How to Create the Best Building Team in Minecraft

Do you want to become a professional builder with your team in Minecraft? Learn how to create the best Building team in Minecraft and create stunning projects together.

Having a good team of builders is a unique thing in Minecraft. Many professional players have done various projects, such as Pixel Arts, history buildings, Arenas etc.


Working as a team in Minecraft has always been beneficial for both newbie and professional players, who seek adventure and wish to unleash their creativity to their highest extent.

If you are a beginner in Minecraft, you may not be familiar with teams or you had been a solo player all this time, no need to worry. We have created a beginner’s guide to Minecraft, which can help you learn all the basics and start your adventure in just 10 minutes.

The wish to experience new thrilling adventures to a new extent had always been the wish of both starters and experts.

Minecraft building overview

If you wish to achieve more and you are ready to invest some time and sweat into Minecraft building, you are one step ahead of becoming a successful builder along with your professional team.

Still some people have the struggles when trying to communicate with their builders in Minecraft, but having a good communication between each of you can be a good success factor to the path of glory and getting noticed on Planet Minecraft.

What is a Minecraft Building Team?

A Minecraft building team is a set of 2 or more players, who have perfect communication skills.

It doesn’t matter if you are professional or not in building. The idea of a team in Minecraft is to cover an area of designing or constructing the building, while others help you on covering other important factors.

If you haven’t played in a team to build interesting Minecraft projects, you don’t need to worry or leave this guide. That’s why we are all here, to learn and build our way through success in Minecraft.

minecraft 2 players building

While there are many other forms of Minecraft teams, such as PvP teams, PvE teams or survival teams , we will be concentrating on how you can create the best building team for yourself.

Being prepared to choose the players can be one of the hardest things for you. If you are starting out with friends and some of them are bad at building, it can hurt, because you will have to tell them what are they bad at.

But luckily for you, in this guide you will learn how you can create the best building team in Minecraft.

How to create the best Building Team in Minecraft?

1. Create a plan on what your dream team should have

Before starting with choosing the members, you will have to do some preparations.

You can’t just go ahead and build the team. In, fact you will have to plan out everything for the time ahead, so you don’t miss anything important and disband your Minecraft team after one thing goes wrong.

Creating a plan can be a key to success and maintain the perfect results on your building adventures.

decide what the team should be

A good plan for your team would be:

What projects would you like to give to each member to build and what project would you give to the whole team to build?

Once you have started your recruitment process, you will have to give each of them something to do, while you are on hung for the next Picasso in Minecraft.

The best way to know what you need and plan ahead, would be to analyze your skills be aware of the potential you hold for this team.

2. Analyze your skills and what skill requirements should others have

Analyzing your skills is the most basic job. All you have to do is find out what you are good at.

You may have been playing Minecraft for years, but may not know of your hidden potential.

The best way that you can find out your skills is to try and build something. If it doesn’t work well for you, think of what you are good at.

Some people have more imagination and can think of the project and explain it well to their team. Other people are good builders on Minecraft and know how to create the house, but lack imagination to do it.

There are also people who are good at designing Minecraft houses, which are skilled in adding the best furniture.

Minecraft house designers

Using the premade Minecraft furniture or creating your own was always a great way to design a house, castle, mansion etc.

So now when you know your skills, the best thing to do is set a position for each team member you want to have on Minecraft.

Creating a small, but valuable list can improve your time to deal with each player and have the right position for each person.

3. Prepare house project for your building team

Once you have created the list of roles you want each builder to take. The next step is to prepare a project for each of your members, so they can be busy, while you recruit new players or take time off to plan ahead.

Once you have prepared projects for each team member by his skills, you can easily find out what they are lacking or what they hold potential on.

Having a plan set for each of your members in Minecraft is not only a time saver, but can also show your team that you are a responsible person and care about them.

minecraft house blueprint 1
Modern 26 Top Pictures Of Minecraft Poppy Cottage For Home Plan | Cottage intended for Minecraft Cool House Blueprints – Ideas House Generation

If you don’t have plan prepared, it may take too much time to make one, lose time on assigning projects to each of your future members and risk the trust of the people who may be next to you for long term.

If you plan ahead of your time, everything can go well. Even having a backup plan is a good idea, so if anything goes wrong, you can act smart and fix the things, before they get in a critical condition.

4. Test each of the members on solo projects

Once you have recruited your team members for your Minecraft projects, you will need to assigned the prepared projects you have for them.

If you are assigning the same idea or leave them to work with their creativity, it could simply take too much time.

In fact, leaving their creativity for something can be used for team building, which can potentially lead to much better builds. It is also a fun way to improve your friendship together and skills in Minecraft.

test each player solo

While testing each member’s project on Minecraft, you need to have an honest opinion and see if you can find something that the person is better at.

Just like you, they may have issues with building, but they may be a good designer and rather than sending him away, you can fill one spot for your designers. You won’t lose any time and on top of that you will save time, because you won’t be searching for new people.

5. Team up all of the members to build a project together

When you have finished with gathering a team for yourself, the best thing to do is a project together. It is a fun way, can show how good all of you are working together and create a strong bond.

Sometimes Minecraft is a lonely and boring game, but everything changes while you have a team next to you.

You can always share your opinions, ideas and houses you have built while playing solo. This way you can even make something better than ever and see things you have seen only on YouTube or a video on Facebook.

players building together

Teaming up with people is always a great way for newbies to start Minecraft also and learn how to be better.

So when you start out building with your team, everything will happen naturally and you don’t need to worry about anything that can happen, while you are on your building journey.

6. Schedule a time for your team

When you have a team on Minecraft, you should always have a special time when you all gather and play the game for a couple of hours.

Some people are busy being at work, school or attending lessons and that is why, you should always have a special time for you and your guys.

schedule time

It doesn’t matter if you have only a day or two to be together and do the things. It is actually better if you can keep the people active for this day or two, because if you go ahead and build without them, they will miss out the fun and potentially feel bad.

When you are being next to your team and they are next to you, nothing can go wrong. Even if you have a paid project that needs to be done fast, you can always schedule a special time and do it, without getting worried.

Time is time after all, but the people you build with is special time, which you will regret if you lose.

7. Communicate often with your team

A great way to create a strong bond between you and your team is through communication. While you are building, you can’t just stay quiet and think everything will go better.

Even when communicating with those people, you become more social and positive in life. So you don’t need to worry about distancing or if you are distanced for social life, everything is alright.

players talking in minecraft

The team that you have gathered will be probably friendly and communicative, which will always be a plus for you.

A great way of communicating with your team can be done through Team Speak, Skype or even most of the people’s favorite Discord.

Communication can help you and your team build better, be more responsible and aware of what is happening between you and your teammates.

8. Do teambuilding

Teambuilding is the best way to keep your bonds strong and your minds clear from a boring day of school or work.

In fact, teambuilding can make the work seem fun and help you out in releasing your negativity in building on Minecraft.

What can be more fun than building with friends who are teamed up with you on Minecraft?

minecraft team building

Grabbing your team on special occasions to go out or just to sit and build on Minecraft can be the perfect way to get to know each other and never get bored of the game or each other.

Even sometimes the team may be feeling a bit down, so going out and meeting in person can always increase the productivity and fun times you have together.

What should I be aware of when creating my building team in Minecraft?

Most of the times you may be thinking that nothing can go wrong when you have your team, your plans and a couple of projects waiting to be started and finished.

Sometimes when you least expect, the team always has an issue and you need to be prepared for what’s coming.

As mentioned above, you always need to have a backup plan, otherwise everything may go into hell. Improvisation is also a good way to go with your teammates, but it’s not always the best thing to do.

When having a building team in Minecraft, you need to be aware of some things, that may occur and be sure how to react to each issue.

1. Keep bad mood away

Your building team may be feeling down sometimes, or may be toxic to each other, due to an issue with a project or a simple opinion for the next one that they want to build.

As a team leader you always have to know how to act. The best way to act is to listen to each side and decide, which one can you do first and after that the next one.

Sometimes a good idea is to combine both projects into one and create a stunning idea. Creativity has always been mandatory for Minecraft and can always achieve better heights.

minecraft keep bad mood away

As we all know – Sky is the limit!

So when your team is arguing you just need to act cautious and be aware that both of them want something and would not back off from it.

In rare cases you may see your team members being up for both projects to be done first, so a good way to do this is to assign half of your team on one build and the rest to the other one.

2. Don’t take your best friend if he is bad at building

Do you have a best friend who is playing Minecraft? We all do, but not all of them are perfect at building, designing or planning.

Sometimes your best friend may want to join your team, because he is excited about the projects that you have been up to, but if he is bad, you just have to reject.

Best friends are friends forever, but they are not going to be the perfect fit for a team, who has expertise on building and designing projects in Minecraft.

minecraft best friend

That’s why you can just introduce your friend to the team and give him basic tasks, so he can feel wanted and also try to keep him away from the most important parts of your project.

Sometimes your friends may mess up and if the team isn’t cool with this, then argues may occur once again.

So if you are planning to take your friend along with you, just be cautious. It may be a bad situation if you have to hurt his feelings and have your team in a bad mood.

3. Don’t underestimate members from your team

Sometimes your team may be not in the best mood. One of your mates may not be feeling cool at building and may be doing a bad job.

Or he may want to try out a different role, which he isn’t good at. Don’t try to make him feel embarrassed and bad. You may potentially lose him.

minecraft dont underestimate

A great way to deal with such problems is to just help him out and explain that his role is a key role, which cannot be left blank.

Making your mates understand how good they are at what they do can even stimulate them.

Your role in the team is not only to fill the gap. You are responsible for how your team feels and how would they feel after you had done something.

Choosing your words wisely may even make you better friends than you had ever though before.

4. Hear out every member of your team

Listening to the ideas and problems of your team is a great way to communicate.

It may be tiring sometimes, but it’s for the best. When you hear out every member’s opinion, you can start doing miracles on Minecraft.

When an idea is unheard, it’s a lost gem. But once it’s said, you can think of combining it with another idea.

minecraft player talking

For example, you can build a house connected with a church, or a big castle with a village and statue inside it. Why not?

These are just a few ideas that come into consideration, but what if your team has better ideas, that can lead to the next best Minecraft project?

5. Avoid getting into conflicts

Your teammates may be toxic sometimes or arguing. The best thing to do is to make them stop and hear them out.

Once they get into a conflict there is no way back. So you have to act proper with them and listen to what they have to tell you.

minecraft fighting

Once you hear both of them, just try and make one of them to make a compromise, so you can resume the things. It’s a way around, but also a perfect way to let the other teammate have the word next time.

When acting like a leader to your team, they will appreciate you. Now I don’t mean like a boss, but a leader. The difference is that you will be needed to solve conflicts, give them ideas, communicate with them and motivate them all the time.

Getting your members into conflicts or you arguing with them may be critical. Always pick your words and think if they sound good, because the team relies on you.

6. Having fun and work are possible in Minecraft

When you are a good leader to your team and know what to say all the time, you can easily turn the boring work into a fun work.

Building and thinking of the project’s design or interior design isn’t always boring. If you know how to make people have fun, they will always appreciate you and try to help out when you feel down.

having fun while working

Sometimes having fun at work is not a bad thing, while most of the people think this way.

If you can make your building team have fun while working, then it means you are a good leader. Working with them will also make them feel happier and never tired of playing and building Minecraft with you.


Now that you have more knowledge on how to create the best building team in Minecraft, you should be able to achieve new heights and be less stressed out from the hard work you need to put in.

Investing your time in picking the best teammates will be beneficial for you and the people, who will work close to you.

You can’t just go around and take whoever you like, just because you think he is good. Sometimes good things need more patience, but the end result is the best.

Sometimes you may also feel bad to be leading your team, as it is tiring and takes time, but if you give up, you let the team down.

If you make your building team feel good, they will also cheer you up when you have bad times.

Minecraft has made hundreds of thousands of friendships across servers. It’s not only virtual friendships when playing the game online, but also in real life.

If you are a leader or have a leader in Minecraft for building projects, leave a message below on how you feel about it.

If the website is missing information, which could be helpful, you can write it down in the comment section. We will be happy to hear your responses.