The 5 Best Hide and Seek Minecraft Servers

The Minecraft minigame saga never ends. There are tons of minigames, which you can start playing on various servers.

But one of the best things you can stumble upon in Minecraft are hide and seek servers.

They give players a totally new playing mode, which requires them to have skills and be prepared for the worst. That’s if they are on the hiding side.

Although it’s also not so easy for the seekers to find and eliminate you, we will get into more detail and show you what we mean by this.

What are Hide and Seek Servers in Minecraft

Said in a newbie language, hide and seek consists of 2 sides. It’s basically the hide and seek we used to or continue to play.

But in Minecraft hide and seek is a bit different from the original HnS.

So the 2 sides in Minecraft hide and seek are the hiders and seekers. The side, which will hide is disguised as a block and has to search for a good hiding spot.

The hiding side is allowed to move to any area, even after their timer has ended. This means that they are free to run at any time and search for a new hiding spot.

You will be amazed how many players are actually hiding in different spots, so they can fool the seekers. It’s only natural to forget how was the area looking like, and how many torches were there actually?

The seekers’ role is kind of different. They are equipped with swords to kill the impostors. Once they figure out, which block is looking odd, they can start attacking it.

Once they kill a legit hiding person, they receive points on their scoreboard.

Their objective is to find and eliminate all players who are hiding and if they don’t do that in a certain amount of time, they will lose the game.

Best Hide and Seek Minecraft Servers

The mentioned servers below are not ranked from best to worst. All of them are unique and fun to play Minecraft Hide and Seek servers.

Once you join any of them, you will see that they have more minigames available so don’t get shocked. Give them a try and share a video of yourself playing on them. They will be happy to see newcomers, who promote them.

PurplePrison (IP:

PurplePrison is originally a prison server, but they also have the popular hide and seek game. You will be amazed how many players actually go there to enjoy the various games available.

In PurplePrison the hide and seek minigame is kind of different. The hiding players do have some items, which they can use to earn more scores while hiding.

One of them is fireworks, which indicates where the player is hiding. It may sound really strange to give players such an item, but if nobody is near you, using the item will give you bonus points and you will remain unharmed.

MoxMC (IP:

MoxMC is a massive minigame server, which offers a wide variety of playable games with regular updates and fresh content.

The hide and seek in MoxMC offers is also unique, as the player who is hiding can actually harm the seekers.

They can’t literally kill them but poke them. Once you poke a seeker, he will get confused in the beginning and will start searching every single block.

The seekers do have a certain amount of sword hits, and if he uses all of them, a cooldown will apply. This is the golden moment, where you should start running and search for a new hiding spot.

CraftMC (IP:

CraftMC is a massive polish server, which also offers the popular hide and seek Minecraft minigame.

In CraftMC the hide and seek maps are kind of different and sometimes the disguise given to you, may not be the same as the blocks placed on the ground.

This gives the hiding players an advantage because the seekers cannot find duplicate blocks. Although it may sound like disguised players have the upper hand, that’s not true.

The seekers are more buffed and have hire damage, so once they hit you, it’s better to run as fast as possible.

If you don’t care about the language and wish to have fun, then you should definitely join them. Back in the days, we were playing on a polish skyblock server, even though we don’t understand their language.

JigSaw MC (IP:

There are some players who don’t wish to update their Minecraft version, as the older ones may seem better to them. That’s why we intended to add some older version Minecraft hide and seek servers.

UniverseMC is a very unique Minecraft hide and seek server, which is playable only in Minecraft 1.16.5 or older versions.

Although it may seem critical for you to go so many updates lower, their server features all the abandoned minigames and gives a nostalgic feeling.

Cosmic Craft (IP:

Cosmic Craft is an advanced hide and seek Minecraft server, which is playable on Minecraft 1.17.1.

It has a great set of custom maps for hiding and seeking, where players will have a harder time hiding or finding the hidden players, which makes the server unique from any other.

If you are bored of the basic hide and seek with small maps, Cosmic Craft will amaze you, as they are regularly updating their maps and adding more features to the game mode.