The 5 Best Fun Minecraft Servers

Minecraft is one of the most successful sandbox games in the world, which has received more than 100 million purchases over the years. But part of this success was due to the Minecraft servers we play in.

While some people were inspired to purchase Minecraft straight out of the game’s trailer, some of us liked it, because of the videos or servers created by the community.

And to help you get inspired just like we did, we would like to introduce to you the best fun Minecraft servers that have ever existed.

What are fun Minecraft servers

Fun Minecraft servers are those who are cherished by the community and have given a lot of happy ratings to server owners, due to one single fact. The server owner(s) have created a great place for newcomers to join and have fun with.

But how do you make a fun Minecraft server?

Fun Minecraft servers aren’t created just like that. You may find some fun Minecraft plugins, but to make a server worth playing, you will need to carefully choose your server plugins. Otherwise, players may not be encouraged to transfer to you, and start their adventure.


Also, the genre doesn’t matter. You can have a Minecraft RPG server, a PvP Server, or even a Vanilla server, and still get a lot of visitors. What counts is the content you add, and the plugins you choose.

And don’t think if you add hundreds of plugins, you will have a fun Minecraft server. That’s not the case. You have to perfectly balance the content, and not make it overwhelming. Otherwise, you are bearing the risk of losing everything you had built over time.

What are The Best Fun Minecraft Servers

Each of these fun Minecraft servers has a different genre and can be played by all players. We will also mention the server versions, so you can decide if you wish to downgrade or upgrade your Minecraft version.



If you have been playing Grand Theft Auto and wish to have the same fun in Minecraft, perhaps you should take a look at GrandTheftMinecart. It is a one-of-a-kind Minecraft GTA server, which has a huge area to explore, gangs, hard-working citizens, and also jobs.

In GrandTheftMinecart you can choose to be anyone. If your type of perfect player is a robber or a policeman, then you will be having a lot of fun in this server, but also be in some messy situations.

Once you get in the middle of the action, there’s no turning back or an easy escape. The game will just push you to go further, while you are getting filled up with excitement.

And imagine if you are one of the citizens, doing your daily job, and wish to end it quickly, but you engage with robbers. The choice is one, so you need to make the correct one.

GrandTheftMinecart is one of the most fun Minecraft servers you can play on. Getting into this server will give you a wide variety of custom weapons, vehicles to drive, gangs to join, and houses to buy, and you receive all of this with their realistic Minecraft resource pack.

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With the words fun Minecraft servers in mind, we would like to introduce Zero.Minr. The main thing that we like about this server is that it adds fun to your classic Vanilla gameplay.

In Zero.Minr you can join and clash into the Vanilla Minecraft gameplay, gather blocks and build cool things, but there is something better there. We are talking about the custom-built pa

rkour maps, which make the server stand out from any other out there.

Zero.Minr is one of the oldest Minecraft servers, that has ever existed with its classic Minecraft gameplay. However, they have added some extra in-game functionality in the form of plugins, to make things a bit more fun.

And their best invention that gained them massive popularity was their parkour maps, which are receiving hundreds of players per day. Their community can also be seen building parkour maps, and trying their hardest to win, or can be seen training for tournaments.

The community at Zero.Minr likes to race so much while doing parkour maps, that they would even bring on the camera and start recording videos, or go live.

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PirateCraft The best Minecraft fun servers

Are you a fan of pirates and wish to be one, but in-game? Well, Minecraft has pirates now, and this is thanks to PirateCraft. It is the first pirate server that has ever existed in Minecraft and is one of the most fun servers to play.

In PirateCraft you can build ships, enhance them, and gain prestige while fighting with other players. The stronger ship you have, the more chances to survive. And that’s not all. In PirateCraft you can also stop and make a safe place for yourself, on a lonely island.

Repairing your ship while resting would also be a good thing to do, as you can never know if an enemy will come out of the blue. Not to mention that the server is completely PvP, so there are no safe spots, except if you go to the spawn point.

PirateCraft also features some paid perks, such as levels for faster XP gain, and has some cool in-game pets, but cannot offer you special items that will make you overpowered. PirateCraft stands behind its name and doesn’t wish to make players OP just for the sake of money.

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2b2t The best Minecraft fun servers

Depending on what type of player you are, 2b2t may be the best fun server for you or your worst nightmare. This is not your ordinary fun Minecraft server with plugins and protections.

2b2t is the oldest and scariest anarchy server that has ever existed in Minecraft. It has been online since the beginning of Minecraft servers and has absolutely no plugins for players.

The only plugins that the server has been for server protections, and special queue priorities. The queue priorities give paying players an advantage of joining the server faster.

But that shouldn’t be making you feel bad about the server, as it has things that you have never seen before. For example, many players have tried to hack into the admin panel, granting themselves bedrock and other items in unlimited quantities.

Or certain players are forming groups for big projects. If you manage to join a group that helps out newbies, well you are lucky. However, there are groups that are against such people and will try their best to spawn and kill you.

With that said, 2b2t is indeed one of the best fun servers to play in Minecraft, but only if you manage to escape, the hordes of toxic players.

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