Beginners guide to Minecraft in 2023

Are you starting Minecraft, but don’t know anything? Our beginners guide to Minecraft will help you learn everything you need.

With more than 250 million copies sold, Minecraft won the first place of the most popular game in the world.

That said, Minecraft is a game, created back in 2011, which had never lost interest over the years. Since the beginning of Minecraft, the population has been always growing and never dying.

As you can expect, the popularity of the game will be steady and never go below. Minecraft is the first and only game, will never die or lose its massive population.

There are many popular YouTubers playing Minecraft, such as Pewdiepie, ExplodingTNT or CaptainSparklez who give Minecraft a big boost and make it fun to play or watch.

What is Minecraft?

What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a mining and crafting game, which is created and based on the real world. Just like with us in the beginning, you start from wood and finish everything with diamonds.

The great thing about Minecraft is that it is a quite educative and imagination improving game, which has been used for studying in schools.

There are several game modes on Minecraft you can play offline in single player, or play them in multiplayer.


Minecraft survival

Survival is the default and basic mode in Minecraft, which is more near to a starting point for newbies in Minecraft.

In survival you are basically spawned into a basic point in a certain biome, which happens at random.

Playing in survival mode, does not make mobs, mining or exploring harder, which is basically the starter point you need to take, so you can start learning the basics.



The creative mode in Minecraft is basically a mode, which does not show hearts, damages or bubbles when you are underwater, which means that you are a god in the world.

By opening your menu, which happens with the click of the button “E”, you can basically see that you have all the items in game, that you could possibly farm or craft.

 The idea of the creative game mode in Minecraft simply lets you to start building or exploring caves, so you can get the hang of the game or just have fun.


Minecraft adventure mode

Minecraft adventure mode is something really different from any game mode, so you need to be careful when choosing it.

It’s an RPG like game mode, which is intended for fighting mobs and gathering strong gears. It’s more like PVE content.

In the Minecraft adventure mode, you are not allowed to place or mine any blocks, neither craft anything related to building, as this will destroy the idea of the game mode.

The bad thing about not being able to place blocks, is that you cannot have the advantage of hiding and attacking mobs in a more strategical way.


MineCraft hardcore

If you are looking for a YOLO mode in Minecraft, the hardcore mode is perfectly suited for you. It is basically like survival, but the mobs take more health and you run out of air really fast.

The hard thing about this mode is that you need to have critical thinking and be prepared for the worst case scenario. Something like a swarm of creepers coming after you.

A difference between hardcore and survival is the spawn and world save option.

If you die in survival you can always find your way back home and keep a save of your world. Although if you die in Hardcore, you are not able to respawn or open your world.

Once you die in the Minecraft hardcore mode, you can never respawn again.

If you are a beginner in Minecraft, the best option for you is to start with the Survival Mode.


Minecraft spectator mode

The Spectator mode is just being a ghost in Minecraft.

You cannot break, place or craft items in game, which is based on just discovering and learning the basics of the game.

Some of the servers in Minecraft also offer the game mode of Spectator to be played or use this mode for showing the server to the Minecraft beginners.

Beginners guide to Minecraft

If you are a beginner to Minecraft you don’t need to worry, but concentrate on the beginners guide to Minecraft and start kicking your way in the game.

There are a few basics that you can follow, in order to be stronger, which can be kept until you get the hang of the game.

Most of the beginners struggle when they start, because you can never be sure what you need and where to find it. The recipes in Minecraft can be a start, but you also need to have the needed things.

Gather wood fast

Gather wood fast in Minecraft

When starting out on Minecraft, one of the main things that you need to do is to gather wood.

Wood is the most essential material in Minecraft, because it helps you build your first tools and many other crafts, which will expand the adventure and possibilities in the game.

Once you destroy your first tree with your fist, directly craft a crafting table and make a wooden axe. Having your axe, can really speed up the process of chopping trees.

After you had chopped enough trees, you basically need to craft your other materials, such as wooden shove, wooden pickaxe and perhaps a wooden hoe.

While you are on your way to chop another tree, it is best to destroy grass, as it can possibly drop seeds, which can be used for growing wheat and use it for making bread or horse food.

Barricade yourself in a mine

Minecraft house in a mine

Building a house in Minecraft is a fun thing to do, but the best thing for you, would be to actually to make a small place in a mine for yourself, so you can live inside it and be protected from some of the mobs.

While the caves are darker and possible protect mobs from burning due to daylight, you can still keep yourself protected from them.

Being in a mine is a bit of an easier job for starters, as they are always near their last farmed places, they can add as much as torches and chests they want, so their goods can be stored and a trail to be formed.

If you aren’t a fan of caves, you can always start out your first house with dirt, as it is the fastest to get material and can keep you safe for a while.

Mobs cannot destroy your blocks, neither take them, except if there is an enderman nearby who is into taking your stuff.

Plant crops for a living


There are 2 ways of surviving in Minecraft. You can go for hunting on edible animals or get vegetables, which can be grown and help you out with the hunger.

Collecting wheat seeds is the easiest way for you to get food, while searching for potatoes and carrots may be a bit hard, but still not an impossible task, such as sugar canes, pumpkins and melons.

Collecting vegetables and growing them near water is a fast an efficient way for you to product mass amounts of food and keep yourself healthy in game.

The only thing you need for growing your crops is dirt and a hoe, which can help you prepare the ground for planting.

It may sound unrealistic, but some of the vegetables like carrots and potatoes do not give you seeds and are being planted by a single right click on your mouse button.

Gather resources and craft strong gear

Minecraft mine iron

Gathering ores is a good way to get stronger in Minecraft. Most of the players are professional and know every little thing in the game.

The biggest issue for the players is how to find Diamonds in Minecraft. It may look like they are spawning on a random basis, but it’s not the case.

Diamonds always spawn on different areas, but it’s not really hard to find them. Thing is that you are just starting out with your adventure, so you shouldn’t think about it too much.

The good think about finding diamonds as a newbie in Minecraft is that you can craft the most powerful armors and weapons, which can help you in finding mobs and gaining their XP.

Enchant your weapons in Minecraft with an enchanting table

Minecraft enchant items

More powerful weapons and armor will both serve damage and gain more XP, but you need to use it somewhere.

The best and only place to use your XP is in an enchanting table, which is built after you farm your way up to the obsidian blocks.

An enchanting table lets you to use your levels, which are gained through fighting mobs or destroying ores, to enchant your weapons and apply permanent effects to them.

Enchanting works only one time, so you need to gather all the levels for a good enchantment and apply it to your gears.

For a beginner the enchanting table is perfect if you want to keep yourself strong and battle your way through or even gather resources with stronger pickaxes.

Apply enchants through an Anvil in Minecraft

Minecraft enchant from anvil

As a pro trick and a better way to apply multiple enchantments and max out your weapons in Minecraft, you need to have an anvil.

It’s an old update, but since you have the anvil, things are better and easier for you.

The only way to enchant your weapons through an anvil is to have books. These books need to be used in the enchanting table and get any sort of enchantment on them.

It may cost you a lot of levels, but it is worth the try, because these enchantments can be applied multiple times.

Once you have a book enchanted, you can use this enchant on the proper items. If you have an enchanted book with fire aspect, you can always apply it to your sword.

The way to do this is to go to your anvil and add the sword first, then the enchanted book.

The anvil is going to show up number and right next to the numbers your sword, but with the enchantment.

What this simply means is that you are going to pay some of the levels, but apply the enchantment to your sword. This way you can enchant your sword as much as you want.

If your sword or another item is breaking, you can always the anvil for its default uses. You can re-craft the weapon without losing it or its enchantments.

Build your way to the nether

Minecraft nether portal

Once you have strong gears and you feel confident in yourself, you can try building your first portal to the nether.

It may seem as a hard task to fight the mobs, but it’s actually easy, since you go the hang of the game. The only thing in the nether that you shouldn’t do is to attack zombie pigmen.

If you attack a pigman, you will be attacked by all of them and chased by them.

The nether world is full of lava and one wrong move, can cost you all of your items. Be careful when building your way through the nether.

Always have some stacks of disposable blocks and build a safe way for yourself, so you can save your items from being burned by the lava once you die.

The nether world keeps good items and more farmable things, such as the blazes and nether warts.

The nether wart can be put only on soul sand and be used for potions, while the blaze gives you blaze rods, which are used for crafting a brewery.


So now when you are sure and have the beginners guide to Minecraft in your hands, you can easily go and apply the knowledge onto your own world.

The beginners Minecraft guide works both for offline single player worlds and for servers.

Although if you are planning into playing on a Minecraft server, there will be some plugins or other things that may make the things a bit different.

While Minecraft servers are filled up with plugins and various combinations, you can still find some vanilla Minecraft servers, which have no plugins that could possibly change the basic gameplay of the game.