How to Advertise Minecraft Servers Effectively in 2023

Would you like to know the best ways you can advertise your Minecraft server?

Whether you are having a new or already established Minecraft server, there is always the need to advertise it.

Advertising has been the best way to encourage new people in joining a Minecraft server and playing for a long time.

You may think that popular servers don’t need advertisements, but they actually do. The more popular a Minecraft server is, the more ads it will need to acquire a higher player base.

If you want to go even further, you can learn how to do SEO on Minecraft websites.

What are advertisements for Minecraft servers?

Advertisements can be seen in text, videos, pop-ups, and other formats. Their function is to be sent to a targeted group of people, which show interest in what you are offering them.

Advertisements for Minecraft servers are the same as advertisements for e-commerce products, websites, services, and so on.

The only difference between all of them is the category. For example, a Minecraft server would fall in the gaming category, or if we narrow it down, it would be in the Minecraft servers.

As you may have noticed, scrolling through Facebook or other social media websites, you may have seen advertisements. These are the types of ads people usually pay for.

In other cases, if you are inside a Minecraft group on Facebook, Discord, or any other group, you will see people promoting their servers and asking players to join. This is a free way of advertising yourself.

What are Free and Paid Minecraft Server Lists

Before you jump into advertising or think you got the hang of it, you should know that there are 2 ways of advertising your Minecraft server.

Both free and paid advertisements for Minecraft servers have their advantages and drawbacks.

Using both of them will ensure a great ad flow and can bring up a higher player base, rather than going for only one of them.

However, free advertisements require more effort, while paid advertisements for Minecraft servers just need a setup and you are ready to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people per day.

Free advertisements for Minecraft servers

If you don’t have money and wish to advertise your Minecraft server, you shouldn’t consider yourself unlucky or search for ways to acquire cash.

You can easily do free advertising, but you will have to do everything manually. The free advertisements require your full attention to your target audience.


Seamlessly joining groups here and there won’t get you the number of players you had desired, and will basically trigger you to start throwing cash.

In fact, most server owners jump to the conclusion that only with money you can get traffic to your Minecraft server. That’s not the case.

Carefully finding your target audience is a key to your audience. Checking your server’s gameplay type and how you can improve is another important thing to do.

Let us say you want an RPG Minecraft server. In this case, you will need RPG plugins for Minecraft and this leads us to the player base you need. RPG Minecraft server lovers!

Searching for the groups, which let you advertise and have RPG Minecraft lovers, will get you where you want to be.

Paid advertisements for Minecraft servers

While free advertisements require more effort and manual submission of their ad to each group, paid ads for Minecraft servers are the total opposite.

Don’t get the idea wrong, but paid ads also require some knowledge. For example, target audience.

If you are hosting a Minecraft server in Germany, it doesn’t mean you should target people in Canada or USA, because this may cause massive lags.

Not to mention that when you are starting your first Minecraft server, the hosting location is, and it’s best to target people from within or near your country.

Minecraft server location

Now once you got the hang of the location, you need to pick the people who are interested in your server.

Simply saying Minecraft won’t do the job. This can mean a lot of things. It can be Minecraft singleplayer, Minecraft mods, Minecraft plugins, Minecraft maps, and so on.

In your case, you need to use Minecraft servers. It works like a charm and will target a specific part of the Minecraft fans.

Choosing a proper text, which isn’t too long and a nice-looking image, along with your server’s IP address will encourage the people to join.

Even better. Having a Minecraft website could give more opportunities for your audience and check out your website, and on top of that, visit your Minecraft server.

How to improve your Minecraft server with ads

Once you have a small understanding of the difference between free and paid advertisements, you will have an idea of how you can promote your Minecraft server.

List your server on Minecraft server lists websites

A Minecraft server list lets you to advertise your Minecraft server free.

If you are going with the free route, you will need some votes from Minecraft players on your server, which we will cover in the next step.

Free listings are more competitive than paid ones, because nobody likes to pay, but wants their Minecraft server to grow fast.


In these cases, if you don’t have a player base at all, it is more efficient to pay a small amount and promote your Minecraft server, because you will be placed on the top.

Without any requirements, paying clients are always above the free ones, where the eyes of players are when they visit the listing website.

This ensures that a customer who pays for traffic on his Minecraft server will receive what he paid for.

There are some situations in which players aren’t just interested in what you are offering, so they may not enter your website.

Minecraft server listing websites do have categories in which you can promote yourself, but also promote your server to others, who are less interested.

Setup voting on your server

Voting was and will be the most preferred way to grow a Minecraft website, which requires effort if you are alone, or even have players on your server.

Setting up a voting plugin, which rewards your players for each vote, is a great way to earn yourself some extra points.


For example, if you give a special currency to each player, they will be more engaged playing on your server and will spend more time, rather than giving them vanilla items.

The better rewards you set for your players, the more votes they will submit. On the other hand, if you are alone, voting by yourself is still a good idea.

If you vote every day, you will be making 30 votes monthly, which will get you somewhere. Or if you get a friend and come by to help with voting, you will get 60 votes.

Setting up voting for only one server isn’t a good idea. Try to register for as many Minecraft server listing websites as you can, and you will have greater chances of acquiring players.

Also choosing the correct server category and including the proper tags, will give you a bigger advantage over others.

Start advertising on social media

Social media is the hub for all people on earth. You can find people with different interests and pick the ones that suit your Minecraft server most.

As previously mentioned, there are two different ways of acquiring players through advertising.

Either from paid advertising or free advertising. Both will require some attention and initial setup, but paid advertising goes easier and faster.

Not to mention that except for those two known ways, there is a third one that exists. It is called the exchange.

The exchange works in the following case scenario. You are a Minecraft server owner who needs players. You stumble upon a Youtuber, website designer, or just a person with different interests.

If you feel confident in your skills and can help out this other person, in exchange he can help you with Minecraft players, who are seeking a good Minecraft server.

There are tons of people who have friends and cousins who play Minecraft. Chances are low to none, this tactic to fail.

In the best case scenario, you may stumble upon a person who is either a streamer or just an ordinary guy who can bring friends in exchange for some items.

Fulfilling the other person’s needs is the best way to get traffic to your Minecraft server.

Except for Facebook, which was the main example, you can go to Reddit, Discord, and many other groups, that will let you advertise your server, or seek exchanges.

Promote on PlanetMinecraft

PlanetMinecraft is the most ancient website, which still connects all Minecraft lovers in one place. It not only offers you a great chat, where you can meet other cool people but also has many categories.

Each category has special conditions, but you can use them for server promotions, blogs, and even server showcases.

First of all, you will need to add your server to PlanetMinecraft and explain what your server is about. Not to mention that they also offer the option to vote.

If people start voting for your server and even give diamonds, you will skyrocket your results and bring a lot of players to your Minecraft server.


The other thing is that you can use their blog section and add your own blogs, such as events, news updates, milestones, and whatever you can think of.

Other things you can do on PlanetMinecraft include adding your server as a project and writing a completion rate.

The more players and updates you get, the more you increase the percentages of completeness for the server.

It’s not mandatory to add your server’s files so people can download them. You only need to add some images, so it can get interesting for others.

This way you will have the upper hand and an advantage over others who didn’t know this trick.

Connect with YouTubers and Twitch Streamers

Finding people who often do videos on Minecraft on YouTube or stream the game on Twitch is a hard task and can often be painful.

Almost nobody would like to promote your server for free, but that simply doesn’t mean that you will need to pay them in real life money.

If you can find a person who records Minecraft videos or streams Minecraft and explain the idea to your server, chances are that he may want to join and check it out.

Offering him special in-game perks is the only way that you can get him to showcase your server and help you out with driving more players to your server.

If the person isn’t interested in your Minecraft server but played in it for at least an hour while streaming or recording, you are still a winner.

People will watch his video or stream, which means they would like to join also, just because he played there.

9 out of 10 times you will see small player amounts joining and leaving, but if you get them to vote you will become more popular.

And if you manage to make them stay and enjoy your server, you just won yourself some free players.

Sometimes YouTubers and Twitch streamers aren’t happy with the idea to stream without getting money. If you have some cash, try to search for someone who is dedicated to Minecraft.

This person can help your server grow in no time. Paying him once a small amount of $20 won’t hurt you. It can even help and it’s worth the risk.

Just know that searching for people with thousands of viewers won’t cost you that much, but even more than what you could imagine.

Searching for newer people, with a small fanbase of 1000-2000 viewers monthly and plenty of comments is the best thing you can find.

The subscriber count doesn’t matter, because you can’t be sure if they are bots or the channel is dead.

Finding a dedicated Minecraft person with a good channel, which doesn’t look dead will ensure your Minecraft servers’ popularity.

Host giveaways

Giveaways are the way to advertise your Minecraft server. Offering something deluxe like a copy of Minecraft or a special in-game item will help with the traffic.

Host Minecraft Giveaways

But hosting giveaways isn’t a winning tactic if you do it inside your server. The idea is to drive more traffic and get more people engaged in it.

Advertising your Minecraft server should happen in this way. Find a page, group, or influencer who does Minecraft-related content.

Ask the person how much it will cost and come to an agreement if possible. Use a special page for giveaways such as Gleam or something similar and give tasks to people, so you can get social proof and engagements.

By the end of the day, there will be a lucky winner(s) and also you will have a well-advertised Minecraft server.

Once you feel like you have a good player base in your server, you can do giveaways inside it, but the idea of a giveaway is to engage with those who haven’t played there yet.

Minecraft Server Advertising on Discord

The most effective way to earn more players is to advertise your Minecraft server on Discord. And everything you need to do is edit your status.

To do that, you will need to click on your profile, and choose the setting “Edit Custom Status”. In the first box make sure to include your Minecraft server’s IP address, and explain what your server is about.

After that, click on “Clear” and choose the last setting, so it will never clear your status.

Once you have finished with all these settings, you can join groups, and engage with others. For an effective Minecraft server advertising on Discord, I would recommend engaging with Minecraft players.

Advertise Minecraft server on Reddit

Reddit is one of the few places where Minecraft players gather to find a new Minecraft server, and start playing with friends.

Joining a Minecraft space, can earn you a spot for advertising your Minecraft server on Reddit for free.

Especially on Reddit, you will find many active people, who are often looking at Minecraft server advertisements and join servers. Not to mention that quite a few streamers are constantly looking for new Minecraft server, so advertising on Reddit could earn you a potential promotion.


Using these easy ways to advertise your Minecraft server is a guaranteed profit maker. If one step doesn’t work, you can try the next one.

Consistency is the key to success when you are trying to advertise your Minecraft server.

As you may be trying to utilize the free ways for advertising a Minecraft server, you may see that it takes more time than usual.

That’s because you may be targeting the wrong auditory or the players aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

That doesn’t mean to quit, but to try even harder, until you start getting more players on your Minecraft server.