The Best Dating Minecraft Server in 2023 (+18)

Are you tired of the casual gameplay in Minecraft, or need to blow some steam, and play with older people?

Perhaps you may take a look at our list of the best dating Minecraft server, which has been created for the older community and has tons of fun content.

But what can be more fun, than chatting with your beloved, and giving her some in-game love?

So in today’s article, we will review to you the best dating server in Minecraft, and provide you with great possibilities to enjoy Minecraft from a different angle.

What are dating Minecraft servers

While Minecraft has been invented for adventuring around the biomes, discovering new worlds, and gathering countless resources to craft, it has been also turned into something more.

And one of the examples of this would be the dating servers in Minecraft.

These are specially made Minecraft servers, with only 1 purpose. To have fun while dating in-game. It’s not something to be ashamed of, because it can be another fun way to play the game, and make it more popular.


These types of servers have a lot of fun plugins, which include engaging, marrying, sending presents, and much more, while you are playing on the server. You can easily find the one that suits you most, and start a very nice relationship, and also fight together against stronger foes.

However, dating Minecraft servers can rarely have such setups. They are usually for fun, and have a special hub or spawn where players can meet and enjoy their time.

The best dating Minecraft servers

Dating Minecraft servers should not be played by underaged children, as this could potentially harm them, or introduce the unknown, which is not very fun to learn at an early age.

That’s why most of the dating servers in Minecraft have their rules set, as well as requirements, as the Minecraft player age cannot be filtered.

And today we are going to take a look at OderCraft, which is the oldest and most played dating Minecraft server in the world.



OderCraft was originally created and listed in 2017, which was the year of potential for Minecraft. Most of the players were not sure what kind of servers they should be joining, so they gave each of them a try.

However, a small part of the Minecraft community decided to join OderCraft, which started bringing its traffic and popularity.

OderCraft may seem a bit strange once you join at first, due to the way the community speaks, but you will get really used to it. But as said the community is for players, who are legal adults because you will notice some extreme things that should not be seen by the younger audience.

So once you join OderCraft and check how it works, you will directly get the opportunity to speak with the players out there. If you get extremely lucky, you can even hook up with another player for fun.

Odercraft spawn

The players there can be quite fun to interact with, so you can give it a go and see what your chances are.

And the best part of OderCraft is that you can easily speak with the same or opposite gender players, and even marry them in-game. First, you can start by engaging with one of the players, and after that, you can get married.

Marrying a player in-game will give you some boosts, and potential buffs to your overall characteristics in-game, which will make you stronger and even better while fighting.

Couples in OderCraft can also join in building adventures, enjoy some minigames, or relax and speak with the rest of the community.

But if you got tired, or just need a break from your half in-game, you can easily divorce them, and check out for other partners, who are not occupied at the moment.

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OderCraft can be really seen as a great Minecraft dating server, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Depending on the day you are having and the community that is online, you may have your chances to enjoy the game from a different angle.

However, all the dating Minecraft servers have risks that you need to be aware of and make sure that you are above the prescribed age. Otherwise, you are bearing legal consequences, and not the server, nor the website that had referred you to the server.