 50 for the most voted server of all time.

  • Gamster IP Address:

BedwarsPractice IP Address:


Have you ever gotten tired of hackers or professional players, who can always kill you in bedwars? Then why not join BedwarsPractice and polish your skills to the next level?

In BedwarsPractice players with little to no skill can always join, and learn the basics of PVP in bedwars. They have many custom maps and try to include everything you need to know about Minecraft and bedwars.

So BedwarsPractice can be seen as a Minecraft server, which aims to give players tutorials and training grounds, so they can become better at what they like to do.

And if you appreciate what they do, you can consider donating for a rank. each of their ranks will give you a non-p2w cosmetics item and effects, which cannot affect your PVP skills, but just make you look fancy.

  • BedwarsPractice IP Address:



HylexMC is a Minecraft network, which is open to all users. If you are a paid or cracked Minecraft player, you can always join their network and start playing with the rest of the community.

They have a fairly big player base of over 1500 players, from which the majority choose to play on their custom-made Bedwars.

HylexMC is open for all players, which prefer using older versions of Minecraft, and they had even stated support from Minecraft 1.8 up to the latest version.

They have different custom-made bedwars lands, and also some additional modes added to them, which can make the bedwars experience a lot more fun than usual. Their dedicated team of developers is coding everything from scratch and is seeking new and creative ideas to make their servers and minigames a lot better.

If you ever wish to support them, you can get cross-server effects and non-p2w items, which can make you look fancier, but not stronger.

  • HylexMC IP Address:


MineMalia Server Address playminemaliacom

MineMalia is a small, but very active Minecraft bedwars server, which is not only dedicated to programming better plugins but also to making custom-built worlds.

Currently, they have 13 different game modes, which feature popular ways to play Minecraft and go all the way up to custom-built modes, ensuring a great player experience.

MineMalia’s bedwars game mode can support 6 different modes, which are: solo, duo, trio, quads, and teams of 5 or 8. You can bring your own friends and create a powerful PVP team.

The queue times for the MineMalia bedwars can take some time, but once you start playing in premade teams lower waiting times, and increase your gaming time.

  • MineMalia IP Address:

Sky Kingdoms IP Address:


The last, but a not least great option for a Minecraft bedwars server, we have Sky Kingdoms. It is another network of servers, considered very fun to play.

Just like the other mentioned servers, they do have a decent player base, which is higher than the servers listed, but that is because they provide quality support and have a great engine to hunt down the cheaters.

With Sky Kingdoms’ bedwars, you will find 5 different custom maps, which are changeable every time you queue, and can go for any of their custom modes, which include a different set of team members required to join.

The queuing times are faster than usual and donating to their server will ensure that you get the best out of it but in a non-competitive way.

As you may have heard donations are what keeps their server alive, but also provides them with more options on how they can customize their bedwars and minigame further.

  • Sky Kingdoms IP Address: